[ Eptian XXXI ]

April 20, 2007

Eptian XXXI

The remaining Mortal army retreated back to Mortal controlled Existence and tried to rally all available assets in order to defend the various cities and towns against the expected Velidian onslaught.

The Seven families now felt a deep fear and realized all to late that their salvation was only possible via the Vethrians, who were now no longer available to protect them. They also realized that to have manipulated the army as they did for there own welfare and in order to hurt the Vethrians chances of regaining power after their inevitable victory over existence was a shortsighted if not misguided strategy.

So purely based on self-preservation the Seven families worked closely with the returning remnants of the army to set up a home defense relying heavily on guerrilla tactics. They poured all of their wealth into the task at hand. Some key scorched earth policies were used along with numerous other defensive methods.

Velid, looking to conserve his armies energy allowed considerable time to pass. Mortal society was in a state of disorder, prepared for the coming fight and without the guidance of the Vethrians was doomed. Once Velid felt the Mortals were at their weakest he moved in for the final kill and with a vengeance that had not been seen in Existence for a long time.

The fighting at this time was very hard due to the fact that the Mortals were dug in and determined to save themselves. The Velidian army though was tenacious and eventually took over town after town crushing any resistance with a great ferocity, so much so that as time passed and stories were spread, more and more of the resistance gave in without a fight. In time the Velidians had subdued most of what had been Vethrian controlled Existence. An administrative system was set up by the Velidians that broke Existence up into various provinces, each of which was governed by a Sonimi territorial lord whose law was enforced by the ever-growing Queid forces.

The Queid forces were absolutely ruthless in carrying out the Sonimi lords’ wishes and as they were dead and controlled only by the possessor of the Firmornam could not be reasoned with. The Sonimi were unconcerned with the plight of the Mortlas and proved that on many occasions but the Queid were absolutely cruel. Some Siradyt Mortals acted as the eyes for Velid almost like a secret police force and so were hated most of all by the Mortals.

Once dominion had been established, and his hand was everywhere, Velid tasked his various provincial lords with eliminating the Seven families. The Velidian system being highly effective, the entire structure of the Seven families was destroyed and nearly all their numbers cleared away from Existence. Once this project had been completed the Mortals lost what little hope they had remaining, no longer was their a possibility of being rescued by some outside force that would set everything right.

With all previous power structures gone, Velid was free to remake Existence as he saw fit. Velid, copying the Vethrian system, established a Triad of Sonimi to handle the minor details by managing the provincial Lords. This Triad had three components much like the original Vethian Triumvirate and they were called the NuU, the XeuD and the RotiS. With this system Velid was able to enslave all the Mortals who had fought against him using them to build a new infrastructure within Existence. At this time, by way of Mortal slave labor Existence passed into a new area where the buildings went from having an ephemeral quality to a quality of permanence. Structures that had made from short-lived materials like wood were now made of stone and concrete. Many government buildings were built as well as a system of permanent roads in place of the dirt ones. The capital was moved from Avirenth to the Great Chasm. It was also at this time that the Sonimi created the Horse from the Beasts of Burden for the purpose of conveying orders, men and material around Existence quickly for the purpose of quelling any uprising that might come about. The horse quickly became popular. The Mortal groups that had not fought against Velid were treated better but not by much. The enslaved mortals developed a hatred for these Mortals as they had the Siradyt and they termed all of these trader Mortals , the “____” as an insult.


[ Eptian VII ]

October 30, 2006

The Vethrians quickly began to shape Existence into their own chosen form all the while the Mortals continued to build up their settlement and the surrounding settlements of the valley. As the safety of the Mortals was now assured an environment developed the like of which they had never known and it made it possible for them to flourish. As a result their population began to increase.

