[ Eptian LV ]

August 16, 2008

Thmascuid, after Eptih’s disappearance, had taken to secretly training the youth of the local area in the war arts similar to the way he had been training Eptih. At first he had a few students but eventually the project grew into an entire school with students of varying ages from all the surrounding areas. Thmascuid had turned these students into a force of highly trained warriors all without the Velidians becoming aware. His goal was to reestablish the heroes who had been nearly annihilated in the past conflicts.

These warriors being without a leader decided that they would follow Eptih away from the caves and ask him to lead them, they did this because they were committed to Thmascuid and Eptih had been his first student and a blood relative and thereby the second Hetharcyp, Thmascuid being number one. The warriors took their offer to Eptih and he accepted and thus became the head of an established order of didicated warriors trained to kill. In all at this point the Hetharcy numbered under one hunder warriors however their training made them as fierce as five hundred. Eptih accepted because he did not want what Thmascuid had been building to wither on the vine, he wanted Thmascuid’s legacy to be remembered.

This is where the major split between Thiaraceph and Eptih occured, Thiaraceph leading the people of the town and Eptih leading the Hetharcy. Although Reyam wanted to go with Eptih she could not leave what remained of her family and therefore stayed at the caves. Eptih had convinced her to do so knowing the path he was on was a danerous one and not proper for women.

Eptih left with his Hetharcyp and immediately they began using their skills to harm the Velidians as much as possible. This plan took many forms but initially the Hetharcyp terrorized the Narcirogen killing them whenever possible, killing Siradyt, attacking and dismembering Queid soldiers and evading capture as they roamed the countryside. The Hetharcyp took great pride in attacking the Narciogen at their old town and when they did no quarter was shown and as a result the cruelty of the Hetharcyp became known to all the Narciogen.

Although at first the work of the Hetharcyp went mostly unnoticed by the Velidian ruling class eventually and Velid himself, when enough had been killed and large swathes of land were left in ruin they started to take notice and with each new act of rebellion their discomfort and anger grew. With this notoriety came fame among the Mortals and thus a flock of men wishing to join in arose wherever they went. At this point the Hetharcyp were the only Mortals fighting against their Velidian overlords, the rest had long since been subjugated.

As the Hetharcyp grew so to did Eptih’s power and it became his focus to clear the town of his youth that had been lost. Therefore the Hetharcyp managed to retake the town and slaughter all the Narcirogen inhabitants, upon hearing of this news Thiaraceph decided to leave the caves and return with the people so as to reestablish the town.

One night when the Hetharcyp were camped out in the town they had retaken Thiaraceph and all the townspeople returned. Eptih could not believe the stupidity of Thiaraceph, bringing the people back to the town when the Velidians were sure to try and recapture it. Eptih let his feelings be known to Thiaraceph and the two nearly came to blows. Eptih was however happy to see his mother and Reyam and that night he spent talking with them as the Hetharcyp planned to take the people back to the caves in the morning. When morning came Thiaraceph refused to move the people again and demanded they stay in their town. This put an extreme burden on Eptih in that now his forces would be required to protect the town from the coming onslaught. Eptih tried to convince Thiaraceph to take the people back to the caves but to no avail and it became obvious to Eptih that Thiaraceph was trying to establish his authority over him.

Among the various other sects of mortals elsewhere in Existence the Hetharcyp were either loved or hated. Some felt the Hetharcyp were causing unnecessary trouble, a trouble that would only be turned around and used to cause them further harm. Others however praised the Hetharcy and wished them Success, sending supplies and men and making offers to the Hetharcyp to come and cause havoc against the Velidians in their area, some even offering additional goods for these services.

The support or lack of it for the Hetharcyp divided the Mortals and factions developed that were either pro or anti-Hetharcyp. Some groups that despised the Hetharcyp set up parties to hunt them down and so as the Hetharcyp grew so did their enemies. All of this did not deter Eptih, he was building a military force and could see that just maybe he would be able to throw the Velidian yoke from the necks of the Mortals. There were still many hurdles to cross though and at the moment the biggest one was Thiaraceph and the fate of the townspeople.


[ Eptian LII ]

April 23, 2008

It was assumed that if Eptih could not be found by the Velidians, violence would be avoided. And so Eptih stayed with (Reyam’s family) far on the outskirts of the town.

Thmascuid later returned to the town and directly went to see Derram to let her know that Eptih was alive. When Derram heard this news she was shocked, although she had kept faith that Eptih would return, her mind and the reality of the situation weighed heavy on her. Eptih had been gone for many years and Derram wondered if her own faith had become delusional.

Needless to say Derram wanted to see Eptih as soon as she heard the news, however Thmascuid told her the situation and that Eptih was still in great danger even though he had mad it home.

Eptih wanted to see his mother as much as she wanted to see him and in the darkest part of the night made his way covertly back into the town and went to see her. Eptih woke his mother and at first she thought she was dreaming but when she regained full consciousness she rejoiced at his homecoming and they embraced. They spoke for some time but as the light of day began to show over the horizon Eptih left to return to Reyam’s family farm, and he did so having never been noticed.

