[ Eptian L ]

March 5, 2008

Once out to sea Eptih and the man began to talk, the man telling Eptih much of his own experiences concerning the Velidians in the time Eptih had been away and this discourse went on for some time as they sailed along the transport routes. Once they had spotted land the old man veered off course in order to avoid the crowded harbor and when close to land Eptih jumped overboard. He thanked the old man for his courage and generosity and swam away.

The old man sailed back to the harbor and when he arrived was confronted by some Mortals who had seen him veer off course and therefore they wanted to know what he had been doing. The old man made up a story but it wasn’t believed and so the old man was taken to the Queid who tortured him for information before killing him. What information the old man gave to the Queid is not known but once they had finished him they sent out a scouting party to the place the old man had sailed to. There they searched for evidence and found large footprints and they followed these.

Eptih, after reaching the shore, made his way to a nearby mountain that overlooked the harbor. There he saw many ships brining in the Narcirogen and from there they were taken away by large trucks pulled by differing types of beasts of burden. Eptih noticed that, as had been indicated by the people of the island, the coastline was in complete control of the Velidians. Eptih stayed in this spot for the rest of the day and stayed the night.

Early in the morning, before the sun had come up, Eptih heard a group approaching and therefore descended the mountain and when he arrived at the bottom came across a group of around five Narcirogen. He asked them if they were familiar with “withheld” and if so could they give him directions. To this simple request the Narcirogen became belligerent and violent attempting to strike Eptih as they circled around him. Eptih, however, tried to communicate with them and make his lack of hostile intentions known but when they became even more hostile and attempted to alert the search party following him he was forced into conflict with them.

Eptih did not suffer their insolence long and destroyed them quickly, hiding their bodies in the wooded areas close by wondering if he had accidentally alerted the search party to his presence. Eptih noticed when he dispatched the little creatures that no spiritform had been released and it reminded him of the Three Beauties and so he wondered if these would resurrect as the three beauties had done. Eptih waited a short time and the little creatures remained dead and so he went on his way.

Eptih was surprised at these little people’s lack of fighting skill and obvious lack of intelligence, but overwhelmingly belligerent nature. For what purpose could they have been (created) bred if not to excel at some aspect of life and if the did excel at something their aptitude eluded Eptih. To Eptih it seemed as though this deficient soulless race served no purpose and so the mystery as to why they were created continued.

Eptih continued inland from the shore hoping to find someone who could direct him to his homeland. When he came upon a group of Mortals, they fled as soon as they saw him. Eptih continued on avoiding the Queid that seemed to be an occupation force as best as he could. Eventually Eptih managed to come upon another group of Mortals that did not flee from him, although they did seem very uncomfortable around him. When asked if they knew of his homeland they reported they did not. As Eptih was talking to them one of them went and informed a Queid that there was a large unknown Mortal asking questions. While Eptih tried to get information about his location a small band of Queid soldiers came up and attacked him. Eptih destroyed their bodies releasing their Spiritforms and then ran off to hide from the inevitable search that was sure to begin now that he had killed Queid.

Eptih felt like he was right where he had left off before his long journey had begun, once again hiding out fleeing from the Queid. The difference this time however was the amount of Queid and their absolute control of the land and the people. Every Mortal person Eptih encountered seemed like some mind numb herd animal, incapable of individual thought. It seemed as though the Mortals had been broken and were many were now slaves and yet some Mortals seemed to enjoy relative freedom of movement. Eptih needed to find out what the situation was but first he had to find out where his home was. His primary objective was to see if his mother was still alive, he missed her very much and wanted her to know he was still alive.


December 23, 2007

Eptih could not make himself love the hag as he once did, all the passion he had for her having been drained from him as his wife’s beauty had been drained from her. So Eptih, believing himself unable to escape, became despondent and each moment he spent with the hag and each shrill cry increased his anger that much more. As this went on Eptih noticed that his building rage seemed to be giving him strength and so when away from the hag he would test himself by whatever means available and the belief was proven for his strength was in fact returning. The sisters most likely only had experience with the Mortals, not a Norstilam which Eptih now believed he was. The three sisters believed he was hopeless and therefore did not fear him in the least believing he was beyond repair.

Eptih now knew revenge would soon be his and so he allowed his strength to grow but played as though e was ever weakening. Because he at one time had loved his wife [_] so much he would also use the time to test her. If he could see that she was loyal to him and that did not mean to hurt him he would spare her, but if he found that she was a fraud he would be sure to make her suffer most of all.

