[ Eptian XXIX ]

April 5, 2007

Eptian XXIX

The one Vethrian who Velid allowed to return eventually did and told the Triumvirate everything he had learned. With this new knowledge of Velids rise the Vethrians became fearful that they might not survive the coming troubles and secretly wondered if all of this wasn’t the work of Aeyrom. Had Aeyrom set up a situation that was hopeless for them or was this possibly a test, one that if they passed would earn them the right to ascend back into the Continuum. These questions loomed large over the Vethrians and brought about two distinct and opposite possible responses. Regardless of Aeyroms possible manipulation, they knew that this was a defining moment. Should they run and hide, using their power to maintain their very survival, abandoning the rule of Existence to whomever possessed the ability to take it, or should they take control of the situation taking the initiative and settle the score with Velid before all was lost.

The Vethrians at this point had little control over Existence. The seven families had managed to usurp most of the power and had reorganized existence as best suited them. This was only possible however because the Vethrians themselves had lost faith in their plan for Existence and were slowly pulling back from their responsibility. They had been played by the Mortals and most especially the Seven Families but only because of their own ignorance.

As the Vethrians began a debate over these matters the Mortal populace somehow learned of the Velidian threat and became fearful which in turn began to cause the organization of the society to begin to break down. The mortals quickly demanded that the Vethrians and the seven families do something to defend their way of life. At a meeting of all concerned parties the Vethrians were persuaded to help the effort and at the same time the seven families were urged to do their part. After this meeting the Vethrians decided to make a stand and thereupon took control of the situation. The seven families however were not happy with what appeared to be a resurgence in the enthusiasm of the Vethrians. As they saw it, much effort had been spent to bring Existence to this point and they knew they were on the verge of removing Vethrian rule for good. Even though, they did not what to appear to be undermining the effort wich might cause them to loose the support of the Mortals and so being in control of most of the resources and assets did the minimal that was necessary while feigning strong support. Their main goal quickly became not allowing the Vethrians to regain their former power, which diminished the effort.

A ragtag army was quickly built with conscripts and volunteers. Many able-bodied male Mortals were utilized including many of the heroes. Problems did arise when some towns and cities refused to send soldiers out of fear, by some previous arrangement or out of some hope of gaining from the final result should they not participate. However at the moment nothing could be done about it as more urgent matters were pressing.

Because there had been no previous custom of large organized armies there existed no tradition or skill for it and as such no necessary foundation to build upon. Because of this the army was quickly thrown together, poorly trained, insufficiently supplied and completely disorganized. All of this caused a great uneasiness to develop in the army but most especially in the Vethrians, making them feel that victory would be up to them alone. They were however committed to seeing the project through to the bitter end.

Simultaneously, As the Vethrians were consolidating their power and designing battle plans in hopes of a quick and decisive attack, Velid had made the decision to descend into the great chasm. Now that he had the power of the Firmornam he would descend establish command over the Spiritforms and use them for his own purposes. When he descended into the Great Chasm he was able to communicate directly with the Spiritforms and in that way learned that Othamar had in fact made it out alive with her baby who was also alive when they ascended. Velid, incensed and having established his command over the Spiritforms ascended and upon his arrival at the surface sent out a search band to find Othamar and the baby. These groups, scouring Existence quietly, discovered the Mortal armies assembling and quickly reported this information to Velid. As more search groups were directed to reconnoiter the movements of the Mortal armies it was discovered that the Vethrians were playing a big part in this operation. Velid who was increasingly confident due to his power over the Spiritforms could not bear that his power had yet to establish dominion over the Mortal and his hatred for them only increased knowing that they were making plans to destroy him. Quickly he began to build his own army with the help of the Sonimi. Also the Siradyt and the Sreoth were enlisted to help in the effort. One by one corpses were gathered and Spiritforms were applied to them creating a horrible army know as the Queid army.

