[ Eptian XLI ]

August 3, 2007

Eptih returned to his original plan and headed off in the same direction that he had decided to follow before. As he trudged along his mind continually returned to Torquis, part of him wishing for revenge against her and another part wanting her for himself. It was as though she had placed some kind of spell on him that refused to fade.

With time seeming to be the only thing he had in abundance he tried to put the pieces together so that he could see the entire picture and perhaps figure out where he was. With what he had learned from the Graelim and what he had seen with his own eyes coupled with the seeming contradiction of Torquis and her control of Spiritforms he worked the pieces in his mind as he trudged along but could not realize how they all fit together and thus his frustration grew. Who and what was Torquis and why was she able to control Spiritforms if Velid was in control of the Firmornam. Who were the Graelim and why did they seem to have some deeper knowledge and an immense power that no one else possessed. Why were there so many Mortals doing the bidding of Velid and for what price. Eptih had so many questions and it seemed that the closer he got to the truth the more confused he became.

Although it seemed Eptih had missteped having come upon Torquis in the first place, he wondered if maybe he was meant to meet her and learn something important and it was at this point, feeling as though he had somehow shirked his responsibilities or missed out on some key piece of knowledge that she could have been able to provide that he decided to turn back and retrace his path back to where he last had seen Torquis.

Eptih retraced his steps back and when he came to the site where Torquis had lived he found it burning, not a single Velidian solider remained nor did Torquis or her spirit retinue. Eptih sifted through the ruins but found nothing, no clue or object that he could learn from. As he sat idle considering his next move, somewhat dejected that the retracing of his steps had led to nothing, he heard someone approaching and before he could stand an old frail man appeared, his unimposing stature relaxing Eptih’s fear and he settled back to return to his pondering.

The old man approached and asked Eptih if he could join him and Eptih allowed the old man to sit with him but informed him that he would be alone again soon as he planned to be on his way again soon. The old man sat there with Eptih and the two spoke to each other. The old man asking Eptih many questions, obviously impressed by Eptih’s stature and somewhat irregular appearance. But as the old man rattled on Eptih stopped him, realizing the oddity of the old man in this location at this time, and asked him who he was and what he was doing so far out beyond the periphery. The old man told him his name was “____” and that he was a Siradyt who had been banished long ago, so long that he had learned to become one with the land and therefore roamed endlessly, living off the land.

Eptih asked the old man many questions and the old man answered with pleasure happy that someone had taken an interest in him. He told eptih that he was very old and that he had witnessed many events first hand, many events that had shaped Existence as a whole. He was asked and answered many questions the most important being the location of Eptih’s home lands. The old man told Eptih that he was on the correct path to return to his home which seemed strange to Eptih as the old man had not seen where Eptih had come from nor did he know where Eptih was headed. This aroused suspicion in Eptih but he remained quiet hoping the old man would give up further information or declare his true identity.

Who are the Siradyt? What are their numbers? Are their more Mortals out in the Periphery? What do you know of Velid? What do you know of the Vethrians? Are they alive or dead? The questions went on and it became became dark.  The old man invited Eptih to his home for dinner but Eptih hesitated to answer and continued his questioning. It was after the second time the old man asked Eptih to his home and Eptih ignored the request that the old man became angry and stood up as if to challenge him. Eptih, laughing and wishing to test the mans memory, asked the old man again if he knew the location of his peoples lands and this time the old man said he knew nothing of lands in question and as such can not advise him as which way to travel. This stirred a rage in Eptih and he insulted the old man for being senile, pointing out his earlier answer to the same question, and as Eptih sat there the old man hit him across the head with a wooden cane. Eptih enraged with blood boiling up from his pores stood up and ripped the man apart with his bare hands, leaving him in pieces where he had last stood.

When Eptih made his way back to his path he began to feel as though he was living some surreal existence and wondered if maybe he had been killed in an earlier event and was now experiencing the world as a Spiritform. Had Torquis achieved her purpose after all, was he now her possession or had he been killed at some earlier time? Eptih was in a state of disarray considering his fate growing more bewildered but decided to remain true to his original plan and hold his chosen heading until he could find his way home or was stopped in the process. If he was dead or had been transported to some other world far from his own the only option in his mind was to persevere and so he continued to walk quicker then before, his youth causing him to wish for the safety of home.


