[ Eptian VI ]

October 23, 2006

Now secure to thrive the Mortals built up their settlement and took over many of the nearby Sreoth settlements that were now abandoned. They worked hard as the prospect of annihilation can spur on mortal beings to achieve things thought impossible all so that the primal fear felt when facing death might be avoided later as a result of today’s labors. The Mortals had seen how the Sevtolhal, however powerful, were unwilling to risk themselves for the safety of the Mortals and that their existence could only be secured by their own efforts. The Mortals knew they had been given a chance by the Sevtolhal and were keen on taking it and establishing themselves as a power that could not so easily be wiped away like they had in their past.

The Sevtolhal having sacrificed a number of themselves to the Mortal cause decided that they could not afford to lose any more of their numbers and so dedicated themselves to governing the build-up of the Mortals. For the Sevtolhal, a disciplined and capable Mortal race could act as the ultimate buffer from any future conflicts that might arise, especially since the Sreoth were still out there, most likely angry and if given a chance would destroy the Mortals but especially the Sevtolhal. The Sevtolhal decided to further the progress of the Mortals by governing them themselves.

It was at this time, when the Sevtolhal were establishing their rule, that they decided to rid themselves of the name the Colossals had given them “Sevtolhal” and call themselves “Vethrians” as a tribute to the one Colossal who had been their advocate “Vethria”. The Sevtolhal, now called the Vethrians no longer saw themselves as a slave race but a creative race capable of building a new Continuum in Existence that they would rule over with their proxy the Mortals. Although the Vethrians had faced many setbacks in their time, they felt they were on a course destined for success. At minimum they felt their successes would gain them favor with the Colossals of the Seud Pnaoneth who had banished them and possibly a return to the Continuum. But now the Vethrians considered another path, one that would make Existence their own, recast the laws of Existence that now limited them, and directly challenge the Continuum in the future for control of all the realms. But for now they had a seemingly blank canvas that needed to be worked out and so they set about to achieve perfection.

[ Colossus VII ]

August 30, 2006

After the war the Colossals of the Seud Pnaoneth granted the Sevtohal what they had promised them, their freedom.

Many of the Colossals of the Seud Pnaoneth however were angry that they had been saved by lower beings that were now expecting equality. The Colossals however did not believe in equality between them and the Sevtolhal and because and also to prove this point the severe treatment continued. And so the Colossals did not make it easy for the Sevtohal. Their true status had not changed and even though they were said to be free, it seemed worse for the Sevtohal.

The Sevtohal thereby felt betrayed and because of this feeling decided they needed to display their power in order to show the Colossals that they should be respected and considered as equals. So the Sevtolhal decided to create a race of their own, like the Seud Pnaoneth had created them, and place them in existence. The Sevtolhal felt that as creators of life the Colossals would realize how great their capabilities truly were and thereby how similar they were. And so the Sevtolhal created a race of Mortal beings and placed them in Existence, a separate dimension from that of the Continuum.

Upon presenting this flawed creation to the Seud Pnaoneth the Colossals were enraged at their insolence. Angriest of all was Aeyrom who in fact was happy to finally have an excuse to deal with the Sevtohal once and for all most especially now that they had proved themselves to be a race of creators with the possible outcome of that fact being limitless. Additionally the Sevtolhal were dangerous to the order of the Continuum in general. In his eyes the Sevtohal needed to be killed off and recreated in a more appropriate form, one less capable of competing with the Colossals and one directly under control of Aeyrom, all of that which had happened before being proof of the failure of the Seud Pnaoneth to create the slave race.

Vethria seeing that all her previous efforts might all be for naught advocated for a less harsh outcome preferring the Sevtolhal remain in the Continuum or made to be immortal within Existence.

When the Seud Pnaoneth met it was decided to banish the Sevtohal to Existence to live with the inferior race they had created. Most of the Colossals who voted this way new that the Sevtohal would be changed to Physical beings upon setting foot in existence and figured they would not be able to control Existence and would thereby be doomed. Aeyrom was the least satisfied of all the Colossals with this outcome but he excepted it nonetheless knowing that the Sevtolhal once in Existence could be killed and that if killed their spirits would be trapped in Existence with no chance to return to the Continuum.

And so the Sevtohal were cast down to Existence, became physically mortal, Spiritually damned and would rule over the inferior race they themselves had created. Needless to say the Sevtohal were not pleased and held a grudge against the Colossals of the Seud Pnaoneth with Aeyrom being the personification of the Seud Pnaoneth as their main target for scorn. Putting that aside for the time being they focused on the situation at hand knowing their survival was in a precarious situation but continued to hope for their eventual return to the Continuum.

