Running Index


I. Intro: the Colossals, The Continuum, The chaos and constant warfare, Cintieffs rise, Cintieffs rule, the creation of the Alliance , Cintieffs fall.

II. The disintergration of the Alliance, The rise of the Elurivids, Elurivids strata caste system, The organization of the Colossals, The treaty between the first and second strata.

III. The rise of the strata, The fall of the Elurivids, The battle for dominion, Aeyrom battles DruTyenim, Aeyrom takes Drutyenims wife as a war prize, Aeyroms rise, Vethria becomes Aeyroms wife.

IV. Aeyrom and his supporters consolidate their power, Aeyrom forms the Seud Pnaoneth, Vethria choosen to head the creation of a new slave race, The Seud Pnaoneth creates the Slave race called the “Sevtolhal”

V. Attck of the Exiled factions, The teetering Seud Pnaoneth, Vethria suggests turning Sevtolhal into warriors to help fight, Infighting amongst the Exiled factions, Seud Pnaoneth victorious, Aeyrom mistrusts the Sevtolhal, Puts Sevtolhal to work rebuilding the Continuum.

VI. Harsh treatment of the Sevtolhal, Vethria secretly meets with the Sevtolhal, The traitor Iantiam and his coup, The near fall of the Seud Pnaoneth, Enlistment of the Sevtolhal and the agreement, The Seud Pnaoneth is Victorious, The Seud Pnaoneth left weak after the war.

VII. The Pact with the Sevtolhal upheld, The Seud Pnaoneth resent the help of the Sevtolhal, The Sevtolhal are again mistreated, The insolence of the Sevtolhal, Aeyrom sees his opportunity to destroy the Sevtolhla, Vehtria advocates for the Sevtolhal, The Sevtolhal are banished to Existence.


I. Sevtolhal debate their situation fearing possible damnation, Their power in Existence is unknown and so they fear the aboriginal peoples, Sevtolhal decide to establish their power, Sevtolhal split their numbers into thirds, the fist third goes out to establish their power.

II. The Mortals in Existence battle for survival against the Sreoth, The various Sreoth races, Mortals need to establish civilization or die out, The vanguard of the Sevtolhal meets up with the Mortals

III. The Mortals initially fear the Sevtolhal, Mortals fears quieted, Sevtolhal tell Mortals of their creation, Mortals tell Sevtolhal of their dire situation, Sevtolhal decide to help by providing defense as Mortals set up their first permanent settlement and clear the surrounding area of Sreoth, Sreoth fear the Strange Sevtolhal and allow the Mortals work to proceed hoping in the future the Sevtolhal will leave Existence and the Mortals defenseless.

IV. Mortals go out to clear their surroundings of Sreoth, Mortals complete work on new settlement, The Sevtolhal first-third sends a detachment to bring the remaining two-third Sevtolhal to the new Mortal settlement, Sevtolhal remaining behind attacked by Sreoth, Sevtolhal race back to get to the Mortal settlement before a major Sreoth attack occurs.

V. The Sevtolhal detachment with the two-thirds race back to the Mortal settlement, Sreoth scavengers meet with the Sreoth of the Valley to convince them to attack the mortal settlement, Sreoth attack before Sevtolhal arrive, Mortals settlement surrounded, Sevtolhal hesitates, Sreoth detachment alludes defenses and attacks Sevtolhal unprepared, Sevtolhal furious kills many Sreoth, Sreoth flee, Mortal settlement secure.

VI. Mortals repair their settlement and take over some of the abandoned Sreoth settlements, Sevtolhal vow to never fight again in order to preserve their numbers, Sevtolhal decide to rule over Existence using the Mortals as their proxy and to create a realm like the Continuum in Existence.

VII. Vethrians establish control over Existence and the Mortals, Vethrians set up a rotating Triumvirate to directly rule, Mortals flourish under Vethrian rule, Mortal numbers increase, Mortals expand into more areas, Mortals come into contact with the Sreoth again and push them to the periphery, Sreoth numbers drastically reduced.

VIII. The growing danger of the Spiritforms, Mortals request help from the Vethrians to deal with Spiritforms, Vethrians develop the idea of the Sarcoph, individual Sarcoph family keys become icon of the families, black market develops for talismans to control one or more Spiritform for use as free labor, beginning of the various Mortal sects.

IX. Vethrian rule seemingly on course, disappearance of Orendun, search for Orendun, rumors of Orenduns Mortal woman, a new fear for the Vethrians.

X. Vethrians occupied with Orenduns disappearance, Vethrian rule falter, Existence on brink of chaos, Mortals determined to take part in Vethrian rule, Vethrians restore order, Vethrians deny all propositions regarding Mortal participation in Vethrian rule, Outer city rebellion, Negotiations with rebel city, other cities begin to rebel, Vethrian faced with a dilemma.