Thiaraceph was the least happy about the return of Eptih and once Eptih had left told Derram that the boy would only bring dread to the town, to which Derram was dismissive. Thiaraceph who had always felt Derram and her son where a burden to him had never been close to Eptih.

The Queid had been preparing for a major assault on the town and where now ready to move on the town with force. The size of the force they had assembled was enormous, it was obvious that they had a specific plan and that it was larger then finding Eptih. This force was not just Queid, but Siradyt as well.

Eptih having been out till dawn seeing his mother arrived back at the farm and could sense something strange out in the forest and so went to reconnoiter the woods. Quickly Eptih realized what was coming and he returned to the farm to wake the family there and send them away. Eptih was still under the impression that what was coming was focused on one thing, his capture and he did not plan on being taken without a fight.

When told to flee Reyam’s male relatives wanted to stay and protect their farm but Eptih told them the sheer size of the force coming would be unstoppable and thereby convinced them that any resistance would be a trivial burden to such a great force. To this Reayam asked Eptih what he planned to do and when he told her he would stay she demanded to stay with him. Eptih, running out of time, had Reayms father and brothers take her away with them by force.

Once Reyam and her family had gone Eptih hid himself in a high area where he could see nearly everything and there waited for the inevitable. In this confined spot Eptih had time to think and it occurred to him that the force that had been sent to capture him was larger then necessary and wondered if the Velidians did not have some other purpose in mind. Why would such effort be put to capturing him, most likely the Velidians new very little about him.

Eventually a Velidian vanguard came through the area followed by the main force a short time later. To Eptih’s surprise this force quickly made its way past the farm toward the town proper. It was at that moment Eptih realized that something much larger then what he had imagined was taking place.

[ Eptian XLIV ]

September 17, 2007

As Eptih stood there spellbound, staring at the shadows, a large creature appeared behind him. He did not notice its presence as he was preoccupied with the shadows. The creature let out a loud roar which caught Eptih’s attention and it was then that he realized his body was still fixated on the shadows but yet his mind was aware. Although he could hear the beast and sense its location he could not control his body or cause it to one in the slightest. It was as if he was trapped inside his own body unable to force his conscious mind forward into his physical self. Eptih knew if he could not come back into his body he would be destroyed by the beast but as hard as he tried his body and mind refused to become one. The beast screamed out again as if to frighten him causing him to run so that it might pursue from behind making its job easier but when Eptih remained still the beast moved closer crouching as if readying his attack. Eptih’s eyes focused on the shadows but every other part of his mind was awaiting a catastrophe.

There was a pause of silence for a moment and Eptih knew what would be coming and he struggled with his unresponsive body to regain control and then the beast sprang forth and collided with Eptih throwing him to the ground, the shock of the blow breaking Eptih’s gaze, releasing his disjointed body back to his control. He found himself in a terrible situation, the sheer weight of the beast on top of Eptih kept him from being able to fight and the beast tore its teeth into his flesh. At one moment however the beast shifted position in order to tear at unmarred flesh and Eptih freed his arm enabling him to drive his fist into its ribs, which moved the beast further freeing more of his own body. Eptih next made his fist into the shape of a spear and drove it into the beast ribs piercing through its flesh between two ribs, as he pulled his hand back out he made a fist so that it cause more damage coming out then it did going in. This caused the beast to rear up freeing Eptih completely. As the beast writhed in pain Eptih picked up a large rock and threw it at the beasts’ head smashing one the side it hit. He then circled the beast and came up from behind grabbing its head in his arms, as he stood up quickly he twisted with a great force and tore the head off. The body of the beast began to thrash about with great intensity for a few moments and then dropped causing a large cloud of dust to rise up making it hard to see.

Eptih needed to look over his wounds and see if any were life threatening but as he sat there in the settling dust he could see the wounds had already started to heal and none were as bad as he had expected. As he sat there nursing himself another being approached, obscured by the dust. Eptih could not believe that he would need to fight again so soon being he was disadvantaged by his wounds and in a state of fatigue from the previous fight. He noticed however that it appeared to be a large man like figure so the challenge would be different this time……….

The being called out when he saw the head of the Beast had been removed. This being at first glance appeared to be a Sonimi and Eptih wondered if the apparition had led him right into the arms of the Velidians. This Sonimi upon seeing what Eptih had done to the beast screamed out demanding to know why Eptih had killed the beast and mutilated it. Eptih having no easy way of explaining his actions remained quiet, the Sonimi regarding his silence as insolence attacked Eptih who was already wounded quite badly. The two grappled and the Sonimi was shocked having thought Eptih was a typical Mortal who would be easy to dispatch that he could compete with him. The Sonimi nearly getting the better of Eptih stopped all of a sudden and asked Eptih his name. The Sonimi realizing that Eptih must be some hybrid race proclaimed him his son returned and therefore relented in his attack. This Sonimi told Eptih his name was Orendun and at once Eptih remembered the stories he had learned when he was much younger about the first Vethrian who disappeared and had never been heard from again. He knew he had discovered the answer to a question many figured would never be solved.

