Aboriginals – Name the Vethrians call the races that populate Existence before their arrival. Mortals call these peoples “Sreoth”. They are not one race but many, who created them or for what purpose is unknown.

Aeyrom – Primary Colossal of the Seud Pnaoneth. (future spelling: Evayrom)

Alliance, The – A group of Colossals who came together to remove Cintieff from power. This marked the first time Colossals had worked together to achieve a goal thereby creating a new ideal where combined effort might finally bring order to the endless chaos.

Atpref – One of the Hetharcyp that becomes one of Eptih’s Generals in the Pan Mortal Army.

Badet Icon – An Icon of the Pan Mortal Army that represents Mortality and the spiritual (Vethrians who are no longer present). 

Cilemeh – The Mortal woman Orendun abducted and took as his wife. She eventually loved Orendun and had a child with him, all three living in the underworld Orendun had created.

Cintieff – The first Colossal to impose his will on the Continuum and rule as a tyrant. His rule was short however. Cintieffs actions were a radical change within the Continuum and thereby sparked the events that were the impetus to this entire story.

Colossals – The originals, the supreme force before Existence, the creators. Pure Energy, giants, perfect chaos.

Continuum – The first realm, The realm of the Colossals.

Derram – The alias Othamar uses once she mutilates herself having returned from captivity by Velid, so that she will not be recognized.

DiiS – The middle position of the Vethrian Triumvirate which ruled over Existence. Main purpose was to implement law created by the FiiR.

DruTyenim – Competitor of Aeyrom for power, Original husband of Vethria.

Ebrel – The first of the Norstilam race, and ADC of Velid. Who his father is will be a surprise.

Elurivid – The Colossal who created his own faction in order to establish the Strata upon the Colossals ment to bring order to the Continuum.

Elurivids, The – A faction that formed after the removal of Cintieff from power which tried to institute a caste like system call the Strata to created order in the Continuum.

Eonan – One of The Hetharcypian Generals and later is one of Eptih’s Generals in the Pan Mortal Army.

Eptih – The offspring of Velid and Othamar, twin brother of Rhosrc.

Evayrom – New name for Aeyrom.

Exiles, The – The Colossals who defied the Seud Pnaoneth and refused to live by its rules. DruTyenim would later become the most prominent of the Exiled Colossals.

Existence – The Second Realm

Factions, The – The many different groups of Colossals that formed after the example of the Alliance, which all had different ideas about how to bring order to the Continuum. The Seud Pnaoneth was the most successful faction.

Fayareg – The primary Hetharcypian General. Against direct orders given by Eptih, Fayareg lead a force of Hetharcyp into a Velidian trap, his force was then slaughtered and he escaped with only a few men.

FiiR – The highest position of the Vethrian Triumvirate which ruled over Existence. Main purpose was to create law to be implemented by the DiiS and the ThiiD. Once a Vethrianhad completed his service as FiiR he would not serve again untill all the other Vethrians had served.

Firmornam – The name of the first Mortal male created by the Vethrians whose bones were crushed into a powder mixed with the waters of the Avirenth river and reformed into an small object by the Graelim. This object is called the “Firmornam” or Spiritform controller and gives the possessor, who has been given the rights, the ability to control the Spiritforms.

Great Chasm, The – The Great Chasm is a geographical/geological landmark in Existence that the Mortals and Sreoth have always feared. The Mortals have thrown their evildoers and various persons of burden into the Great Chasm since they were placed in Existence. It is on the edge of the Great Chasm where Velid chooses to build his fortress.

Great Chasm Fortress, The – Velid’s fortress built on the precipice of the Great Chasm.

Hetharcyp – A secret school that trains young boys to fight and later military strategy. The School was founded by Thmascuid, Eptih having been the first student. Later Eptih becomes the leader of the Hetharcp which he transforms into an armed force or proto-army.

Iantiam – Colossal who was a member of the Seud Pnaoneth and attempted a coup with some exiles which led to a near return to chaos and the destruction of the Seud Pnaoneth. The Seud Pnaoneth however enlisted the help of the Sevtolhal and the tide was turned. This however created problems for the Sevtolhal as thay had displayed more power then the Colossals thought they should have.

Lycevoin Relics – Monuments of some type that the Vethrians have built in key locations throughout Existence. It is beleived that the Vethrians use or had used these to gain favor with the Colossals. These relics levitate above the ground and are typically three separate triangular shapes.

Maelimh – One of the Hetharcyp that becomes one of Eptih’s Generals in the Pan Mortal Army.

Mortals, The – Race of men created by the Sevtolhal.

Narcirogen – A Race of beings quickly created by the Sonimi to live amongst the Mortals and destroy their society from within. The Narcirogen do not have Spiritforms and therefore are born damned.

Nolopan – The Leader of a small town (name withheld) which has remained hidden from the Velidians. Eptih Deposits his mother and his wife here to keep them safe. Nolopan is the person who comes up with the idea of a pan-Mortal army trained by the Hetharcyp.

