Eptian LXXIV

September 16, 2009

Once Eptih returned to the Great Chasm Fortress with Reyam he had already made up his mind to have Ebrel executed. Ebrel was too knowledgeable about Eptih’s lineage and too involved with the Velidian Empire, he was culpable for many horrors forced on the Mortal population and if Eptih was to spare him, especially since he was familiar with Eptih’s family, it would look as though Eptih was protecting him. Additionally, Eptih did not want it known that he was the Son of Velid and the brother of Rhosrc.

Once Ebrel knew Eptih was back in the camp he requested he be allowed to speak with him again. Eptih met with him again and in a bid to assuage Eptih’s anger and hopefully have his life spared Ebrel told Eptih where he could find the head of Thmascuid. He also revealed the mysterious general who had come on the scene as a powerful force and disappeared just as quickly was Queid Thmascuid. This information sparked a rage within Eptih, having the head of Thmascuid offered to him like it was some kind of paltry peace offering, and he soon after ordered Ebrel to be executed. The deed was done and Ebrel’s body and spiritform where locked up in a rather common sarcoph, a sarcoph that was not associated with a family much like an unknown orphan would be. This act by Eptih, pleased the Mortals who wanted revenge above all else. It was however disturbing in its lack of respect especially since Eptih knew Ebrel was the son of Orendun. 

Soon after the execution of Ebrel a large group of Mortal leaders came to the encampment. They wished to speak with Eptih about dispersing the army. Each leader wanted the men he had sent to join the army back so that they could rebuild their own towns and kill off as many Narcirogen as possible. By this point Eptih wanted nothing more then to be released as general and so he was in agreement with the Mortal leaders.

The question was put forth what should be done about Mortal sects that had cooperated with the Velidians, the Siradyt in particular. Eptih put forth the proposition that in the new order that was developing they would be shunned and that this would be punishment enough, he made it clear that he did not think it wise to attack them, that enough blood had been spilled. Many others however wanted retribution and when consensus was reached it was clear that a part of the army would be assembled and used to punish all those traitor Mortal Sects. Out of respect, the generalship of this force was offered to Eptih but he quickly refused stating that he wished now only to find some land, start a farm and live with his wife and future children. Eptih also advised that the course the Mortal leaders where setting upon could lead to civil war among the Mortal race and that this would be a disaster.

Consequently, Eptih was relieved of duty, the army was disbanded and a new small army composed of volunteers, typically younger unmarried men, was formed and command of it was given to ____. The various Mortal leaders now asserted themselves and amidst debate and argument begin making plans to re-organize all of existence. Eptih wanted no part of all of this, he could see that the squabbling was just beginning and was only a precursor of things to come. Eptih therefore addressed his army one last time and when he was done many of the original Hetharcyp wanted to follow him but he made it clear to them that he wanted no part of the what was coming and offered them advice to go home and find their own peace. When Eptih had finished he took his spoils which included treasure and slaves that he had claimed in the war and with his wife rode away.

Eptih went to where Ebrel had said the head of Thmascuid was and there he found it. Eptih next came back to the town of his youth and dug up the body of Thmascuid which he had burried before and reintroduced head to body. Eptih left with his caravan which now included the body of Thmascuid to find a new land in which to settle.

Eptian LXXI

July 12, 2009

As the single combats were going on and the Pan Mortal army was secretly withdrawing and positioning exactly as Eptih had ordered. Every possible measure was taken to ensure the secrecy of these movements, various Velidian wanderers were killed so that they might not find out the actual situation and reveal the information to Ebrel.

After nine days had passed and nine single combats had been fought the Pan Mortal Army was in position awaiting the final contest before commencing the attack. This was a tough time for the army, it was extremely cold and they could not light event the smallest fire to stay warm in fear of revealing their position. Many Mortals who did not take care froze to death and every man prayed for the final single combat to be decided so that they might attack and relieve themselves from the horrific cold.