The Vethrians set up a system to rule over the Mortals and Existence whereby three of their numbers would form a triumvirate who would do the actual governing and application of the Vethrian plan. The primary position of the triumvirate was called the FiiR, the secondary Diis and lastly ThiiD. The FiiR would make the crucial decisions and the DiiS and ThiiD would put those decisions into fruition. Each position would have a term of ten years and after the term had concluded the Vethrian who held the DiiS and ThiiD positions would move up one position while the FiiR would be relieved from duty. The cycle would repeat over and over till all Vethrians had served and then it would begin again. No individual Vethrian would be able to control an office for any length of time and all of the responsibility would rest solely on the shoulders of the FiiR. If any problems occurred during an administration the fault would lie with the FiiR even if the DiiS and the ThiiD were the actual cause. It was the responsibility of the FiiR to make the decisions and see to it that they were put into practice properly. The possibility of removing a Vethrian from his position was never considered.

Now that the Vethrians and the Mortals were living in fairly close contact it was established by the first Triumvirate many laws that set the basic standards for life in Vethrian ruled Existence. One of the most strictly stated being that Mortals and Vethrians should not needlessly fraternize and under no circumstance should they mate. Exactly why this law was enacted was never put forth, but intrinsically the Vethrians knew that mating with the Mortals was dangerous. Punishment for the Vethrian would be exile, punishment for the Mortal would be death.

With the Vethrian form of rule set up and Existence now being highly organized and easily manageable, favoring the propagation and welfare of the Mortals, all was well. As the Mortals advanced and became more civilized they gained a greater foothold and as they became stronger they began to push out of the valley. Upon coming into contact with the Sreoth again the Mortals forced them hard outward toward the periphery paying them back debts the Mortals felt they were owed many times over with immense cruelty. The Sreoth were infuriated but their time as rulers of Existence had passed and now they found themselves in a position of weakness. As the meteoric rise of the mortals continued toward dominion over Existence the fate of the Sreoth became bleaker. The horrors the Mortals committed against the Sreoth were only stopped by the demand of the Vethrians but by this point the Sreoth numbers were sparse and of the these mostly resided in the great outer periphery, becoming more relics then peoples. Had it been left to the Mortals they would have annihilated the Sreoth with little consideration for compassion.

With the land clear the Mortals spread out further taking over more and more Sreoth settlements. Eventually the Settlements became towns and the towns became cities. Around this time the Vethrians tasked the Mortals with building a great infrastructure system to link the cities with the goal of keeping Vethrian rule over Existence strong. It was the Vethrians mission to bring all the Mortals under their sway and as time went on this became more and more a reality.

[ Eptian VI ]

October 23, 2006

Now secure to thrive the Mortals built up their settlement and took over many of the nearby Sreoth settlements that were now abandoned. They worked hard as the prospect of annihilation can spur on mortal beings to achieve things thought impossible all so that the primal fear felt when facing death might be avoided later as a result of today’s labors. The Mortals had seen how the Sevtolhal, however powerful, were unwilling to risk themselves for the safety of the Mortals and that their existence could only be secured by their own efforts. The Mortals knew they had been given a chance by the Sevtolhal and were keen on taking it and establishing themselves as a power that could not so easily be wiped away like they had in their past.

The Sevtolhal having sacrificed a number of themselves to the Mortal cause decided that they could not afford to lose any more of their numbers and so dedicated themselves to governing the build-up of the Mortals. For the Sevtolhal, a disciplined and capable Mortal race could act as the ultimate buffer from any future conflicts that might arise, especially since the Sreoth were still out there, most likely angry and if given a chance would destroy the Mortals but especially the Sevtolhal. The Sevtolhal decided to further the progress of the Mortals by governing them themselves.

It was at this time, when the Sevtolhal were establishing their rule, that they decided to rid themselves of the name the Colossals had given them “Sevtolhal” and call themselves “Vethrians” as a tribute to the one Colossal who had been their advocate “Vethria”. The Sevtolhal, now called the Vethrians no longer saw themselves as a slave race but a creative race capable of building a new Continuum in Existence that they would rule over with their proxy the Mortals. Although the Vethrians had faced many setbacks in their time, they felt they were on a course destined for success. At minimum they felt their successes would gain them favor with the Colossals of the Seud Pnaoneth who had banished them and possibly a return to the Continuum. But now the Vethrians considered another path, one that would make Existence their own, recast the laws of Existence that now limited them, and directly challenge the Continuum in the future for control of all the realms. But for now they had a seemingly blank canvas that needed to be worked out and so they set about to achieve perfection.

