Eptian LXXII

July 28, 2009

Word quickly spread throughout most of Existence of the change in fortune for the Pan Mortal Army and upon confirmation of the rumors most of the Sonimian Overlords withdrew from their provinces in order to return to the Great Chasm Fortress. They hoped to fortify the Great Chasm and make a stand against the intensifying resistance.

The Mortal populations, in reaction to their newly acquired freedom, and on learning of what appeared to be the forthcoming collapse of Velidian rule began attacking any member of the Velidian government they could. Wherever they could they fell upon any Velidian tearing them to pieces, many also destroyed whatever monuments and icons of Velidian rule they could. Many buildings, once having been abandoned by the Velidians, were put to fire and ruined. This left the Mortals free but also without system of governing, all the old systems that had been established under the Vethrians had been swept away by the Velidians and before that the Mortal populations had never really governed over their own destiny. This was the first time since being placed within existence that they could rule over themselves without there being any outside influence. Initially however it was chaos.

Eventually Eptih, who had followed a large part of the army to the Great Chasm Fortress, was nearly at the gates of the city. At this point Velid, his retinue and Rhosrc, who had been released from confinement, fled the place leaving behind all those that had come there looking for salvation and even before many of the Sonimian Overlords had managed to make their way back.

Rhosrc berated his father for their situation, and was not in agreement that leaving was the proper course. He wanted to stay and fight, he believed that the situation could be rectified if they could survive the initial coming assault and reorganize all the survivors.  Velid was more concerned with maintaining his power and feared being a captive of the Mortals and thus felt that if they could escape the situation and reach safety he may be able to heal his wounds and eventually return to his former glory.

Eptih laid siege to the Great Chasm Fortress but once the Velidians inside learned that Velid and Rhosrc had fled they relented and used the opportunity to flee into the surrounding landscape. Most of these however where killed by the Mortals that pursued them. Eptih entered the city victorious and took possession of it. Once inside Eptih was dumfounded, this was the place from where so much pain had emanated, a place that so many had feared and now it was desolate and impotent, just a geographical location and empty infrastructure. It was as if Eptih and many others thought the place itself had been the cause of their pain and now that they stood there they realized it was Velid and his army of slaves not the place itself. Nevertheless, to take the place from Velid was a victory and as such Eptih savored the moment.

Attempts where made to try and find Velid but to no avail, and this fact caused Eptih great consternation. He knew that to capture Velid was the ultimate prize and that with him in custody he could be assured that Velid would never reign over mankind again. Until he was captured the Mortals would never be truly safe nor would they be able to fully enjoy their victory.

Eptih’s forces moved in and occupied the capital taking over the buildings and finding the foodstuffs. Soon after, word was brought to Eptih that Ebrel had been captured by his forces that had pursued the other half of the Velidian army to the east. Eptih immediately sent word back to bring Ebrel to the Great Chasm Fortress so that he could interrogate him. Eptih was sure Ebrel would be able to tell him where Velid was likely to be hiding and he wanted the information as soon as possible.



December 23, 2007

Eptih could not make himself love the hag as he once did, all the passion he had for her having been drained from him as his wife’s beauty had been drained from her. So Eptih, believing himself unable to escape, became despondent and each moment he spent with the hag and each shrill cry increased his anger that much more. As this went on Eptih noticed that his building rage seemed to be giving him strength and so when away from the hag he would test himself by whatever means available and the belief was proven for his strength was in fact returning. The sisters most likely only had experience with the Mortals, not a Norstilam which Eptih now believed he was. The three sisters believed he was hopeless and therefore did not fear him in the least believing he was beyond repair.

Eptih now knew revenge would soon be his and so he allowed his strength to grow but played as though e was ever weakening. Because he at one time had loved his wife [_] so much he would also use the time to test her. If he could see that she was loyal to him and that did not mean to hurt him he would spare her, but if he found that she was a fraud he would be sure to make her suffer most of all.

Eptih was sure to keep away from the two beautiful sisters believing they still could weaken him with their charms, and so he did his best to seclude himself and his wife but time and time again the sisters would appear at his home when he was out for routine responsibilites. One time though, he told his wife that he was leaving to go do his errands and secretly returned and when he came upon his home he could hear the chanting of his wife and when his eyes fell upon her she was beautiful, and by her chanting she called her sisters to her and when he saw them approaching knew that his wife was disloyal and that, his worst fears being confirmed, it was all a game.