Eptih was sure to keep away from the two beautiful sisters believing they still could weaken him with their charms, and so he did his best to seclude himself and his wife but time and time again the sisters would appear at his home when he was out for routine responsibilites. One time though, he told his wife that he was leaving to go do his errands and secretly returned and when he came upon his home he could hear the chanting of his wife and when his eyes fell upon her she was beautiful, and by her chanting she called her sisters to her and when he saw them approaching knew that his wife was disloyal and that, his worst fears being confirmed, it was all a game.

Eptih, who’s strength was nearly returned waited for a while and then pretended to return. When he entered his wife was again a hag and he asked the two sisters to leave. After they had left Eptih asked his wife she had betrayed him and she did not understand his meaning but he was tired of talk and grabbed the old hag by the throat, she tried to scream but could not and as his grip tightened her beauty came rushing back to her like someone revived from the brink of death. Eptih’s grip loosened for a moment and she [_] took the opportunity to scream out to her sisters and with that Eptih’s fist clenched and her [_] neck snapped. What Eptih noticed immediately was that there was no Spiritform that was released upon her death and so he was for a moment awestruck. It was then that the two sisters entered flying around him and began reigning blows upon him with an unusual force of power. He managed to block their blows and began his own attack and it became a slaughter. When it was over three dead women lay at his feet, none of which had yet parted from their Spiritform. Eptih collected himself, checked himself for wounds, and washed himself of the women’ gore but just then the women, one by one, began to rise up and their attack on him began anew. Eptih was astonished at their recovery but knew these women were like no Mortal women he ever knew.

Now his plans for revenge transformed to hope of escape and so again he destroyed them only this time mutilating their bodies so that resurrection would not be possible. He was sure to remove a piece of flesh from one of the women to keep with him to see if it would decay as it should. Eptih though was not confident that the women would remain incapacitated and so worked quickly and then ran to the shore grabbing a piece of wood on the way to use to keep him afloat. Eptih dove into the sea and swam as fast as he could and when he felt he had made it through the currents stopped and looked back and there on the shore he saw three forms and could only imagine it was the three beauties, knowing the time he had spent there he had only seen the three women and no others. As he continued to look back he saw a unique from that appeared to be Torquis, hers being uniquely tall, but no matter how hard he tried he could see enough of anything to be sure about what he was seeing. Had Torquis created this hell for him, were the three beauties already dead or some strange but beautiful form of Queid? All Eptih was sure of is that he was glad to be leaving the little island prison. He used his energy to make sure he would not be brought back to that island and paddled himself far from that place floating on a piece of wood half the size of his body.

[ Eptian XLVII ]

December 7, 2007

The two sisters had made themselves scarce and as such there was no temptation for Eptih and so his joy grew as did his desire for his wife. Although he had not taken the marriage seriously in the beginning he now did and truly considered the woman his wife. He did not want to be parted from her for a single moment, so much so as to be an unnatural obsession.

One day Eptih’s wife [_], wishing to bathe, asked Eptih if he would go to a nearby stream and obtain some water for that purpose. Eptih accepted the labor and headed out for the stream. As he approached he could hear the voices of women and so he approached quietly making sure he could not be seen. There he saw the two sisters swimming and they were naked. Eptih stared at them and watched there every move and a desire grew in him and his instincts drew him closer to where the women were swimming. As he moved in ever closer and at that most crucial moment that he stepped on a twig which cracked under his weight and caused the women to look to see what it was. Eptih retreated empty handed hoping they had not seen him, he then began the walk back to his wife. As he got close he could hear his wife screaming and so he ran back to aid her. Upon entering the house he saw that she had aged many years and the luster and litheness which she had possessed before was now dulled. Eptih tried to calm her but she knew exactly what had happened and who was the cause and her anger could not be suppressed.  She screamed out that she had been remade as a result of his weak will manifest in his desire for her sisters. She[–] flew into a frenzy focusing all her anger on him and he did nothing to stop her as she directed her blows against his chest.

As her tantrum continued for hours Eptih went to her two sisters to ask for their assistance in calming his wife and to see if her youth could be restored. However when he went to them they appeared to him more beautiful then ever and they were not modest in the least and therefore he could do nothing but lust after them knowing full well that the result would be a further disfigurement of his wife. Even though they invited him inside and wished to help he refused their offers and covered his eyes as he ran away. Like before, his weakness had again deformed his wife, it was as if each lapse sucked the very youth out of his wife [_].