[ Eptian V ]

October 16, 2006

The Scavenger Sreoth quickly made their way to the lands of the Valley Sreoth in order to convince them to go to war. When they arrived on the outskirts of their land near the valley, they were seen as enemies but the message was conveyed that they had intimate knowledge of the supposedly invincible beings as they had recently fought with them. With that news they were aloud to enter the unnamed valley(II) and an urgent meeting was held. In this meeting the scavenger Sreoth explained that they had attacked a large grouping of these beings and had actually managed to kill a few before the bulk of their own numbers were laid low by these mysterious beings. Many questions were asked and a debate as to the best way to act went on but in the end it was decided that the opportunity to rid themselves of this curse was now. They knew it would be costly but if victorious they would be free of the Mortals and this new race of beings.

During this time the Sevtolhal detachment and the two-thirds made there way quickly back fearing an inevitable attack against the Mortal settlement, They traveled quickly but the Sreoth had acted quicker knowing two thirds of the Sevtolhals numbers were not present and hoping to take advantage of that fact.

The Sreoth of the Valley joined forces with the scavengers and set out to take back their lands. As they moved out they sent emissaries to other Sreoth groups requesting help in this struggle to destroy the Mortals which they could all agree was necessary. They passed by their settlements that had been usurped by the Mortals and headed straight for the main Mortal settlement where the Sevtolhal were and when they arrived surrounded it and began causing as much destution as possible to the surroundings, ruining the fields that were freshly planted and probing the limited Mortal defenses in order to calculate their strength. The Sreoth knew however that their main goal was blocking the soon to be arriving Sevtolhal two-thirds and so set about to create various defensive works.

Inside the Mortal settlement chaos reigned especially in that paltry defenses had been constructed and the Mortals pleaded with the Sevtolhal to go out and destroy the Sreoth. The Sevtolhal however, not knowing what had transpired with the detachment and the and the two-thirds, still did not know if they could in fact match the Sreoth and as such hesitated. This placed the responsibility squarely on the back of the Mortals. The Mortals however having been in this exact position before had never been successful, they knew the Sevtolhal would be their only salvation.

As the Sreoth prepared for the two-thirds return other Sreoth who had heard the call advanced on the location and the numbers of Sreoth began to increase rapidly until their victory seemed assured. It was the first time so many of the Sreoth groups had worked together toward a single purpose.

When the detachment arrived with the two-thirds they found the entire Mortal settlement surrounded. Their quick approach had agitated the Sreoth and forced them to attack in order to push the Sevtolhal back. The Sevtolhal fell back in order to organize their numbers and to attempt to send messages to coordinate with the Sevtolhal inside the besieged settlement.

All of the Sreoth settlements that had been usurped by the Mortals, and were outside the protection of the Sevtolhal, were overrun by the incoming Sreoth, the majority of these Mortlas were killed, only a few managed to escape. During this time the Mortals of the new settlement did their best to defend it and were lucky that the Sreoth had concentrated on the incoming Sevtolhal otherwise, with no help from the Sevtolhal within, this settlement would have been overrun as well. The Mortals continually tried to persuade the Sevtolhal to act citing the statements the Sevtolhal had made about being the Mortals only hope but the Sevtolhal seemed happy to sit back and watch the Mortals being slaughtered.

The Sreoth, seeing the Sevtolhal outside the settlement pull back, were encouraged and created a detachment to break through the weak defenses of the settlement and directly attack the Sevtolhal by surprise. The Sreoth in this action caught the Sevtolhal off guard and managed to kill a few of them before they in turn were slaughtered by the now furious Sevtolhal. With this event the Sevtolhal within and outside the settlement decided to unleash hell and coordinate their efforts in an utter annihilation of the Sreoth. With Sreoth bodies flying and exploding apart everywhere the shocked Sreoth fled leaving their dead and their claim to the land of the valley. The Sevtolhal did not pursue the Sreoth but regardless the safety of the settlement was now assured.