[ Eptian XXXIX ]

July 9, 2007

Eptih awoke in a strange place seemingly having been transported by unknown means from where he had collapsed in exhaustion. This place was a strange forest that was covered with ice and snow, all was white and it seemed that color had been exhiled long ago and in this place he found himself alone and bewildered.

Eptih was still exhausted but managed to pick himself up and trudge through the snow looking for any sign of life, he was freezing and hungry. Eptih continued to trudge around not knowing where he was or where he was going unable to find a framiliar landmark until he eventually came to footprints in the snow that gave him hope, that is until he realized that the footprints where his own. Day became night and night lasted long but eventually became day which was shorter then night and still he searched for any sign of life.

When Eptih was at his wits end he screamed out in frustration. His scream echoed and in the mist of the echo was cut off and everthing became silent. When Eptih started to turn his head to look about he became paralyzed and a force took over his body and he floated up slowly as if by the will of the very ether that surrounded him. He could not scream out as is voice was gone and at that moment the Graelim, which he was unframiliar with, appeared before him.

The Graelim surrounded Eptih in a circle and levitating there he was spun round slowly so that he could see each of them but not focus on any one. At this point a deep voice spoke up calling Eptih by his name as if they knew him well. The Graelim told Eptih many things including his father is Velid, they tell him that Velid controls the Spiritforms and that this is the true source of his power, they tell him Rhosrc is his brother and is another component of Velids increasing power. They tell him how his mother was a captive of Velid and that in this fashion he and his brother were conceived. Much is revealed to Eptih regarding the knowledge of Existence, he is also told of the true nature of the Vethrians, that of a race of slaves and that the Colossals are the most powerful beings who have created all. He is told that he himself and his brother are a hybrid race called “Norstilam” and that Ebrel, Velids main ADC is also Norstilam and that many more Norstilam have been created who will seek to destroy the Mortal way of life. He is told of the large numbers of Mortals that are working with the Velidians and how there is so much more going on in Existence then most Mortals realize. They tell him of epic struggles that are underway and how he will play a part in the coming conflagrations.

This and more knowledge was imparted to him and he had many questions, but was still unable to speak. Although the Graelim conveyed a lot of information many things were left out. Many key points that left Eptih with more questions then answers. The Graelim told Eptih to return home and use his new knowledge to attain symmetry, not saying exactly how symmetry might be attained or what symmetry might actually look like in a world that was becoming ever more complicated.

Velid awoke some time later and found himself face down in the snow. He wondered if what had just occurred was in fact a dream or a hallucination brought on by his exhaustion. He was however in the snow and unless he had been sleeping for months he had to have been moved by someone. This led him to believe what he had witnessed did happen.

Confused but feeling his strength returning he set out to return home. He had no idea where he was or which way home was so he decided on a direction which he would hold until he saw a familiar landmark or came upon someone who could tell him where he was. And with that Eptih headed off.

[ Eptian XXXVI ]

June 7, 2007

Eptian XXXVI

Velid’s other son, Rhosrc, who was the only son Velid knew to be alive and which he had sliced up in a fit of rage at his birth managed to survive the attack but only after being close to death. The Siradyt healers had done what they could but Rhosrc was left deformed by the attack as the majority of his flesh was destroyed And had to be discarded leaving him in a precarious state. Velid once he ralized what he had done to his own son felt much guilt and therefore did all he could to make sure he received the best treatment possible. At one point when it appeared as though Rhosrc might not live he demanded that Ebrel take the baby to the Graelim and see if they could save the his sons life. Ebrel did this but upon reaching the Graelim was denied his request. Far from the Great Chasm with the dying baby Ebrel had few options remaining other then letting the baby die. It was at this time that a strange being came to him and offered him help. Ebrel figured this strange being was a guise used by the Graelim and so accepted the help. This strange being handled the baby and ten went away returning some time later with a previously unknown material that he sewed to the baby’s muscles replacing his skin. Along with the gift the stranger gave Ebrel a set of rules for the maintenance of the ne material and commanded him to meet at this very spot every year so as to recive new material fitted to the baby’s grown body. It was this synthetic flesh that saved Rhosrc’s life. When Ebrel returned to the Great Chasm Fortress he told  Velid that the Graelim had saved his baby by making him a synthetic flesh that had helped his son. Velid was pleased that the  Graelim were willing to help him and pleased more so that his son would live.

