[ Eptian LX ]

January 2, 2009

On the night of his marriage to Reyam, Torquis appeared before Eptih when he was alone and she seemed determined to seduce Eptih asking him to go away with her but Eptih was confounded. He wanted to know where she had gone, he wanted to know if she was a part of his imprisonment on the island of the Three Beauties but Torquis deflected his questions with gestures of profound seduction and although he was tempted he knew she was wicked. He asked her to leave but she refused and then she mentioned his marriage to Reyam and he knew she had come to ruin his new marriage that had yet to be consummated, and again he asked her to leave which provoked her to laugh. This incensed Eptih and he struck her across the face causing her to whirl about from the force. As her back was to him he pushed her down to the ground and considered ending her life but relented when he heard the sound of Reyams wife. (Flee! Wicked creature).

Just as Reyam entered Eptih turned to look at her and when he turned back Torquis was gone. Reyam noticed was sweaty, uneasy and red in the face but when she asked why Eptih was silent. 

Later that night Eptih consummated his marriage to Reyam.

While Eptih was in bed with Reyam, Torquis reappeared awaking Eptih but not Reyam. Eptih was furious that Torquis would violate the sanctity of his marriage bedroom but could do little as he did not want to wake Reyam. Torquis noticed Eptih’s discomfort and made it clear that she did not wish to disturb him on such a night, she did however make it clear that Eptih, by striking her, was now her enemy. For his part, if he was not confined he would have murdered her right then and there. Torquis put her hand on Eptih’s forehead and with her other hand slowly scratched her nails deep into his chest from his clavicle to his belly button. Eptih took the pain in order to not awaken Reyam. After that Torquis left, leaving Eptih in pain and with the task of hiding his wounds from Reyam.

The next morning when they awoke Reyam was amorous but Eptih, needing to hide his wounds, told her he must return to the Hetharcyp at once and began preparing to leave. This saddened Reyam as she had expected him to stay with her for a few days at least. 

As Eptih was preparing to leave a messenger boy came with a message that Nolopan a local leader wanted to meet with him. Eptih told the boy he accepted the invitation and was then led to Nolopan’s house. Upon arrival Eptih was met with the great enthusiasm due a hero. Nolopan showed Eptih great respect for his Hetharcyp and their activities. Eventually Nolopan spoke of building an army to which Eptih laughed, knowing that there was no army other then his Hetharcyp. Nolopan further explained himself relating to Eptih that many local leaders where in agreement that the time was right to create an army and that it could be based off of the work the Hetharcyp had done. This pleased Eptih and he was enamored with the concept. Nolopan Asked Eptih if he would attend another meeting at a secret location where many of the other leaders would attend and Eptih agreed. Eptih also added that with so much that was important to him in Nolopan town he would hold him personally responsible for their safety. Nolopan assured Eptih he would do everything possible to guarantee their safety.  The two parted a short time later planning on meeting again soon.

Eptih was ecstatic at his current great fortune. A beautiful new wife, his Hetharcyp active in the field having just repulsed a Soniman advance and the proposition of creating a great army to challenge the Velidians, possibly freeing the Mortal populace from the Velidan yoke once and for all. Not only all that but those who were most important to him were safe. 

Eptih returned home to Reyam and said his good-byes then collected his men and began his journey to return to the Hetharcyp. As he rode away Reyam watched until she could see him no more.

[ Eptian LIX ]

December 24, 2008

After the reassurance of their fidelity, Eptih and his commanders moved their forces into position to ambush the coming Velidian army. They waited for some time and eventually scouts were sent out to see if they could find the Velidian army and they returned with news that the Velidians were proceeding directly into the trap. Only a short while later the Velidians indeed walked directly into the trap and when Eptih called out the order the ambushed commenced catching the Velidians off guard. The Queid put up a fight but were routed. Eptih himself wanted to get to the Sonimian Overlord but the fray between them blocked his path. The Sonimian Overlord who found himself without his guard began a slaughter of his own killing all the Hetharcyp who were unlucky enough to come within his sphere. Eptih saw this and for the first time realized the power the Sonimi wielded.  

During the battle Eptih, who was commanding his army and scanning every possible view, saw a Velidian force that had come up after the battle began. This force was made up of Mortals, most likely Siradyt, and commanded by a General that Eptih thought seemed like Thmascuid even though he had been dismembered. Having seen this situation develop quickly Eptih had no time to study the face of the General for confirmation of identity but had to reposition a detachment of his own forces in order to counter this oncoming force. Whenever opportunity permitted he would try to make out the face more clearly to prove to himself that it was not Thmascuid but he was never able to see him clearly. 