Eptih, who’s strength was nearly returned waited for a while and then pretended to return. When he entered his wife was again a hag and he asked the two sisters to leave. After they had left Eptih asked his wife she had betrayed him and she did not understand his meaning but he was tired of talk and grabbed the old hag by the throat, she tried to scream but could not and as his grip tightened her beauty came rushing back to her like someone revived from the brink of death. Eptih’s grip loosened for a moment and she [_] took the opportunity to scream out to her sisters and with that Eptih’s fist clenched and her [_] neck snapped. What Eptih noticed immediately was that there was no Spiritform that was released upon her death and so he was for a moment awestruck. It was then that the two sisters entered flying around him and began reigning blows upon him with an unusual force of power. He managed to block their blows and began his own attack and it became a slaughter. When it was over three dead women lay at his feet, none of which had yet parted from their Spiritform. Eptih collected himself, checked himself for wounds, and washed himself of the women’ gore but just then the women, one by one, began to rise up and their attack on him began anew. Eptih was astonished at their recovery but knew these women were like no Mortal women he ever knew.

Now his plans for revenge transformed to hope of escape and so again he destroyed them only this time mutilating their bodies so that resurrection would not be possible. He was sure to remove a piece of flesh from one of the women to keep with him to see if it would decay as it should. Eptih though was not confident that the women would remain incapacitated and so worked quickly and then ran to the shore grabbing a piece of wood on the way to use to keep him afloat. Eptih dove into the sea and swam as fast as he could and when he felt he had made it through the currents stopped and looked back and there on the shore he saw three forms and could only imagine it was the three beauties, knowing the time he had spent there he had only seen the three women and no others. As he continued to look back he saw a unique from that appeared to be Torquis, hers being uniquely tall, but no matter how hard he tried he could see enough of anything to be sure about what he was seeing. Had Torquis created this hell for him, were the three beauties already dead or some strange but beautiful form of Queid? All Eptih was sure of is that he was glad to be leaving the little island prison. He used his energy to make sure he would not be brought back to that island and paddled himself far from that place floating on a piece of wood half the size of his body.

[ Eptian XLVII ]

December 7, 2007

The two sisters had made themselves scarce and as such there was no temptation for Eptih and so his joy grew as did his desire for his wife. Although he had not taken the marriage seriously in the beginning he now did and truly considered the woman his wife. He did not want to be parted from her for a single moment, so much so as to be an unnatural obsession.

One day Eptih’s wife [_], wishing to bathe, asked Eptih if he would go to a nearby stream and obtain some water for that purpose. Eptih accepted the labor and headed out for the stream. As he approached he could hear the voices of women and so he approached quietly making sure he could not be seen. There he saw the two sisters swimming and they were naked. Eptih stared at them and watched there every move and a desire grew in him and his instincts drew him closer to where the women were swimming. As he moved in ever closer and at that most crucial moment that he stepped on a twig which cracked under his weight and caused the women to look to see what it was. Eptih retreated empty handed hoping they had not seen him, he then began the walk back to his wife. As he got close he could hear his wife screaming and so he ran back to aid her. Upon entering the house he saw that she had aged many years and the luster and litheness which she had possessed before was now dulled. Eptih tried to calm her but she knew exactly what had happened and who was the cause and her anger could not be suppressed.  She screamed out that she had been remade as a result of his weak will manifest in his desire for her sisters. She[–] flew into a frenzy focusing all her anger on him and he did nothing to stop her as she directed her blows against his chest.

As her tantrum continued for hours Eptih went to her two sisters to ask for their assistance in calming his wife and to see if her youth could be restored. However when he went to them they appeared to him more beautiful then ever and they were not modest in the least and therefore he could do nothing but lust after them knowing full well that the result would be a further disfigurement of his wife. Even though they invited him inside and wished to help he refused their offers and covered his eyes as he ran away. Like before, his weakness had again deformed his wife, it was as if each lapse sucked the very youth out of his wife [_].

Eptih was laden with guilt for what he had done to her and was sick of her constant wailing and blaming and therefore hid himself from his wife and her sisters. Wherever he went he could still hear the wailing and eventually he decided his only choice was to escape the island and so he fashioned a small raft and set out. It became obvious to Eptih very quickly however that the currents were such that no matter where and when he put out he would be washed right back to the island. Eventually Eptih gave up his attempt to flee and returned home to his wife.

When Eptih returned to his home the two sisters were there and as soon as his eyes looked upon them the fire was stoked within him and his wife screamed out and writhed on the floor as she transformed into an old woman becoming wrinkled and haggard. Whatever he did to try to deny the beauty of the two he could not control his desire so he felt himself cursed, destined to destroy the one he had most cherished. In a moment of rage Eptih moved to attack the women and grabbing them could not muster the strength to extinguish them and it was then that he realized that his strength had been completely sapped, which is why he could not make his escape from the island. As the women laughed at his impotence he looked to his wife and thought that he glimpsed the slightest of smiles.

The sister then told Eptih that his ruined bride was to be his forever, that he would now spend all his remaining days with the hag and that when he looked at them, who grew more beautiful with every moment,  his bride would become still worse. As he listened to them speak his wife transformed further and Eptih wished the sisters would leave and when they finally did he turned to see his wife and she was corpse like.