So Rhosrc was brought up and all the while during his rearing displayed many talents like Eptih did and among the Siradyt children which he played he was superior by far. Velid noticed early that Rhosrc was special and brought in as many tutors as possible to teach the boy as much as his mind could hold and Rhosrc’s mind soaked up knowledge with a great voraciousness that was ceaseless. Rhosrc had the best of everything and was denied little, probably a result of his fathers guilt for having caused him so much pain. He was however in pain constantly and as the strange being who made the flesh had stated, the synthetic flesh he wore could not be left in place for too long and as his musculature would attach to the material when it would be peeled off it was for him like being filleted. The synthetic skin was also sewn to body at a few strategic points. This was an excruciating pain that he had to endure over and over again. As a comfort to him and when he felt the least amount of pain was when the material was soaked with water as this caused it to be more pliable. This is why Rhosrc would take to soaking himself by sitting in tubs of water or in streams and rivers for a large portion of his days. This also kept him from being as productive as he could be as this soaking took up so much time, however it was not idleness but necessity and something he wished he did not have to contend with. This forced idleness caused Velid some anger, seeing his son always tending to his health problems, which he tried to temper by considering the fact that it was him who had caused the situation.

Rhosrc had also had the flesh of his face partially removed and so was a hideous site, this being the reason he kept his face covered. Women were afraid of him and could not look upon him without turning away in disgust. Rhosrc had much resentment in him. He resented his father for having done this to him in the first place, for his mother for being dead and thereby unavailable to him, not realizing of course that she was in fact alive. He also resented women because he wanted them so much and none showed him any affection whatsoever, at least not beyond what Velid forced the Siradyt women to endure. Rhosrc knew little of love and much more then any other about pain. He resented other men because they did not know pain like he did believing themselves tough and because they knew the love and touch of women. He resented them because they could look directly into a woman’s eyes and know that she truly loved him, he resented everyone and therefore was a solitary person. Even though Rhosrc suffer with these afflictions he was immensely skilled and was capable in everything he tried. He could not be defeated in battle and could destroy Mortal heroes as if they were the weakest old women, he was more intelligent then all others and in nearly all aspects superior to all Mortals. Rhosrc was in fact superior to Eptih, having been the first born, but his health problems limited him, had he been unmarred he would have been unstoppable, but such was his fate.

As Rhosrc grew he returned every year with Ebrel to the spot dictated by the maker of the synthetic flesh. Here the strange beinng would size him, leave for a time and return to fit the synthetic flesh to his body. Other then providing the rules for the synthetic flesh he never spoke a word. On their journey to the maker of the Synthetic flesh Rhosrc would question Ebrel about many things which included questions about his mother, his father and his brother and the night of their birth. Time and again Rhosrc would try to understand why his mother had gone down into the Great Chasm forsaking him for his brother, and time and again he could not conceive the reason why. All he would be left with after pondering this question was because of his condition she choose to risk death for the chance of having a dead unmarked baby rather then a living deformed baby.

[ Eptian XXVIII ]

March 29, 2007


Velid sulked in a state of complete melancholy wishing there was someway to end his life, releasing his spirit so that he might be free from this life that seemed so laden with misfortune. It was at this moment when Velid was at his lowest that Ebrel came to him and presented to him a rare gift, the Firmornam. Ebrel told Velid that this object had been crafted by the Graelim out of the smashed bones of the first Mortal male- who was named Firmornam, reformed into a single small object. Velid initially rejected the gift disregarding it due to its unimpressive appearance. Ebrel however explained to Velid that this object possesed a certain quality that would fulfil the promises the Graelim had previously made to him and with that Velid took notice. Ebrel continued to divulge the power of the Firmornam to Velid, most important of which was its ability to control all the Spiritforms in Existence. This is why it is also known as the Spiritform Controller. Once Velid fully realized what Ebrel had given him his mood changed and he no longer was miserable.

Ebrel gave the rights to Velid and then the Firmornam was his. With it now in his possession, Velid decided to hide it and did so in a place no one would ever expect. He did this without Ebrels or any other beings knowledge. With that Velid now controlled the Spiritforms and made plans to seek revenge against the Mortals of Existence for what damages they had caused him. He would however need to remove the Vethrians as a threat and so made plans to do just that.

On the grounds that they were not helping Rhosrc and most likely could not save him, Velid had Ebrel kill all of the healers who had been attending to baby. Immediately after this incident Velid sent Ebrel to request the best healers from the Siradyt which were at once delivered.