As Eptih realigned his forces the Sonimian Overlord called for a retreat and the mysterious general turned his troops around and left the field immediately followed by the his forces and then the remnants of the Velidian army. The Hetharcyp did not pursue as their injuries were great and they were in need of rest. Although the ambush had been successful the Hetharcyp had been severely wounded. Eptih realized that had the mysterious general been able to attack things might have turned out quite differently. It was a stroke of luck. 

The Hetharcyp proceeded back to the town on Eptih’s orders and there they nursed their injured. Once Eptih had secured his camp he took a small force and began searching for Thmascuid. Eptih wanted to settle the score with Thmascuid once and for all. Eventually Thmascuid was found and immediately Eptih engaged him and without the least bit of compassion and no words, Eptih quickly killed Thmascuid and decapitated him putting the head up on a tall pike to rot. Additionally Eptih had Thmascuid’s spiritform and body encased in a nondescript Sarcoph that was burried deep on the outskirts of the town among the trees by his men. Derram later saw the head of Thmascuid on the pike and pleaded with Eptih to take it down but he ignored her request and that was the end of that. 

Eptih realized that the Velidians would not suffer so great a defeat in silence. He knew they were reorganizing their forces, preparing an attack and with that in mind he took his mother and some of the few reaming Mortals with him and with his army broke camp and proceeded out of the town.

Once clear from the town by a large distance he put his army under command of Fayareg and sent them to a predetermined point. He would take his mother, the remaining townspeople and a small detachment of Hetharcyp on a side trip. Eptih and companions proceeded to the town where he had left Reyam before. This is where he planned to deposit his mother and the townspeople in what he considered to be relative safety. 

Upon arriving, Reyam was very happy to see Eptih and he was equally happy to see her. It was if the two had grown closer together while they had been apart and on the first night after he got his mother situated he asked Reyam if she would marry him and she agreed. A day later in a small ceremony with Derram present Eptih married Reyam and the bride and groom were happy. Eptih knew however that his time with Reyam would be short-lived as the situation demanded he be elsewhere and not burdened with paltry romantic feelings when such huge events were swirling around them.


December 23, 2007

Eptih could not make himself love the hag as he once did, all the passion he had for her having been drained from him as his wife’s beauty had been drained from her. So Eptih, believing himself unable to escape, became despondent and each moment he spent with the hag and each shrill cry increased his anger that much more. As this went on Eptih noticed that his building rage seemed to be giving him strength and so when away from the hag he would test himself by whatever means available and the belief was proven for his strength was in fact returning. The sisters most likely only had experience with the Mortals, not a Norstilam which Eptih now believed he was. The three sisters believed he was hopeless and therefore did not fear him in the least believing he was beyond repair.

Eptih now knew revenge would soon be his and so he allowed his strength to grow but played as though e was ever weakening. Because he at one time had loved his wife [_] so much he would also use the time to test her. If he could see that she was loyal to him and that did not mean to hurt him he would spare her, but if he found that she was a fraud he would be sure to make her suffer most of all.

Eptih was sure to keep away from the two beautiful sisters believing they still could weaken him with their charms, and so he did his best to seclude himself and his wife but time and time again the sisters would appear at his home when he was out for routine responsibilites. One time though, he told his wife that he was leaving to go do his errands and secretly returned and when he came upon his home he could hear the chanting of his wife and when his eyes fell upon her she was beautiful, and by her chanting she called her sisters to her and when he saw them approaching knew that his wife was disloyal and that, his worst fears being confirmed, it was all a game.

Eptih, who’s strength was nearly returned waited for a while and then pretended to return. When he entered his wife was again a hag and he asked the two sisters to leave. After they had left Eptih asked his wife she had betrayed him and she did not understand his meaning but he was tired of talk and grabbed the old hag by the throat, she tried to scream but could not and as his grip tightened her beauty came rushing back to her like someone revived from the brink of death. Eptih’s grip loosened for a moment and she [_] took the opportunity to scream out to her sisters and with that Eptih’s fist clenched and her [_] neck snapped. What Eptih noticed immediately was that there was no Spiritform that was released upon her death and so he was for a moment awestruck. It was then that the two sisters entered flying around him and began reigning blows upon him with an unusual force of power. He managed to block their blows and began his own attack and it became a slaughter. When it was over three dead women lay at his feet, none of which had yet parted from their Spiritform. Eptih collected himself, checked himself for wounds, and washed himself of the women’ gore but just then the women, one by one, began to rise up and their attack on him began anew. Eptih was astonished at their recovery but knew these women were like no Mortal women he ever knew.