XI. Velid makes his first appearance, Vethrians settle with rebels allow for Mortal self rule by splitting Existence into ten provinces, Velid outraged by Vethrian weakness, creation of beast of burden by Vethrians, Mortal factions developing, Mortal meteoric rise continues, Velid soon to be on triumvirate.

XII. Power of the provinces grow, Mortals corrupted by their new authority, Rise of the seven families, Mortals flout Vethrian law, Velid’s anger grows, Velid petitions the Triumvirate with his plan, Some Vethrians attempt to have Velid passed over for his coming entry into the Triumvirate, Mortals no longer able to be managed by the Vethrians, Velid soon to be ThiiD.

XIII. Velid becomes ThiiD, Velid takes contol of the Triumvirate, Velid sets his plan in motion, Velids secret Vethrian element, violence runs rampant, the Patriarchs of the seven families abducted, Mortals protest harsh treatment, Vethrians fear Velids aspirations, Vethrians hold vote to remove Velid from power and try him for his offenses, Velids fate to be determined.

XIV. Velid furious with actions taken by the Vethrians, Many want Velid executed, Decision to put Velid on trial, Death or Banishment, The Council to try Velid set up, Mortals consulted by Vethrians, Velids trial, Velid guilty, Consensus not achieved, Velid banished to the periphery, Velid’s rage grows.

XV. Velid wanders the periphery, Velid’s anger grows, Velid approached by a stranger, Velid bewildered by the strangers as he is of a new race unknown to Velid, Velid talks with the stranger, Velid set at ease by the stranger, Velid drinks the elixir offered by Ebrel, Velid and Ebrel discuss the issue of the Mortals, Velid falls asleep due to the Elixir, Velid awakes surrounded by strange large beings, Velid becomes enraged by their questions and trys to break free, Velid finds himself levitating in the air unable to move.

XVI. Velids captivity by the Graelim, The Graelims counsel, Velid convinced of the validity of his past actions, Ebrel instructed to have Ebrel as an aide and heed his words as they will be the words of the Graelim, Velid told to build a fortress on the precipice of the Great Chasm using Sreoth labor, The Great Chasm story, The Fortress construction begins.

XVII. The Seven Families re-gather since Velid is no longer a threat, Power of the Seven Families reconstituted, Mortal demand that the identities of Velid’s Secret Band be revealed, Vethrians refuse to identify the Secret Band, The Seven Families use Mortal anger to force the Vethrians to allow a Mortal to set on the Triumvirate, Velid’s Great Chasm Fortress completed, Ebrel advises Velid the next step is taking a Mortal wife.

XVIII. Othamar and Thmascuid, Othamar the most beautifil women in Existence, Thmascuid the greatest hero, Thmascuids many exploits establish his renown, Thiaraceph was Thmascuids friend and cohort, Othamar’s many suitors, Othamars love for Thiaraceph, Thmascuid offers Othamar to Thiaraceph, Othamar and Thiaraceph engage to be married

XIX. Othamars abduction, while attempting to rescue Othamar Thiaracephs severely wounded by Ebrel who was covering Velids escape, Thmascuid pursues Velid and Othamar but looses the trail, Thmascuid returns to make sure Thiaraceph is being cared for, Mortals angry Velid is still alive to cause problems, Seven Families use this incident as an excuse to further weaken the Vethrian rule, Vethrians take no action for fear of the unknown warrior, Mortals begin to act on their own.

XX. Othamars imprisionment at the Great Chasm Fortress, Velid and Ebrel await an attack by Othamars family that never comes, Velid marries Othamar, Velid takes Othamar by force, Velids transformation begins, Othamar attempts an escape, Othamars realization that there is no hope to escape, Othamar considers suicide, Othamar becomes pregnant, Othamar submits to Velid for the welfare of her baby, Thiaraceph regains consciousness, Thiaraceph angered when he finds out no one has gone after Othamar, Thmascuid decides to go out into the periphery and attempt to glean information as to the whereabouts of Velid from the Sreoth.

XXI. Thmascuid goes out into the periphery, Thmascuid attacked by the Sreoth but defeats them, Thmascuid goes deeper into the periphery, Thmascuid welcomed by other Sreoth who challenge him to a singel combat, Thmascuid wins the challenge but Sreoth want him dead, Sreoth Attack Thmascuid, Thmascuid flles injured, Thmascuid hides from his attackers under a fallen tree in a small creek, Thmascuid makes his way to a Mortal village where he receives help, Velid talks with a boy of his helpers who reveals the whereabouts of Velid, Thmascuid realizes his helpers are working with Velid, Thmascuid takes his leave.