The Last contest was fought and the Pan Mortal soldier was victorious, killing his opponent and the moment the victim’s body hit the ground the attack began. The Velidians dejected from the loss where completely caught off guard, they had no idea that so many soldiers had flanked them and being disorganized where easy prey especially for Mortals who were so intent on escaping the cold and finding any warmth, even the warmth brought on by battle.

With that full hostilities resumed only now the Pan Mortal Army and Eptih had the upper hand. Whatever advantage the Velidians had in number was now working against them creating more confusion and disorder then could be managed. Although pockets of resistence where everywhere there was no way the Velidians could rally enough of an unified effort to face the Pan Mortal Army.

Ebrel managed to get word to Velid of the turn of events and requesting he send an additional force but there was no force to send, only a steady flow of new Queid could be sent, there was no way to gather a force of Queid quickly. Velid did however do two things with the hopes of changing the fortunes of his faltering army. One was to increase the search that he had begun earlier to find the Spiritform of Queid General who Rhosrc had destroyed. The other was to send word to the Siradyt that they gather a force as quickly as possible. The Siradyt however where unable to gather a sizable force, most of their men being integrated into the Velidian Army already. The unwillingness to send what men remained angered Velid and he promised them he would make them regret their decision. For their part the Siradyt wanted to use the few men they had to protect their homeland from a possible invasion.

Rhosrc requested that he be allowed to return to the army and take control but Velid denied him his request believing that Ebrel would be capable of handling the command. Rhosrc could not believe his father’s overabundance of faith in Ebrel and wondered if it was more a lack of faith in him rather then his faith in Ebrel. Rhosrc knew that he was a more capable and experienced commander then Ebrel. Rhosrc told Velid that his decision would destroy the army and this caused Velid to denounce Rhosrc and as such he ordered him imprisoned.

Velid’s faith in Ebrel may have been justified but it no longer mattered, the Velidian army was no longer a unified armed force, it was beyond the grasp of any leader now being dragged in every directino by its leadership on the ground. Being attacked from the rear and the front at nearly the exact same spot by the Pan Mortal soldiers that had remained there as cover for the withdrawing majority caused the Velidian army to be cut in half and of those two halves each was fleeing. Eptih, ordered that two divisions of the Pan Mortal Army pursue the Velidians fleeing East and the other three divisions pursue the half that was headed South. Eptih remained with the part of the Army that was headed South, he had the belief which turned out to be correct that the Velidian’s fleeing South would turn and try to fly West back to the Great Chasm Fortress.

[ Eptian LXIX ]

June 2, 2009


Meanwhile as the battle was being waged, Velid’s plan of unleashing the embedded Narcirogen against the Mortal population had reaped great success. The Narciogen where by this point numerous and within nearly every strategically important town. As the Mortal populations dealt with the Narcirogen threat that grew daily they had little time to consider the fate of Pan Mortal Army, they just wanted to be free from the Narcirogen menace and as a result support for the Pan Mortal dwindled. Many of the Mortal sects throughout existence had never supported the Hetharcyp in the first place and where equally unsupportive of the Pan Mortal Army now believing that only because of the Pan Mortal Army were they suffering the Narcirogen.

On the battlefield the attack from the front continued even though the Queid General was dead, Eptih however could sense the attack was not coordinated and considered taking advantage of this seeming weakness. He did however fear it was a trap, the Velidians hoping to draw his forces into the center then using the opportunity to envelop and cut his forces down. As the battle continued the opportunity seemed too perfect to ignore and Eptih prepared a plan of attack but giving himself more of an opportunity to asses the situation.