The Vethrians, who were in a more disastrous position with each new day, could sense another disorder had occurred and this time they came to the conclusion that it must have involved Velid. This caused alarm among the Vethrians and so a party of their own number was sent out to attempt to gain information regarding the fate of Velid. Velid was informed of this parties actions and allowed the to find him rather easily. Velid received them with hospitality but when they looked upon him they were horrified. They had never seen a Vethrian who had become a Sonimi and were frightened. When Velid demonstrated his ability to control the Spiritforms and explained to them that he was now immortal, they submitted to his rule and were forced to become Somini like him. That is all but one who was sent back to the Vethrians in order to describe what he had seen and what fate was coming.

The Vehtrians that remained were given Mortal wives, taken from the Siradyt and eventually became Sonimi like Velid. Now Velid could wield the tremendous power he had more effectively knowing that the Sonimi were damned as he was and had no further options beyond serving him. And thus a ruling class was established.
Elsewhere, Thmascuid checked in on Othamar (Derram), Eptih and Thiaraceph often. It was during these visits that Thmascuid noticed that Eptih was no normal baby, being so large and seeming to be more cognizant then babies his same age. Thmascuid began to take an interest in Eptih and would notice small changes with each visit. With Thiaraceph seemingly unable to establish any kind of affection for Eptih and therefore having no paternal bond with him the relation between Thmascuid and Eptih became much more paternal in nature.

[ Eptian XXII ]

February 14, 2007

Eptian XXII

Eventually Thmascuid returned home having succeeded in his mission, receiving accolades from the people for having added luster to his exemplary reputation by achieving victory facing such impossible tasks. If his status as a true hero had not been known by all before it was now, even by those that hoped his ascent would crest. Now his name was known throughout all of Existence and was synonymous with glory.

By the time Thmascuid arrived back home Thiaraceph had healed and was working on regaining his strength. He was pleased with Thmascuid and made apologies for having questioned his commitment to his sister and his bravery in general, which Thmascuid accepted readily. Thiaraceph now made plans with Thmascuid to use the information he had learned to search out Velid and to take back Othamar if she was still living and to seek vengeance regardless. But before any new mission could be launched Thmascuid needed to tell the Vethrian Triumvirate of the Mortals who had helped him and how it seemed as though they were working with Velid in some way. Also he hoped that the Triumvirate would give him command of an army to go and attack Velid and retrieve Othamar. And so Thmascuid went to see the Triumvirate allowing Thiaraceph more time to further regain his strength.

Thmascuid went to the Triumvirate and was granted an audience. There he told of how he had been cared for by a Mortal people that seemed to be working with Velid. He also requested command of an Army to seek Velids hiding place and to attack him and retrieve Othamar. The coulncil however did not see this as a priority and therby denied Thmascuid what he had asked for and so he left and returned to meet up with Thiaraceph. From the information the Triumvirate received from Thmascuid a scouting party was set out in order to verify what he had seen and to attempt to figure the extent of this strange cooperation. What they found was that these people were called the Siradyt and that they had always dwelled on the fringes of Mortal Existence, disagreeing with how the other Mortals and the Vethrians were building a society and so had remained independent. The Siradyt had never caused and trouble and there were other small groups of Mortals who resided outside the rule of the Vethrian Triumvirate and so little notice was taken of them. Once all the details that could be gathered by spying from afar had been obtained, the information was taken back to The Vethrian Triumvirate. The decision was then made to send emissaries to the Siradyt and try to figure exactly what was happening and to offer these people a treaty of peace.

The emissaries were sent out and welcomed to the city with open arms. When asked if they knew the whereabouts of Velid they replied that they did not. In the talks that followed, the treaty was offered and the Siradyt seemed offended that a treaty would even need to be required. With this the emissaries told them that because they were outside the rule of the Vethrian Triumvirate it seemed like establishing brotherhood between them would be the best action possible and that similar offers were going out to other independent groups of Mortals. When put into those terms the Siradyt could not refuse and so agreed to the treaty agreeing not to bring violence upon any part of Vethrian ruled Existence and the Emisaaries agreed that Vehtrian ruled Existence would likewise do them no violence. It was also agreed that hostages would be taken from both cities and would live in their opposite city. There was a strange atmosphere after this agreement and the Siradyt seemed uncomfortable but the emissaries left with two Siradyt hostages feeling they had accomplished much.