> Eptian I

[ Colossus VI ]

August 21, 2006

There was relative peace during this time and only a few of the various factions challenged the authority of the Seud Pnaoneth, those rebel factions however were put down quickly and without pity.

It was also during this time that Vethria was secretly meeting with the Sevtolhal teaching them why they been created and what power they could develop. Vethria was always trying to show the Sevtohal their true power, make them aware of their capabilities and incite them to assume a higher position within the Continuum with the intention of counteracting their docile nature and creating within them a desire for power and action.

The Sevtohal were worked hard as slaves and were treated harsher. They had no rest from their misery and yet slowly began to understand their capabilities although they lacked the vigor to do anything on their own. The Sevtolhal had been created to follow orders and so taking the initiative was not in their nature but Vethria continued here secret work nonetheless.

At about this time a member of the Seud Pnaoneth named “Iantiam ” led a union of banished Colossals and attempted a small coup that quickly got out of hand. As Iantiam and his rebels attacked other Colossal factions from the Periphery began to join in so a small rebellion that should have been put down quickly grew into the biggest and most dangerous rebellion yet. Because of the surprise nature of the attack and the fact that insiders were part of it, the Seud Pnaoneth was caught off guard and much damage was done. It began to look as though the Seud Pnaoneth might be destroyed and although at first the few Seud Pnaoneth held off the attack the amount of exiles joining the fight and the destruction from within began to break down the Seud Pnaoneth defenses. Once destruction seemed inevitable some members of the Seud Pnaoneth changed sides hoping to be with the victorious side in the end.

The Seud Pnaoneth, as a last resort and once again on the suggestion of Vethria decided to enlist the help of the Sevtohal, making them soldiers and in order to keep their loyalty, offered them their freedom if the Seud Pnaoneth should be victorious. Aeyrom was opposed to this option but put up little resistance when it went before the Seud Pnaoneth as he knew the options were limited and that causing needless aggravation at that time may have caused the Seud Pnaoneth to perish.

The Sevtohal took the offer and fought along side the Seud Pnaoneth and eventually the tide was turned. The Seud Pnaoneth began to be victorious and in failure the various factions resorted again arguing and fighting with each other. There was dissension among the exiles and support for the rebellion from the periphery ended. And so the Seud Pnaoneth again managed to survive certain destruction.

After the war only 13 Seud Pnaoneth remained and these hunkered down to keep control over the Continuum from their new weakened position and so with victory came a tenuous position.

> Colossus VII

[ Colossus V ]

August 14, 2006

It was just after the creation of the Sevtolhal that large numbers of the Exiled Colossals, angry with the Seud Pnaoneth for banishing them and unwilling to submit to their rule, joined together in a weak confederation to destroy the Seud Pnaoneth. At first it looked bleak for the Seud Pnaoneth but Aeyrom was strong and ruthless in his protection of it. What was most responsible for th victory of the Seud Pnaoneth was infighting of the various coalition factions. This weak confederation eventually began to fight amongst itself diminishing its efforts to destroy the Seud Pnaoneth. Aeyrom knew he had escaped ruin by a thin margin and that had the factions not weakened and split the Seud Pnaoneth would have been destroyed. Because of this Aeyrom feared all the Colossals combined power and thus became more paranoid of their possible reconcilement.

Vethria, during the bleakest part of this rebellion, had argued that arming the Sevtolhal so as to create warriors of them would ensure the victory of the Seud Pnaoneth. Aeyrom however continually rejected the idea, even when it seemed the Seud Pnaoneths days may have been near an end. Aeyrom began to suspect Vethrias intentions at this time but decided to ignore for the present what seemed inconclusive awaiting evidence that could not be denied in the future whether it be what he suspected or not.

One thing though was certain, the hope that Aeyrom had that many of the Exiled Colossals would come over to his side proved to be unrealistic and that the Exiles combined force was still to be feared. So Aeyrom sewed discord among them as his best means of ruling over them. As for the Sevtolhal, Aeyrom began to despise them and realized just how big a threat they could be. Aeyroms’ fears were partially assuaged though knowing that he had illegally designed them to be docile and disciplined. That Vethria and some of the other Colossals felt they could be turned into a warrior class troubled him and made him wonder just what attributes the Sevtolhal had that may eventually overcome what he had designed into them. Not to mention that their purpose as a slave race to serve the Colossals of the Seud Pnaoneth and the harmony this provided for seemed directly related to them not being warlike.

After the war the Seud Pnaoneth consolidated its power and reorganized the Continuum as had never been done, always attempting to bring to the Seud Pnaoneth some of the various factions an in turn increase their power.

