[ Colossus VI ]

August 21, 2006

There was relative peace during this time and only a few of the various factions challenged the authority of the Seud Pnaoneth, those rebel factions however were put down quickly and without pity.

It was also during this time that Vethria was secretly meeting with the Sevtolhal teaching them why they been created and what power they could develop. Vethria was always trying to show the Sevtohal their true power, make them aware of their capabilities and incite them to assume a higher position within the Continuum with the intention of counteracting their docile nature and creating within them a desire for power and action.

The Sevtohal were worked hard as slaves and were treated harsher. They had no rest from their misery and yet slowly began to understand their capabilities although they lacked the vigor to do anything on their own. The Sevtolhal had been created to follow orders and so taking the initiative was not in their nature but Vethria continued here secret work nonetheless.

At about this time a member of the Seud Pnaoneth named “Iantiam ” led a union of banished Colossals and attempted a small coup that quickly got out of hand. As Iantiam and his rebels attacked other Colossal factions from the Periphery began to join in so a small rebellion that should have been put down quickly grew into the biggest and most dangerous rebellion yet. Because of the surprise nature of the attack and the fact that insiders were part of it, the Seud Pnaoneth was caught off guard and much damage was done. It began to look as though the Seud Pnaoneth might be destroyed and although at first the few Seud Pnaoneth held off the attack the amount of exiles joining the fight and the destruction from within began to break down the Seud Pnaoneth defenses. Once destruction seemed inevitable some members of the Seud Pnaoneth changed sides hoping to be with the victorious side in the end.

The Seud Pnaoneth, as a last resort and once again on the suggestion of Vethria decided to enlist the help of the Sevtohal, making them soldiers and in order to keep their loyalty, offered them their freedom if the Seud Pnaoneth should be victorious. Aeyrom was opposed to this option but put up little resistance when it went before the Seud Pnaoneth as he knew the options were limited and that causing needless aggravation at that time may have caused the Seud Pnaoneth to perish.

The Sevtohal took the offer and fought along side the Seud Pnaoneth and eventually the tide was turned. The Seud Pnaoneth began to be victorious and in failure the various factions resorted again arguing and fighting with each other. There was dissension among the exiles and support for the rebellion from the periphery ended. And so the Seud Pnaoneth again managed to survive certain destruction.

After the war only 13 Seud Pnaoneth remained and these hunkered down to keep control over the Continuum from their new weakened position and so with victory came a tenuous position.

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