[ Eptian IV ]

October 9, 2006

The Mortals went out into the surrounding area from their new settlement in order to clear the land of Sreoth and found that the they had already moved out leaving their settlements and property behind. When the Mortals returned to their new settlement and told this to the people some of them felt that it would be easier to take over an existing Sreoth settlement then to build a new one from scratch. For there part however the Sevtolhal refused to provide protection for any other settlement and wanted to keep their numbers consolidated. Although the Mortals decided to remain where they were the word did get out and some of the other Mortal groups who were not taking part in building the new settlement moved into the abandoned Sreoth settlements. And this is how the number of Mortal settlements began with more then one.

When the settlement was completed the Mortals named it (“withheld-I ”) which had been the name of the man who had founded the first Mortal settlement which was destroyed by the Sreoth soon after it had been completed.

Now that the Mortal settlement was completed the Sevtolhal decided to call forward the remaining two-thirds of their numbers that had held back. They did this so that they might build their home in this new settlement and create a power center to rule from. So a detachment was sent back to tell the two-thirds to move up. Days later when the detachment arrived at the camp of the two-thirds they found a scene of destruction and were told a number had been killed along with many Sreoth. As it turned out while the first-third was off dealing with the Mortals the two-thirds that remained behind had been attacked by a band of scavenger Sreoth. This situation, namely a direct confrontation, was one the Sevtolhal had been avoiding but it did give them their answer to what powers they had in Existence.

Although they had been caught off guard the Sevtolhal were vastly superior to the Sreoth and had killed them with ease. In the Malay however several Sevtolhal had been killed and their spirits had in turn been released and damned to remain in Existence forever. Nearly the entire band of Sreoth that attacked the Sevtolhal had been killed and the action had taken place in just a few moments. The Sevtolhal piled up the Sreoth corpses and created a pyre awaiting a second attack from the Sreoth which never came. When the detachment arrived and learned the specifics of what had happened and knowing that the Sreoth had pulled back from the Mortal settlement, most likely to organize their forces for a major offensive, it was decided to move quickly back to the Mortal settlement with all the Sevtolhal.

Meanwhile, the surviving Sreoth that had attacked the Sevtolhal had gone away to nurse their wounds and while at rest had come into contact with some other Sreoth who told them of the Mortal settlement and how the Sreoth of that area had abandond their land in fear of an invincible group of beings who were helping and protecting the Mortals. Knowing that this race of beings was in fact not invincible they set out to meet with the Sreoth of that area in order to share this information with them and hopefully to join them and seek revenge for their recent defeat.

[ Eptian III ]

October 2, 2006

At first sight the Mortals began to flee from the approaching Sevtolhal vanguard fearing they were yet another Sreoth variant looking to inflict death on the Mortals. The Sevtolhal being the creators of the Mortals and knowing at least some of their idiosyncrasies skillfully convinced them to refrain from their hysteria and join them in introductions. The Mortals, those that had not run away in fear from the sight of the Sevtolhal, timidly came back. The very sight of the Sevtolhal was so impressive to the Mortals and was nothing they had ever seen, especially in size and litheness, that curiosity kept many from fleeing and also brought many back. During introductions the Sevtolhal explained to the Mortals that they were responsible for their creation and that they alone would be their salvation in this world. Many of the Mortals, inherently arrogant, did not believe the Sevtolhal but as their discussions went on felt that they could in fact be a useful device to help them in their quest for survival.

The Mortals in turn explained to the Sevtolhal the situation at hand and that although many of their numbers had been killed off by the Sreoth there were other Mortals spread throughout Existence, some of which were large groups but mostly small roving bands.

While they discussed the situation the Sevtolhal never let on that they feared the Sreoth as much as the Mortals did and they kept an air of superiority and fearlessness that strengthened the confidence of the Mortals especially as it seemed that the Sevtolhal were on their side.