By this time Rhosrc had managed to withdrawal his surviving forces and proceeded to make his way back to the Great Chasm Fortress. He initially planned to return and subdue Velid, taking power of the Velidian Empire himself but as he approached the city he realized what a flawed and unrealistic plan he had concocted. When he arrived he told Velid that the Fortress must be prepared to survive a siege and that he could take what Queid remained into the field and meet the coming Pan Mortal Army. Velid was outraged and demanded to know what had happened to his army and Rhosrc told him that his own forces had been led into a death trap by the Queid General and that he had only recognized this situation at the last possible minute. Upon seeing this act as an attempt to destroy the army he told Velid that he had destroyed the Queid General. Velid admonished Rhosrc for destroying his Queid General and leaving the army leaderless. Velid next called Ebrel to prepare himself to proceed to the front in order to take control of the Army if it had not yet been annihilated. Velid ordered Rhosrc to smash all the Sarcoph remaining that he could find and thereby release more spiritforms in order to create reserve forces. 

Ebrel made his way to join the army and take command while Rhosrc and his troops went throughout existence smashing sarcoph and releasing every spiritform they possibly could, and although the Mortals where outraged by these acts they could do nothing.

Ebrel made it to the army in time to take command just as Eptih was beginning his attack on the center of the Velidian lines. The battle was between a diminished Velidian force and a reorganized Pan Mortal Army force and as such the Velidian force was in danger of being completely destroyed. Ebrel’s brilliant command however managed to hold the center. Eptih kept his men advancing in hopes of breaking the Velidian lines as it seemed at every moment as if he was about to break through but he was never able to do so.

Eventually Rhosrc arrived with the newly completed divisions of Queid, a new kind of Queid, that where a hybrid between organic material and machinery. These hybrid Queid had come about due to lack of corpses and what Rhosrc brought with him was only a small part because as more Queid where being created at the Great Chasm Fortress they where being sent up to the front to fight.

[ Eptian LIX ]

December 24, 2008

After the reassurance of their fidelity, Eptih and his commanders moved their forces into position to ambush the coming Velidian army. They waited for some time and eventually scouts were sent out to see if they could find the Velidian army and they returned with news that the Velidians were proceeding directly into the trap. Only a short while later the Velidians indeed walked directly into the trap and when Eptih called out the order the ambushed commenced catching the Velidians off guard. The Queid put up a fight but were routed. Eptih himself wanted to get to the Sonimian Overlord but the fray between them blocked his path. The Sonimian Overlord who found himself without his guard began a slaughter of his own killing all the Hetharcyp who were unlucky enough to come within his sphere. Eptih saw this and for the first time realized the power the Sonimi wielded.  

During the battle Eptih, who was commanding his army and scanning every possible view, saw a Velidian force that had come up after the battle began. This force was made up of Mortals, most likely Siradyt, and commanded by a General that Eptih thought seemed like Thmascuid even though he had been dismembered. Having seen this situation develop quickly Eptih had no time to study the face of the General for confirmation of identity but had to reposition a detachment of his own forces in order to counter this oncoming force. Whenever opportunity permitted he would try to make out the face more clearly to prove to himself that it was not Thmascuid but he was never able to see him clearly. 

As Eptih realigned his forces the Sonimian Overlord called for a retreat and the mysterious general turned his troops around and left the field immediately followed by the his forces and then the remnants of the Velidian army. The Hetharcyp did not pursue as their injuries were great and they were in need of rest. Although the ambush had been successful the Hetharcyp had been severely wounded. Eptih realized that had the mysterious general been able to attack things might have turned out quite differently. It was a stroke of luck. 

The Hetharcyp proceeded back to the town on Eptih’s orders and there they nursed their injured. Once Eptih had secured his camp he took a small force and began searching for Thmascuid. Eptih wanted to settle the score with Thmascuid once and for all. Eventually Thmascuid was found and immediately Eptih engaged him and without the least bit of compassion and no words, Eptih quickly killed Thmascuid and decapitated him putting the head up on a tall pike to rot. Additionally Eptih had Thmascuid’s spiritform and body encased in a nondescript Sarcoph that was burried deep on the outskirts of the town among the trees by his men. Derram later saw the head of Thmascuid on the pike and pleaded with Eptih to take it down but he ignored her request and that was the end of that. 