[ Eptian XXVII ]

March 22, 2007

Eptian XXVII

Once Othamar’s wounds had healed it became clear that she was now so hideously disfigured that no one would suspect that she was the beautiful Othamar. Her face was now scarred and when speaking she would exhibit a very noticeable impediment due to the fact that her lips had been cut through. Playing the part well, Othamar changed her entire demeanor so that she would no longer appear lithe and regal, she also walked with a pronounced limp and was hunched over at the waist like an old woman. Othamar did all this so that her persona would fit her scarred face.

Othamar, when alone would often think of her other son, who in the chaos of that night had been left behind with that cruel monster, Velid. She felt much guilt having left him there but knew that at the time she had no option to do otherwise. She hoped the boy would make it to adulthood by the grace of fate and that one day he would find her and they could once again know each other as mother and son, this was however nothing more then a fantasy.

Thiaraceph no longer had the same feelings for Othamar now that she was, in his eyes, so wretched a woman but out of respect for Thmascuid he continued along with the plan but had a feeling of resentment and burden that was growing within him. Thiaraceph had a strange feelings about Eptih and could not allow himself to get close to him as a father would, he felt Eptih was the symbol for a disaster that befallen him which had ruined his fortunes and all the plans he had made for himself and Othamar. And so because of this the situation at Thiaraceph’s house was cold.

Meanwhile back at the Great Chasm fortress Velid was informed that Othamar was lost and written off for dead as it had become obvious that it was impossible to search for the body as many had been sent to search for her never to return. Velid grieved for the loss of his property which only added to the misery of his current state.

At the birth of Velid’s twin sons his metamorphosis was complete. Velid now looked different, he had hair like a Mortal man and many of the same attributes and weaknesses. He now had a weight on him and all the burdens of Mortal man and in this felt different then before and not like he thought he would. When Velid turned to Ebrel for advice he was told that he was now a Sonimi, the name for a fallen Vethrian. Ebrel told him that he was now unable to die, that no one could kill him but that his Vethrian self was gone and could never be regained. It was at this point that Velid realized what he had done to himself and that now he would never be capable of ascending to the Continuum again and that he was cursed to dwell in existence forever. With this new knowledge of himself and the death of his wife he cursed the Graelim and Ebrel for tricking him. Velid was enraged by his situation as he was now not all powerful as they had promised and so in his rage destroying everything that was near to him he is cut and sees his own blood and with that knows what Ebrel is telling him is all too true. Velid feeling betrayed by everyone near to him sulks in a confused state, inconsolable and withdraws from everyone in frustration wishing he could perish and be done with everything.

As for the baby, who had been so viscously attacked by Velid, he was being watched over by Ebrel and the healers. The babies situation was bleak as he clung to life by a thread and it was at this time the Ebrel named the baby Rhosrc, thinking the baby was not long for the world and should at least die with a name. The baby was missing large sections of flesh and other sections had to be cut away due to their damaged condition. At the most critical time, when his death seemed imminent the healers devised coverings, which were made from skins of the beast of burden soaked in water, to place over the missing skin. He looked horrible but struggles on. As the night wore on the healers were forced to remove most of the babies remaining skin, covering him with the wet animal skins to keep him alive.

[ Eptian XXIII ]

February 20, 2007


It wasn’t long after, when Othamar was nearly ready to give birth, that Ebrel returned. The metamorphosis of Velid was underway and Ebrel was now informed as to how to proceed having received his directions from the Graelim.

Some days later Othamar went into labor and it was at this time that Ebrel revealed to Velid that the birth of his children would in fact seal his fate, transforming him into a Sonimi for his eternity and no longer would he be a Vethrian. Ebrel explained that Velid would now be damned forever, never able to be killed in Existence but never able to ascend to the Continuum either. He would be more like a mortal in form now but far superior to them, his mind also would no longer know the Vethrian restraint and innocence but would be able to grasp the true nature of evil and use that evil for his own purpose. He would loose his nobility but would gain power and immortality and thus be able to rule existence.