Aeyroms many fears multiplied and his aggression was taken out against the Sevtolhal. He was now even more suspicious of them and the possibility that they might be co-opted by the exiles and turned against the Seud Pnaoneth. He watched them closely and saw their capabilities increasing as they had been designed to learn and implement that knowledge. Aeyrom saw Vethria continually advocating for them and demanding better treatment of them all the while himself dictating that the Seud Pnaoneth demand more and more from them, with worse and worse treatment. He employed them to build massive structures and infrastructure to keep them busy and so the Continuum was rebuilt torn down and rebuilt over and over.

> Colossus VI

[ Colossus IV ]

August 7, 2006

Aeyrom and his supporters went on to battle the many factions, facing possible defeat on a few occasions but always coming through in the end, slowly bringing order to the Continuum once again. Throughout this time Vethria was by Aeyroms side and provided soft council as she had planned, riding Aeyrom’s ascension to realms of power that few Colossals before had ever known. And so Aeyrom and his supporters consolidated their power.

Aeyrom had learned much from the past and decided not to make the same mistakes. Aeyrom had seen that the Strata system had been a disaster and that the Elurivids had paid the price for creating that system once it had collapsed. Aeyrom knew the Colossals would never serve one another and so decided that he and his supporters would make a slave race that could serve the Colossals allowing for them to be equals, thus solving the problem of the endless struggle for dominion over one another forever. He also came to the conclusion that he alone could not rule like Cintieff had and so decided on a council of Equals that would decide the fate of the Continuum and that he would use his power through this council. This council he called the “Seud Pnaoneth” and it was this group that would rule over the Continuum. All the defeated factions who would not submit to the Seud Pnaoneth would be banished to the periphery of the Continuum. Aeyrom new that these exiles could be very dangerous in the future but he believed that the majority of the Colossals would come over to the Seud Pnaoneth. Aeyrom felt that his new system of rule was nearly perfect, especially in its ability to display his personal power.

In all this Vethria was ever present being most particularity interested in the creation of the slave race and as such Aeyrom allowed Vethria to facilitate the creation in which all the other Colossals of the Seud Pnaoneth would take part. Her first act however was having the Seud Pnaoneth keep Aeyrom from participating in the creation and although at first he took offense to this, Vethria convinced him that as his power was greater then all the other members of the Seud Pnaoneth it would be an act of humility which the Seud Pnaoneth would appreciate. Also this act would greatly diminish any jealousy and possible contention to his growing power as it would exhibit his ability to implement justice.

With Aeyrom seemingly out of the creation process the Seud Pnaoneth met and each of the members assisted in the creation of the slave race. Vethria for her part and in secret designed great prowess into the slave race and as the rest of the Colossals wanted to design a capable race equal to the challenge of serving the Colossals designed in many skills and abilities. Aeyrom however did not rise to his position by blindly trusting the other Colossals and so illegally designed into this Slave race his own limits fearing the slave race might be to great a nuisance, too capable of breeding and too hard to extinguish. The result of this entire process would only become evident at a later time.

And so the slave race was created to serve the Colossals of the Seud Pnaoneth and all of the creators were content, most especially Vethria. And they called this new race of beings the “Sevtolhal”.

> Colossus V

[ Colossus III ]

July 31, 2006

Although the Strata lasted for a long period of time, from its inception it was hated by all but the Elurivids. Even the second strata who compared to the other strata maintained the the highest position could not live being ruled over by the Elurivids and continually plotted their downfall. In the end it would turn out that a insurrection led by the second strata joined with elements of many of the other strata and all of the last strata would overthrow the Elurivids.

Immediately after the Elurivid yoke was thrown the Colossals began to battle each other for dominion at first adhering to the strata that they had become somewhat accustomed to but even those links disintegrating eventually. And chaos returned to the Continuum. As before many alliances were made and many factions vied for power. There were many prominent groups but among them only relatively few looked to be able to truly challenge for dominion.

It was at this time when the factions were being condensed, in one of the various wars taking place between two of the rising factions that Aeyrom defeated his most relevant competition, “DruTyenim” and took his wife as a prize of victory. And thus Aeyrom cleared a major hurdle to absolute power and shamed what would become his greatest enemy.

The name of the woman whom Aeyrom took as his prize from DruTyenim was “Vethria” and she did not go to him happily as she had always favored DruTyenim. Aeyrom for his part had no time to win her over as his future, although seeming favored with the defeat of DruTyenim, was far from secured. He had many more factions still to subjugate. Vethria sulked in her misfortune and planned a return to DruTyenim but as time went on Aeyroms’ power grew and it became evident to her that she was stuck. She realized she could either go to Aeyrom as his wife or reject him and suffer his wrath, and so she choose to be Aeyroms’ wife and to whisper in his ear council that might affect a new day for her while pleasing to Aeyrom at the same time.

> Colossus IV