Now his plans for revenge transformed to hope of escape and so again he destroyed them only this time mutilating their bodies so that resurrection would not be possible. He was sure to remove a piece of flesh from one of the women to keep with him to see if it would decay as it should. Eptih though was not confident that the women would remain incapacitated and so worked quickly and then ran to the shore grabbing a piece of wood on the way to use to keep him afloat. Eptih dove into the sea and swam as fast as he could and when he felt he had made it through the currents stopped and looked back and there on the shore he saw three forms and could only imagine it was the three beauties, knowing the time he had spent there he had only seen the three women and no others. As he continued to look back he saw a unique from that appeared to be Torquis, hers being uniquely tall, but no matter how hard he tried he could see enough of anything to be sure about what he was seeing. Had Torquis created this hell for him, were the three beauties already dead or some strange but beautiful form of Queid? All Eptih was sure of is that he was glad to be leaving the little island prison. He used his energy to make sure he would not be brought back to that island and paddled himself far from that place floating on a piece of wood half the size of his body.

[ Eptian XL ]

July 18, 2007

Although Eptih was lost and wandering he had a feeling as though he was being guided by some outside force. As he walked he had felt his strength recovering and then it increased beyond what he had known before. He felt powerful and destined and it seemed as though his body and subconscious had aligned into a perfect harmony and that his senses were in tune with his body, this feeling increased his confidence and his desire to assert himself in the Mortal realm upon his eventual return.

Eptih, however was still a long way from being home and although he had a sense he was being guided he had no idea where he was or what he might be walking toward. He never even considered at that moment that his confidence could have been walking him into a situation that would test every ability he possessed nor did he consider that his over bearing confidence may be the result of some false concoction given to him when he was unconscious.

It was at the height of Eptih’s proud moment that he came upon a woman who was washing herself in an icy stream. She appeared older then Eptih was but he admired her form and so he sat quiet and watched her bathe. He studied her form and he began to desire her and in his state of growing conceit decided to take from her what he desired. In an instant he burst forth from his hiding place and attempted to subdue the women but when his hands touched her she turned and transformed into a horrible creature temporarily paralyzing him with fear. Again she transformed, this time into an old hag and Eptih stepped back hoping to turn and flee but was unable to do so when he was subdued by a group of beings he could not yet see. Eptih was now a captive of the woman and she transformed back to her beautiful form.

Eptih was tied up and brought back to Torquis’ habitation and it was at this time that Eptih realized that her party was Queid and due to this he thought the Velidians had captured him. Eptih was placed inside and sat there alone for some time wondering what his fate might be. Eventually Torquis entered and came up close looking him over very closely. He tried to ask her questions but for the moment she paid little attention. When she was done inspecting him she asked what his name was and he told her it was Eptih. That began a conversation whereby Eptih was informed that she was not Velidian but was in fact being hunted by the Velidians. She was the only person known in Existence to be able to control a small band of Spiritform and this skill had angered Velid who now wanted her dead, giving him sole control of all Spiritforms. Torquis told Eptih that she was a sorceress and that she had learned on her own to control Spiritforms. She told him she had killed all those that were now under her control and that she planned on killing him to make him her personal subordinate because she admired his unique appearance and obvious abilities, a sight that she had had never seen before.

Although Torquis planned on killing Eptih she hesitated and days passed. She was becoming infatuated with him and her intrigue turned to lust. She found herslf in a state of perplexity wanting to posses him as a spiritfrom that she could control on one hand and wanting to be couple with him on the other. Her indecision had left Eptih with time and with that time he had worked to free himself and although he had onced lusted for her those feeling had long since turned to anger. The only thing he lusted after if hers now was her blood.

Torquis came to Eptih again having decided to seduce him and began to work her charms, Eptih who had never been with a woman tried to maintain his anger but his will began to breakdown and the act commenced. At this very instance an advanced guard of Velidian Queid who had been searching for her attacked Torquis’ habitation. They quickly destroyed her Queid guard and as they entered her room she told Eptih to flee west and meet her at the Lycevoin Relics with that he fled into the surround landscape barley escaping the grasp of the Velidian Queid.

As Eptih turned to look back he saw Torquis escape and he was glad that he would have the chance to settle the score with her. His first thought was to head to the Lycevoin Relics she had spoken of and at that place ambush and kill her but a part of him still wanted to be with her. He grappled with his thoughts for a moment, trying to decide what to do. He eventually decided to continue north as he had begun and forget about Torquis forever. Eptih did not know it but he was the first to ever escape the hold of Torquis, all others having perished and been turned into her personal cadre. Had he met her at the Lycevoin Relics he might have ended up a Queid slave to her.