Eptih was laden with guilt for what he had done to her and was sick of her constant wailing and blaming and therefore hid himself from his wife and her sisters. Wherever he went he could still hear the wailing and eventually he decided his only choice was to escape the island and so he fashioned a small raft and set out. It became obvious to Eptih very quickly however that the currents were such that no matter where and when he put out he would be washed right back to the island. Eventually Eptih gave up his attempt to flee and returned home to his wife.

When Eptih returned to his home the two sisters were there and as soon as his eyes looked upon them the fire was stoked within him and his wife screamed out and writhed on the floor as she transformed into an old woman becoming wrinkled and haggard. Whatever he did to try to deny the beauty of the two he could not control his desire so he felt himself cursed, destined to destroy the one he had most cherished. In a moment of rage Eptih moved to attack the women and grabbing them could not muster the strength to extinguish them and it was then that he realized that his strength had been completely sapped, which is why he could not make his escape from the island. As the women laughed at his impotence he looked to his wife and thought that he glimpsed the slightest of smiles.

The sister then told Eptih that his ruined bride was to be his forever, that he would now spend all his remaining days with the hag and that when he looked at them, who grew more beautiful with every moment,  his bride would become still worse. As he listened to them speak his wife transformed further and Eptih wished the sisters would leave and when they finally did he turned to see his wife and she was corpse like.

[ Eptian XLVI ]

November 7, 2007

Eptih awoke and found himself on a bed in a small building and could hear the sounds of the ocean nearby. When he looked at his wounds to assess their condition he saw that they were almost completely healed. It was obvious that some person had cared for him and kept him from dying. Eptih awaited the return of his caretaker so that he could give them thanks before setting out again on his journey home. He speculated who it might be and thought of Orendun but he was stunned when the most beautiful woman he had ever seen came into the room. This woman, before speaking, caused a great passion to well up within him, so much so that he was troubled to contain himself and when she spoke her words were like music to him. Eptih, in a mere moment was seduced wholly.

Eptih’s fortune however grew further when the woman’s sisters entered the room, each one a perfect replica of the first. These three women told Eptih how he had washed up on the shore of their little island very near death and that they had cared for him, helping him to regain his health. The women asked Eptih who he was and what he could last remember but he found it hard to concentrate in their presence. He did manage though to tell them what he could remember but it was clear that a large period of time had been lost to him. There after the women waited on Eptih providing for his every need and in their presence he thought of nothing but them, so happy to be in t heir presence that all of his plans for a return home were washed away.

As Eptih’s strength grew so did his vigorousness and desire for the women, a desire that seemed boundless but in actuality could not be tolerated to go on and had surpassed the possibility of being denied. When Eptih felt he had regained his health he partook in the three beauties with the desire of a madman, their charms became his master and he was slave to them. Everything that Eptih was, everything he had learned on his journey home and all his responsibilities he forgot and his own self-satisfaction became his only consideration. This was Eptih at his weakest but he did not recognize the situation as such and in his mind perceived a great conquest had occurred which then transformed into a fulfillment of his desire.

Much time passed for Eptih in this state of bliss and hollow contentment and on one occasion the three beauties came to him and told him he must choose one of them as a wife and that she would be his completely but that the other two would not be. They warned that he would not be able to so much as lust after the two he did not choose or he would pay serious consequences. Upon being denied his desire for the first time since he had arrived on the island some of his senses came back to him in a jolt of reality. And his instinct was at first anger that they might deny him what he wanted, especially since they were just women and therefore totally incapable of blocking his desires. Eptih however decided not to resort to violence and risk ruining one of his three prizes and sour the women so he played along with their little game knowing full well that he would continue to do as he pleased. Eptih choose one of the women without any consideration by pointing her out, and with that act {{female name}}was his.

The three sisters then were exuberant as they performed a ritual marriage ceremony that was foreign to Eptih and he paid little attention. After this short ritual Eptih and his bride were conducted away to the place of consummation and the two sisters who were not chosen gave them gifts and then departed leaving them alone. Eptih approached his veiled bride and lifted her vail and she seemed to have grown more beautiful and their marriage was then consummated. They remained in this state for some three days and only then did they come forth in order to replenish themselves. Eptih having chosen his bride with little thought was very happy with his decision and with each minute his bride seemed to him more perfect. Remembering the warning of the two sisters, Eptih thought to himself that he would have no need in lusting after them because he had chosen the best one. And so Eptih was content.