Eptih realized that the Velidians would not suffer so great a defeat in silence. He knew they were reorganizing their forces, preparing an attack and with that in mind he took his mother and some of the few reaming Mortals with him and with his army broke camp and proceeded out of the town.

Once clear from the town by a large distance he put his army under command of Fayareg and sent them to a predetermined point. He would take his mother, the remaining townspeople and a small detachment of Hetharcyp on a side trip. Eptih and companions proceeded to the town where he had left Reyam before. This is where he planned to deposit his mother and the townspeople in what he considered to be relative safety. 

Upon arriving, Reyam was very happy to see Eptih and he was equally happy to see her. It was if the two had grown closer together while they had been apart and on the first night after he got his mother situated he asked Reyam if she would marry him and she agreed. A day later in a small ceremony with Derram present Eptih married Reyam and the bride and groom were happy. Eptih knew however that his time with Reyam would be short-lived as the situation demanded he be elsewhere and not burdened with paltry romantic feelings when such huge events were swirling around them.

[ Eptian L ]

March 5, 2008

Once out to sea Eptih and the man began to talk, the man telling Eptih much of his own experiences concerning the Velidians in the time Eptih had been away and this discourse went on for some time as they sailed along the transport routes. Once they had spotted land the old man veered off course in order to avoid the crowded harbor and when close to land Eptih jumped overboard. He thanked the old man for his courage and generosity and swam away.

The old man sailed back to the harbor and when he arrived was confronted by some Mortals who had seen him veer off course and therefore they wanted to know what he had been doing. The old man made up a story but it wasn’t believed and so the old man was taken to the Queid who tortured him for information before killing him. What information the old man gave to the Queid is not known but once they had finished him they sent out a scouting party to the place the old man had sailed to. There they searched for evidence and found large footprints and they followed these.

Eptih, after reaching the shore, made his way to a nearby mountain that overlooked the harbor. There he saw many ships brining in the Narcirogen and from there they were taken away by large trucks pulled by differing types of beasts of burden. Eptih noticed that, as had been indicated by the people of the island, the coastline was in complete control of the Velidians. Eptih stayed in this spot for the rest of the day and stayed the night.

Early in the morning, before the sun had come up, Eptih heard a group approaching and therefore descended the mountain and when he arrived at the bottom came across a group of around five Narcirogen. He asked them if they were familiar with “withheld” and if so could they give him directions. To this simple request the Narcirogen became belligerent and violent attempting to strike Eptih as they circled around him. Eptih, however, tried to communicate with them and make his lack of hostile intentions known but when they became even more hostile and attempted to alert the search party following him he was forced into conflict with them.

Eptih did not suffer their insolence long and destroyed them quickly, hiding their bodies in the wooded areas close by wondering if he had accidentally alerted the search party to his presence. Eptih noticed when he dispatched the little creatures that no spiritform had been released and it reminded him of the Three Beauties and so he wondered if these would resurrect as the three beauties had done. Eptih waited a short time and the little creatures remained dead and so he went on his way.

Eptih was surprised at these little people’s lack of fighting skill and obvious lack of intelligence, but overwhelmingly belligerent nature. For what purpose could they have been (created) bred if not to excel at some aspect of life and if the did excel at something their aptitude eluded Eptih. To Eptih it seemed as though this deficient soulless race served no purpose and so the mystery as to why they were created continued.

Eptih continued inland from the shore hoping to find someone who could direct him to his homeland. When he came upon a group of Mortals, they fled as soon as they saw him. Eptih continued on avoiding the Queid that seemed to be an occupation force as best as he could. Eventually Eptih managed to come upon another group of Mortals that did not flee from him, although they did seem very uncomfortable around him. When asked if they knew of his homeland they reported they did not. As Eptih was talking to them one of them went and informed a Queid that there was a large unknown Mortal asking questions. While Eptih tried to get information about his location a small band of Queid soldiers came up and attacked him. Eptih destroyed their bodies releasing their Spiritforms and then ran off to hide from the inevitable search that was sure to begin now that he had killed Queid.