The Mortals continued to explain their situation and the wrongs that had been done to them and give the Sevtolhal their opinions about what needed to be done but in the end the Sevtolhal gave the Mortals little choice. It was put forth by the Sevtolhal that they would provide defense for the Mortals to found a settlement and that during this time the Mortals would go out against the Sreoth by themselves and create a buffer around the new settlement, clearing the Sreoth from the surrounding land. As the Mortals had never been able to establish a lasting settlement before, this it seemed to them was a good proposition. There were however a few of the Mortals who wondered why the Sevtolhal would not go out and face the Sreoth with them but this talk was quieted by the majority who could only think of establishing a permanent settlement and how this opportunity needed to be seized regardless of the cost.

And so this plan was adopted and the Sevtolhal provided defense as the Mortals set up their settlement and then pushed out to clear the surrounding land. When word spread what was going on many other Mortals came to the Settlement to help, however some of the Mortals stayed clear.

When the Sreoth learned what was happening and heard that there was yet another new race in Existence they felt that they needed to attack as soon as possible and destroy the Mortals once and for all. One particular group of Sreoth who were militia farmers sent scouts out to reconnoiter the situation. These scouts brought back accounts of this new race that portrayed them as frightening and all-powerful beings who seemed to glow with an ever-present aura of energy and how they were working in concert with the Mortals, and how the Mortals were building a permanent settlement. Although this enraged the Sreoth in the end they decided to not confront this new race of beings and hope that after helping the Mortals get established they would return from where they came leaving the Mortals defenseless and ripe for destruction. With that the Sreoth pulled back from the new Mortal settlement allowing fate to takes its course.

[ Eptian II ]

September 25, 2006

The Mortals at this time being only a very few generations into their existence were still in a primitive state. Many wandering the land searching for food and water, few having settled or making any headway toward civilization. This seeming lack of ambition and wherewithal however was not the reality of their situation. The Mortals had by this time come in contact with many races of what appeared to them to be aboriginal peoples. These aboriginals made life difficult for the Mortals and at every chance attacked and killed as many of them as possible. These Aboriginals never allowed the Mortals to establish settlements, always destroying any security they built for themselves and thereby denying them any semblance of comfort. The action of the Aboriginals did little in establishing any familiarity between the two sides and as a result a deep hatred of the Sreoth developed in the collective soul of the Mortals. It seemed to the mortals that their situation was hopeless and whenever they gathered they were driven out by these aboriginals which the Mortals called the “Sreoth”.

The Sreoth were not of one race but many different races all of which did not want the Mortals establishing a foothold within their lands. The Sreoth although in a more advanced state of civilization than the Mortals of this period were all of lower races and had achieved little with their time in existence and were in general less capable. Many were subsistence militia farmers. Some where raiders and scavengers and others were nomads. The different Sreoth groups did not work together in any way, each group being more independent than the next. These groups regularly fought battles against each other for land and property but most of this disharmony was caused by the Scavenger, raider and nomad types. The Farmers were the most civilized as they were mainly concerned with feeding themselves and protecting what was theirs. The various Sreoth races took on many different appearances some being short and stalky and others being tall and more slender though not as tall as the Mortals. The Sreoth farmers were the tallest and most slender and the scavengers were the shortest, the others falling somewhere in between.

During the Mortlas first few generations in existence the Sreoth did not communicate with them only laying into them with a great ferocity and never providing quarter. This time for the Mortals was hard and their birth rate barley kept pace with their dead. By the time the Sevtolhal had fallen to Existence the Mortals were on the edge of a precipice, they were at the point were they would either have to fight and establish themselves or die out and wither away. With the numbers of Sreoth and their knowledge of Existence and the ever diminishing numbers of the Mortals, the future looked bleak. It was at this point that the first third, the vanguard of the Sevtolhal happened upon a large group of Mortals who were preparing to confront the Sreoth thereby establish themselves or be destroyed trying.