XXII. Thmascuid returns home sucessful in his mission, Thiaraceph nearly healed and regaing his strength, Thmascuid and Thiaraceph plan to take an army to confront Velid and rescue Othamar, Thmascuid goes before the Vethrian Triumvirate to tell them what he has learned and to request an army, Vethrian Triumvirate denies Thmascuid his request, Emmisaries ent out with a peace treaty to the Siradyt, Siradyt agree to peace, Othamar nearly ready to give birth, Othamar in great pain so Siradyt healers brought in to care for her, Thmascuid and Thiaraceph set out to rescue Othamar by themselves.

XXIII. Ebrel returns prepared to help Velid finish his transformation, Othamar enters labor, Ebrel reveals to Velid that he will become Sonimi, Velid feels tricked and becomes outraged, Velid attempts to destroy the baby, Ebrel tries to stop Velid and is stabbed in the shoulder, a second baby is born, Velid attempts to destroy this baby also throwing it into the Great Chasm, Velid calms down upon seeing the first baby in pain, Velid bewildered, Ebrel takes control and has healers help the baby, a search party is sent to find the second baby but is lost in the Chasm, second baby assumed dead, later hearing a strange sound Othamar descends into the Chasm, Healers figure Othamar committed suicide.

XXIV. Othamar descends into the Great Chasm, Othamar confronted by the Spiritforms who try to cause her to fall, Spiritforms jealous of her life, Othamar reaches the bottom, Othamar finds the baby alive but surrounded by the animated corpses, Othamar grabs the baby and runs, Othamar decides to not to ascend where whe went down for fear of being seen so she travels at the bottom of the Great Chasm to find another way out, Othamr exhausted rests and stitches up the wound in the baby’s neck, Othamar falls asleep from exhaustion, The corpses surround her while she is asleep and take the baby, Othamr awakes and is forced to the ground by the corpses. Othamar beings to lose consciousness.

XXV. Othamar rises from the mud, Othamar finds the corpse who has taken her baby, Othamar confronts the corpse, The corpse squeezes the baby harder so Othamr cant take it, Othamar touches the hands of the corpse, the spiritform leaves the corpse and collapses to the ground, Othamar catches the baby before it hits the ground, Othamar flees with the baby, Othamar refuses to rest, Othamar eventually finds a path to ascend the Great Chasm, Othamar exhausted but preservers, Othamar at first staying off main roads but fearing she might die heads for the main road so that the baby might be found if she dies, Othamar collapses, Othamar on road unconscious for two days, Thiaraceph and Thmascuid come upon Othamr by a quirk of fate, Othamr and baby stabilized and taken home, Othamar and baby kept secret from all but Thiaraceph and Thmascuid.

XXVI. Othamar and the baby brought to Thiaracephs to heal, Thiaraceph and Thmascuid try to devise a way to hide Othamar from Velid but allow her to live a normal life raising the baby, Othamar recovers and names the baby Eptih, No plan is devised, Othamar deforems herself as part of her own plan, Othamar taken out secretly with Eptih so as to re-enter a new person, Othamar plays cripple and now can not be Eptihs mother or Thiaracephs wife.

XXVII. Othamar, now called Derram heals from her self mutilation and now has a disfigured face, She also plays the part of a older crippled woman walking with a limp and standing hunched over, Thiaraceph not happy living with Derram and Eptih but plays his part out of friendship for Thmascuid, Derram feels guilt having left the other child behind with Velid, Velids metamorphosis complete, Velid informed Othamar most likely dead, Velid not all powerful as he expected and so is angered, Ebrel informs Velid that he is no longer a Vethrian and that he has become a Sonimi, Velid feels betrayed and so sulks, The baby that was left behind suffers from the wounds received by Velid, Baby missing large sections of skin, Healers use animal skins to cover the babies missing skin, Ebrel names this baby Rhosrc.

XXVIII. Velid sulked in a state of complete melancholy, Ebrel came to him and presented to him a rare gift, the Firmornam, Ebrel gave the rights to Velid and then the Firmornam was his, Velid decided to hide it and did so in a place no one would ever expect, Velid decides to seek revenge against the Mortals of Existence for what damages they had caused him, Velid had Ebrel kill all of the healers, More Siradyt healers brought in, The Vethrians, who were in a more disastrous position with each new day, could sense another disorder had occurred, a party of their own number was sent out to attempt to gain information regarding the fate of Velid, Velid received them with hospitality and they were horrified by his transformation to a Sonimi, Velid demonstrates his ability to control the Spiritforms, The Party submits to his rule and were forced to become Somini like him, One Vethrian was sent back to the Vethrians in order to describe what he had seen, Thmascuid checks in on Othamar(Derram), Eptih and Thiaraceph often, Thmascuid noticed that Eptih was no normal baby, The relation between Thmascuid and Eptih becomes much more paternal in nature.