Eptih felt like he was right where he had left off before his long journey had begun, once again hiding out fleeing from the Queid. The difference this time however was the amount of Queid and their absolute control of the land and the people. Every Mortal person Eptih encountered seemed like some mind numb herd animal, incapable of individual thought. It seemed as though the Mortals had been broken and were many were now slaves and yet some Mortals seemed to enjoy relative freedom of movement. Eptih needed to find out what the situation was but first he had to find out where his home was. His primary objective was to see if his mother was still alive, he missed her very much and wanted her to know he was still alive.

[ Eptian XLV ]

October 13, 2007

As Orendun spoke to Eptih the spiritform of Orenduns wife appeared. Orendun called out to her to come and see her son but she seemed to be uninterested and eventually went off without the slightest recognition of Eptih and as a result Orendun’s belief that Eptih was his son began to fade. After a few strategic questions it became obvious to Orendun that the visiting stranger was not his son. Orendun was disappointed and asked Eptih if he had purposefully tricked him. Eptih responded that he had not had the intent of tricking him in mind but that being Norstilam and unaware of his genealogy had become interested as Orendun talked and so in hoping to gain knowledge of himself had not stopped Orendun from believing he was his son. Orendun felt anger toward Eptih but had grown fond of him in the short time they had spent together and did not want to harm him.

Orenduns home, however, had been violated by Eptih and that fact alone demanded a reckoning which would traditionally be settled by single combat, he however opted to let Eptih leave but refused to provide any guidance. In doing this Orendun was actually condemning Eptih to death just not directly with his own hand. It would have been an insult to his honor to let Eptih invade his home, kill his guard beast and then seek no retribution whatsoever. He wished him well on his journey but knew that Eptih was almost sure to die in the maze that was his construction, filled with his various deadly beasts.

Eptih was not as aware of the dangers ahead and therefore was only disappointed that he would not be able to learn more about himself through Orendun. So the two parted amicably, Eptih facing a dangerous journey and Orendun hoping he could make his way out safely.

As Eptih proceeded along his way he tried to wrap his mind around all that he had just learned and to apply that knowledge to what he already knew. Eptih walked in Orenduns realm for a time and eventually started to notice that he was making no real headway. To him everything looked the same. At one point as he was resting with his mind on other matters, namely returning home, a multitude of creatures similar to the one he killed approached. From what Eptih was led to believe by the apparition of the old man there was only one beast. Eptih had barley escaped his battle with the last beast and was fearful of the outcome with many of them. In an instance the beasts attacked him from all angles and Eptih found himself struggling to stay alive but unable to fend off so many beasts at once. This was the first time Eptih had ever experienced the possibility of a catastrophic failure. When things were at their worst and the beasts seemed to have the upper hand, tearing the flesh off his bones they suddenly scattered and retreated. Eptih found himself severely wounded more so then his last encounter. He knew he would need to rest and allow his body to heal but he was fearful of the beasts return, in his current state he was drained of energy and would make for an easy target.

Eptih lifted himself up staggered along looking for some safe location but few could be found. As he continued along his healing slowed and began to regress because he was using up to much of his limited energy to walk. This caused his wounds to open up and bleed profusely and he realized he would perish if he could not rest. With his vision fading he saw a bright light and with the last bit of energy he could muster he walked into it and collapsed.

[ Eptian XLIV ]

September 17, 2007

As Eptih stood there spellbound, staring at the shadows, a large creature appeared behind him. He did not notice its presence as he was preoccupied with the shadows. The creature let out a loud roar which caught Eptih’s attention and it was then that he realized his body was still fixated on the shadows but yet his mind was aware. Although he could hear the beast and sense its location he could not control his body or cause it to one in the slightest. It was as if he was trapped inside his own body unable to force his conscious mind forward into his physical self. Eptih knew if he could not come back into his body he would be destroyed by the beast but as hard as he tried his body and mind refused to become one. The beast screamed out again as if to frighten him causing him to run so that it might pursue from behind making its job easier but when Eptih remained still the beast moved closer crouching as if readying his attack. Eptih’s eyes focused on the shadows but every other part of his mind was awaiting a catastrophe.