Norstilam – A hybrid race. Mortal mother and a Vethrian father. Once a Nostilam offspring is produced the Vethrian father becomes a Sonimi. The Norstilam have some powers of a Vethrian but are Mortal. They are superior to Mortals.

NuU – Primary position of the Velidian triad.

Orabrey – A group of Mortals who refused to participate in the first Mortal rebellion.

Orendun – The first Vethrian to become a Sonimi when he abducted a Mortal woman for his wife and she had a child. Orendun built an underground palace for his wife and their child. 

Othamar – Most beautiful women in Existence, sister of Thmascuid, betrothed to Thiaraceph.

Pamoar – A nickname for the Pan Mortal Army. 

Patriarchs, The – The male founders of the seven families. Also the male head of any family.

Provinces, The – What the Vethrian Triumvirate broke Existence into so that they might rule over the Mortals more efficiently and also allow Mortals a say over their own fates.There were originally ten provinces.

Queid – A corpse that has had a Spiritform applied to it, this re-animates the corpse and makes it available for use by the one who hold the Firmornam.

Reyam – Childhood acquaintance of Eptih. Reyam and Eptih are the same age.

Rhosrc – The offspring of Velid and Othamar, twin brother of Eptih.

RotiS – Third position of the Velidian triad.

Sarcoph – A sarcophagus that the mortals use to confine the bodies and spirits of the dead.

Seud Pnaoneth – The council created by Aeyrom to administer the creation of a slave race and to maintain order in the Continuum.

Seven Families, The – The families who became powerful due to the cunning and scheming of their patriarchs during the diminishing power of the Vethrian Triumvirate. The bane of Velid and in his mind the perfect example of the capability for Mortals to attain power via dubious means.

Sevtolhal – Original name given to the Vethrians by the Colossals. Disdained by the Vethrians as it connotes their past slavery.

Sideus Tree – A tree which is used for the breeding of Narcirogen.

Sideus Tree Fruit –  This is a term for the Narcirogen, especially when gestating on the Sideus tree. Some refer to the Narcirogen by this term even when they are fully developed.

Siradyt – The Siradyt are a Mortal sect who have always remained independent from the majority of Mortals. Initially independent but later became minions of the Velidians.

Sonimi – A fallen Vethrian, who is more similar to a Mortal man but can not be killed and is therefore immortal. A Vethrian becomes a Sonimi by taking a Mortal woman, impregnating her and producing offspring with her. These offspring are a hybrid race called Norstilam.

Spiritforms – The Soul of Mortals once seperated from the body.

Sreoth– The various aboriginal races that were present in Existence before the coming of the Mortals.

Strata, The – A caste like system imposed by the Elurivids as an attempt to create order within the Continuum. This system was a complete failure.

Thiaraceph – One of the great Mortal heroes and companion of Thmascuid.

ThiiD – The lowest position of theVethrian Triumvirate which ruled over Existence. Main purpose was to implement law created by the FiiR.

Thmascuid – Greatest of the Mortal heroes. Brother of Othamar, friend of Thiaraceph. Founder of the secret military training school call the Hetharcyp.

Three Beauties, The – 3 Beautiful women, who are sisters, and who live on a small island. They nurse Eptih back to health after he washed ashore unconscious having somehow ended up there after escaping Orendun’s underworld.

Torquis – A sorceress who has the ability to control a small band of Spiritforms. Velid wants Torquis dead so that only he will control the Spiritforms. Torquis and Eptih have a love/hate relationship with each other.

Torsef – A secondary name for the beast of the cave. Created by Orendun. The beast is killed by Eptih.

Triad – The system of administration that Velid copied from the Vethrians used to rule Existence. Velid was supreme leader but the Triad handled the day to day administration of the various provincial lords, who in turned ruled over their province. The Triad consists of three offices, the NuU, the XeuD and the RotiS. The Triad was weaker then the original Triumvirate it imitated .

Triumvirate – The system of administration the Vethrians used to rule Existence. The Triumvirate consists of three offices, the FiiR, the DiiS and the ThiiD.

Velid – The first Vethrian to be removed from the Triumvirate for excessive use of violence and breaking the Triumvirate apart in order to make himself Absolute rule.

Vethrian – Originally called Sevtolhal, they were a race of beings created by the Colossals to be a slave class. They were banished to Existence by the Colossals as punishment for creating the Mortals in a vain attempt to show their equality with the Colossals.

Vethria – A female Colossal who is the wife of Aeyrom and a member of the Seud Pnaoneth. She was originally the wife of DruTyenim but was a war prize taken by Ayerom after he defeated DruTyenim in battle.

Woroslin – The wooden training sword given to Eptih by Thmascuid while he was training Eptih. This is the sword Eptih took with him on his journey.

XeuD – Second position of the Velidian triad.

Zimahnil –  One of the Hetharcyp that becomes one of Eptih’s Generals in the Pan Mortal Army.

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