Once these facts were made clear to Velid he felt he had been tricked and at this very moment when he felt he had had everything taken from him the first child was being introduced into the world. Velid enraged like a cornered dying animal, grabbed the child, umbilical cord still attached, by the feet and holding it up in the air with a furious scream unsheathed a small dagger and began to slice the baby removing large sections of its skin, cutting off its ears and nose. He then threw the baby aside as Ebrel attempted to stop him and it was then that the dagger cut into the flesh of Ebrels shoulder sending him to the ground in pain. At this very moment, Othamar who was in severe pain and who was unaware of her surroundings began to give birth to another child, a twin to the first. With Ebrel continually shouting trying to make Velid understand that there was nothing that could be done now and that destoying the babies could not change his fate Velid grabbed the second child in the same manner as the first and ran the dagger across the child’s throat producing a flow of blood which emanated forth through gurgling scream like sounds. With the child still held by its feet Velid walked out into the night and upon approaching the precipice of the Great Chasm tossed the baby in. On Velids return Ebrel screamed out with all the force of his lungs that he must not kill the children and that what was done was done. Velid entered seeking the first child to dispose of as he had done to the other but seeing the child and realizing he was a boy, so pathetic now bleeding and marred forever by his own hand and with Ebrels’s words beginning to enter his ears, Velids rage finally subsided. With Othamar unconscious from her effort, and blood dripping from his hands Velid fell to the ground in utter bewilderment. At this point Ebrel picked up the baby and placed him in a crib. He called for the healers to try and save the baby and ordered a group of Sreoth to proceed down into the Great Chasm and find the other baby.

The Sreoth who came were extremely frightened but went down into the Great Chasm regardless. Eventually, after contact was lost and some time had gone by it was assumed the Sreoth were dead and that the baby was dead also. Velid later regained his senses and feeling guilty for what he had done went to visit the baby and to see if the healers would be able save it. When he went to visit Othamar she cursed him for what he had done, having some recognition of the events and by confirming them by questioning the Healers who had remained with her.

Later that night, with her condition still precarious, thinking of the child whose grave was now the worst place in Existence, and being kept away from the other baby, Othamar went out to the Chasm’s edge. Standing at the edge crying, she heard a sound, almost like strange bird, and so thinking it might be her baby went down into the Great Chasm. Her healers having witnessed this, assumed that she was committing suicide and recognizing her pain and her predicament commiserated with her and therefore did nothing to stop her.

[ Eptian VI ]

October 23, 2006

Now secure to thrive the Mortals built up their settlement and took over many of the nearby Sreoth settlements that were now abandoned. They worked hard as the prospect of annihilation can spur on mortal beings to achieve things thought impossible all so that the primal fear felt when facing death might be avoided later as a result of today’s labors. The Mortals had seen how the Sevtolhal, however powerful, were unwilling to risk themselves for the safety of the Mortals and that their existence could only be secured by their own efforts. The Mortals knew they had been given a chance by the Sevtolhal and were keen on taking it and establishing themselves as a power that could not so easily be wiped away like they had in their past.

The Sevtolhal having sacrificed a number of themselves to the Mortal cause decided that they could not afford to lose any more of their numbers and so dedicated themselves to governing the build-up of the Mortals. For the Sevtolhal, a disciplined and capable Mortal race could act as the ultimate buffer from any future conflicts that might arise, especially since the Sreoth were still out there, most likely angry and if given a chance would destroy the Mortals but especially the Sevtolhal. The Sevtolhal decided to further the progress of the Mortals by governing them themselves.

It was at this time, when the Sevtolhal were establishing their rule, that they decided to rid themselves of the name the Colossals had given them “Sevtolhal” and call themselves “Vethrians” as a tribute to the one Colossal who had been their advocate “Vethria”. The Sevtolhal, now called the Vethrians no longer saw themselves as a slave race but a creative race capable of building a new Continuum in Existence that they would rule over with their proxy the Mortals. Although the Vethrians had faced many setbacks in their time, they felt they were on a course destined for success. At minimum they felt their successes would gain them favor with the Colossals of the Seud Pnaoneth who had banished them and possibly a return to the Continuum. But now the Vethrians considered another path, one that would make Existence their own, recast the laws of Existence that now limited them, and directly challenge the Continuum in the future for control of all the realms. But for now they had a seemingly blank canvas that needed to be worked out and so they set about to achieve perfection.