There was a pause of silence for a moment and Eptih knew what would be coming and he struggled with his unresponsive body to regain control and then the beast sprang forth and collided with Eptih throwing him to the ground, the shock of the blow breaking Eptih’s gaze, releasing his disjointed body back to his control. He found himself in a terrible situation, the sheer weight of the beast on top of Eptih kept him from being able to fight and the beast tore its teeth into his flesh. At one moment however the beast shifted position in order to tear at unmarred flesh and Eptih freed his arm enabling him to drive his fist into its ribs, which moved the beast further freeing more of his own body. Eptih next made his fist into the shape of a spear and drove it into the beast ribs piercing through its flesh between two ribs, as he pulled his hand back out he made a fist so that it cause more damage coming out then it did going in. This caused the beast to rear up freeing Eptih completely. As the beast writhed in pain Eptih picked up a large rock and threw it at the beasts’ head smashing one the side it hit. He then circled the beast and came up from behind grabbing its head in his arms, as he stood up quickly he twisted with a great force and tore the head off. The body of the beast began to thrash about with great intensity for a few moments and then dropped causing a large cloud of dust to rise up making it hard to see.

Eptih needed to look over his wounds and see if any were life threatening but as he sat there in the settling dust he could see the wounds had already started to heal and none were as bad as he had expected. As he sat there nursing himself another being approached, obscured by the dust. Eptih could not believe that he would need to fight again so soon being he was disadvantaged by his wounds and in a state of fatigue from the previous fight. He noticed however that it appeared to be a large man like figure so the challenge would be different this time……….

The being called out when he saw the head of the Beast had been removed. This being at first glance appeared to be a Sonimi and Eptih wondered if the apparition had led him right into the arms of the Velidians. This Sonimi upon seeing what Eptih had done to the beast screamed out demanding to know why Eptih had killed the beast and mutilated it. Eptih having no easy way of explaining his actions remained quiet, the Sonimi regarding his silence as insolence attacked Eptih who was already wounded quite badly. The two grappled and the Sonimi was shocked having thought Eptih was a typical Mortal who would be easy to dispatch that he could compete with him. The Sonimi nearly getting the better of Eptih stopped all of a sudden and asked Eptih his name. The Sonimi realizing that Eptih must be some hybrid race proclaimed him his son returned and therefore relented in his attack. This Sonimi told Eptih his name was Orendun and at once Eptih remembered the stories he had learned when he was much younger about the first Vethrian who disappeared and had never been heard from again. He knew he had discovered the answer to a question many figured would never be solved.

Eptih knowing that Orenduns belief that he was his son has saved his life so he did not discourage Orendun by telling him the truth nor did he play the part. Orendun guided Eptih deeper into this underworld and as they walked, talking to him as if he was his son, revealed much information that enlightened Eptih as to the history of Existence. It was not until Orendun called him Ebrel that Eptih realized that Velids aide-de-camp was most likely a Norstilam like he was and that his father was Orendun.

Eptih learned that Orendun had fallen in love with a Mortal woman named “____” and their love being forbidden by the Velidians, Orendun and his woman fled to live a life together in seclusion. With the hope of avoiding detection Orendun had constructed an underground abode for them and that they had lived there and the woman had given birth to a son at which time Orendun became a Sonimi. They had lived happily in seclusion as their son grew but eventually the boy grew old enough to venture out and wishing to live a better more eventful life had run away from home. The heartbreak of loosing her son and not knowing his fate shortened the life of the (woman), which made Eptih think of his own mother, Othamar, and how she must be living in anxiety wondering his fate. With the spiritform of the woman released from her body and Orendun fearing she might escape and never be seen by him again, he built an underground labyrinth world for her and created many animals to protect and watch over his realm from trespassers. These beasts of his were created by manipulating the genetic structure of the beasts of burden.