XXIX. The one Vethrian who Velid allowed to return eventually did and told the Triumvirate everything he had learned, The Vethrians became fearful but knew this would be a defining moment, As the Vethrians began to debate their response the Mortal populace somehow learned of the Velidian threat, The mortals quickly demanded that the Vethrians and the seven families do something to defend their way of life, Vethrians were persuaded to help the effort and at the same time the seven families were urged to do their part, A ragtag army was quickly built with conscripts and volunteers, no previous custom of large organized armies existed and because of this the army was quickly became disorganized, Velid had made the decision to descend into the great chasm in order to establish his command over the Spiritforms, Velid learned from the Spiritforms that Othamar made it out alive with her, Velid forms a search band to find Othamar and the baby, These groups scoured Existence quietly and while doing so discovered the Mortal armies assembling and quickly reported this to Velid, Quickly he began to build his own army with the help of the Sonimi. The Queid are assembled.

XXX. The Vethrian army was in a state of deterioration before it had been completely formed, it was decided by the Vethrians that a surprise attack would be the best hope for victory, vanguard Elements of the Vethrian army moved out in force toward the Great Chasm Fortress, At first Velid and his seemingly meager force of mixed Sreoth, Queid and Syradyt mortals retreated back into the Fortress putting up little resistance, When the bulk of the Vethrian force arrived victory seemed all the more assured, The Vethrians became furious with the laziness of the army during the siege and lack of discipline, eventually Velid became tired of waiting and called on Ebrel to advance, Ebrel having been set up for some time behind the Vethian army hidden from their view, The Vethrian army was trapped in this spot and was destroyed. The Vethrians abandoned the dying army and fled into hiding, Thiaraceph and Thmascuid however did survive and managed to lead a small element of soldiers back home.

XXXI. The remaining Mortal army retreated back to Mortal controlled Existence, The Seven families now felt a deep fear, Seven families worked closely with the returning remnants of the army to set up a home defense, elid looking to conserve his armies energy allowed considerable time to pass, Mortal society was in a state of disorder, Once Velid felt the Mortals were at their weakest he moved in for the final kill and with a vengeance, The fighting at this time was very hard but the Velidian army was tenacious and eventually took over town after town crushing any resistance, An administrative system was set up by the Velidians that broke Existence up into various provinces, each of which was governed by a Sonimi territorial lord whose law was enforced by the ever-growing Queid forces, The Queid forces were absolutely ruthless in carrying out the Sonimi lords’ wishes, Some Siradyt Mortals acted as the eyes for Velid like a secret police, Once dominion had been established, and his hand was everywhere, Velid tasked his various provincial lords with eliminating the Seven families, With all previous power structures gone Velid was free to remake Existence as he saw fit and so created the Triad, Velid established a Triad of Sonimi to handle the minor details by managing the provincial Lords, By way of Mortal slave labor the infrastructure of Existence was built up in a new more permanent architecture, The capital was moved from Avirenth to the Great Chasm, The Sonimi created the Horse.

XXXII. Enslavement of the Mortals after the defeat of the Vethrian army and the disappearance of the Vethrians, Under the yoke of Velid, The whim of the Queid, The disgrace of the Mortal heroes, New laws in Existence, The boys competitions, Eptih never defeated, Eptih banned from the contests after killing another boy, Revenge of a distraught father.








XL. Eptih continues in the direction he has chosen, Eptih comes upon a woman washing in the icy water and is intrigued, Eptih attempts to ravish the woman but is pulled back by her guards, The woman is Torquis and she controls a small band of spiritforms, Torquis debates wether to kill Eptih and have him be added to hers cadre of Spiritforms, as Torquis debates what to do she begins to fall for Eptih, Torquis seduces Eptih who tries to ignore her charms but eventually relents, Velids Queid who had been searching for Torquis in order to kill her come to her habitation and attack, Eptih and Torquis flee agreeing to meet at a secret spot but Eptih knowing this will take him off the direction he has chosen to hold does not meet her.





XLV. Orendun’s Underworld

XLVI. The Three Beauties

XLVII. The Three Beauties

XLVIII. The Three Beauties

XLIX. The Velidian Factory Island

L. Eptih Near Home

LI. Eptih Arrives Home

LII. Eptih reunites with Derram and he awaits the Velidian onslaught

LIII. Velidians move on the town capture Thmascuid, destroy the town and execute Thmascuid. The Townspeople flee but most are killed.

LIV. Eptih retrieves Thmascuids body but can not fin the head, Eptih buries Thmascuid in a secret location, He then finds his mother & Thiaraceph, then later find Reyam whoes male family have been killed in a battle eith the Velidians. Eptih and Thiaraceph vie for power over the makeshift town, Eptih forced to leave due to many circumstances.

LV. Eptih leaves the caves and the Hetharcyp offer him the leadership of their Order. The Hetharcyp cause trouble for the Velidians and their numbers grow.

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LXXIV. End of Part 2

LXXV [75] Beginning of Part 3

LXXVI [76]


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