Meanwhile, Othamar was now quite far along in her pregnancy and as she was experiencing an ever increasing amount of pain, healers were brought in so that they might comfort her. These healers were Siradyt and they were skilled in the healing arts. As Velid was very busy with his plans and Ebrel had recently left to receive council from the Graelim, Othamars care fell solely to the Siradyt healers.

Before Ebrel had left, he had informed Velid that his transformation was nearly complete and that with the birth of the child he would assume a new power that would allow him to assume control over all of Existence. Some time later a party of Siradyt Mortals came to the Great Chasm fortress to tell Velid of their meeting and treaty with the Mortals of Vethrian ruled Existence. When Velid heard of the proceedings and there outcome he was furious.

Thmascuid and Thiaraceph had decided that they had to attempt to rescue Othamar even without an army behind them and so they set out together on a mission that was inspired more by duty than a reality of success and one that would most likely be their last.

[ Eptian XVI ]

January 2, 2007

[ Eptian XVI ]

Velid’s whole being was now completely controlled by this strange group, never before had he found himself in such a weak position, at the mercy of some other beings. He could not move or speak and so was forced to listen as this mysterious group explained to him that they were the Graelim and that they had an interest in setting things right in Existence and this could only be achieved through him. They tell him that he was on the right path and that the Mortals were now manipulating the Vethrians toward their own objectives that would eventually bring Vethrian rule down. The Graelim tell Velid he is the only one capable of saving Existence and he must continue his work for the sake of the Vethrians and Existence.

Velid was astonished by the power and knowledge exhibited by the Graelim and so he listened to their words even though at that moment, had he been capable, he would have killed them all.

The Graelim bolstered his confidence and prepared him mentally for the long struggle he would be undertaking. They spoke to him of a new level of power beyond that of the Vethrians that he could achieve if he would follow the advice they were giving him, a power that would make him invincible but a power that could only be obtained by struggle, hardship and difficult choices.

The Graelim tell Velid to heed the instructions of Ebrel as he would be a conduit through which they would instruct him and that Ebrel alone would be his guide to victory. They tell Velid not to think too much about all the questions he has and to let Ebrel bring forth the information needed at the moment it becomes required. Concentrate on bringing as many of the Vethrians as possible over to his side, taking power from the Vethrians and suppressing the rise the Mortals. The Graelim tell Velid he must be absolutely ruthless in this struggle for if he is not, if he slackens in the least he will fail and find himself without power once again. The Graelim let him know if he does not succeed there will be consequences.

The Graelim instruct Velid to go out into Existence with Ebrel and enlist the help of the Sreoth to build a fortress on the edge of the Great Chasm. And so he was released from his captivity and went out with Ebrel to establish himself and to begin his struggle for the dominion of Existence.

As Velid and Ebrel traveled toward the Great Chasm Velid asked Ebrel many questions but Ebrel said that he had no new information to give him and that as soon as he did he would let him know. Velid also asked Ebrel more personal questions, especially about his race, but Ebrel refused to answer saying that the time for questions like those would come later once they had achieved their goals.

Eventually Velid and Ebrel came upon the Great Chasm, the most wretched place in all Existence, a place that inspired fear in the bravest and at this place they set up their temporary camp.

The Great Chasm was first used by the aboriginals of Existence, all of the various Sreoth as a execution ground for all of their criminal elements who had been condemned to death. The criminal would be thrown in from the top usually breaking their bodies on the fall to the bottom and left to die there. Eventually the Mortals came along and used the Great Chasm for much the same purposes at the Sreoth did only adding to the condemned deformed babies seen as unfit and a future burden and all non-conformers. The place reeked of death and was filled with the spirits of many dead who could not find their way back to the surface, the Great Chasm would not even allow sould to flee it grasp. The Great Chasm was the most singular cause of fear in all the inhabitants of Existence. It was the thing by which social order could be maintained. The Vethrians never used the Great Chasm as a punishment but the Mortals applied the sentence to each other more and more as Vethrian rule weakened. No one had seen the bottom and live to speak of it, not even Mortal youth would challenge each other to descend into its depths being too afraid to even mention it. Velid could only assume that the Graelim had told him to build the fortress here in order to frighten the Mortals.

Velid ultimately made a deal with some nearby Sreoth to build the Great Chasm Fortress in exchange for future protection. They did this work with great hesitation due to their fear of the Great Chasm but felt for them protection from the encroaching Mortals would be the best possible idea. And so along this most horibe place arose a fortress from which would allow the evil of the Great Chasm to flow forth into Existence.