Eptih knowing that Orenduns belief that he was his son has saved his life so he did not discourage Orendun by telling him the truth nor did he play the part. Orendun guided Eptih deeper into this underworld and as they walked, talking to him as if he was his son, revealed much information that enlightened Eptih as to the history of Existence. It was not until Orendun called him Ebrel that Eptih realized that Velids aide-de-camp was most likely a Norstilam like he was and that his father was Orendun.

Eptih learned that Orendun had fallen in love with a Mortal woman named “____” and their love being forbidden by the Velidians, Orendun and his woman fled to live a life together in seclusion. With the hope of avoiding detection Orendun had constructed an underground abode for them and that they had lived there and the woman had given birth to a son at which time Orendun became a Sonimi. They had lived happily in seclusion as their son grew but eventually the boy grew old enough to venture out and wishing to live a better more eventful life had run away from home. The heartbreak of loosing her son and not knowing his fate shortened the life of the (woman), which made Eptih think of his own mother, Othamar, and how she must be living in anxiety wondering his fate. With the spiritform of the woman released from her body and Orendun fearing she might escape and never be seen by him again, he built an underground labyrinth world for her and created many animals to protect and watch over his realm from trespassers. These beasts of his were created by manipulating the genetic structure of the beasts of burden.

[ Eptian XXXIX ]

July 9, 2007

Eptih awoke in a strange place seemingly having been transported by unknown means from where he had collapsed in exhaustion. This place was a strange forest that was covered with ice and snow, all was white and it seemed that color had been exhiled long ago and in this place he found himself alone and bewildered.

Eptih was still exhausted but managed to pick himself up and trudge through the snow looking for any sign of life, he was freezing and hungry. Eptih continued to trudge around not knowing where he was or where he was going unable to find a framiliar landmark until he eventually came to footprints in the snow that gave him hope, that is until he realized that the footprints where his own. Day became night and night lasted long but eventually became day which was shorter then night and still he searched for any sign of life.

When Eptih was at his wits end he screamed out in frustration. His scream echoed and in the mist of the echo was cut off and everthing became silent. When Eptih started to turn his head to look about he became paralyzed and a force took over his body and he floated up slowly as if by the will of the very ether that surrounded him. He could not scream out as is voice was gone and at that moment the Graelim, which he was unframiliar with, appeared before him.

The Graelim surrounded Eptih in a circle and levitating there he was spun round slowly so that he could see each of them but not focus on any one. At this point a deep voice spoke up calling Eptih by his name as if they knew him well. The Graelim told Eptih many things including his father is Velid, they tell him that Velid controls the Spiritforms and that this is the true source of his power, they tell him Rhosrc is his brother and is another component of Velids increasing power. They tell him how his mother was a captive of Velid and that in this fashion he and his brother were conceived. Much is revealed to Eptih regarding the knowledge of Existence, he is also told of the true nature of the Vethrians, that of a race of slaves and that the Colossals are the most powerful beings who have created all. He is told that he himself and his brother are a hybrid race called “Norstilam” and that Ebrel, Velids main ADC is also Norstilam and that many more Norstilam have been created who will seek to destroy the Mortal way of life. He is told of the large numbers of Mortals that are working with the Velidians and how there is so much more going on in Existence then most Mortals realize. They tell him of epic struggles that are underway and how he will play a part in the coming conflagrations.

This and more knowledge was imparted to him and he had many questions, but was still unable to speak. Although the Graelim conveyed a lot of information many things were left out. Many key points that left Eptih with more questions then answers. The Graelim told Eptih to return home and use his new knowledge to attain symmetry, not saying exactly how symmetry might be attained or what symmetry might actually look like in a world that was becoming ever more complicated.

Velid awoke some time later and found himself face down in the snow. He wondered if what had just occurred was in fact a dream or a hallucination brought on by his exhaustion. He was however in the snow and unless he had been sleeping for months he had to have been moved by someone. This led him to believe what he had witnessed did happen.

Confused but feeling his strength returning he set out to return home. He had no idea where he was or which way home was so he decided on a direction which he would hold until he saw a familiar landmark or came upon someone who could tell him where he was. And with that Eptih headed off.

[ Eptian XXXVIII ]

June 29, 2007


Eptih awaited the coming of the Heroes in concealment for a long time in a precarious and uncomfortable position. The forests surrounding the Great Chasm had since become active with Spiritforms and Eptih feared that somehow they had been alerted to his presence and were searching him out. The goings-on surrounding him forced him to revise his plan and it now became obvious that he needed to get out of the place as soon as possible. Eptih decided to move only by night and therefore waited until the night was at its darkest. Until the last moment Eptih held out hope that Thmascuid and his Heroes would arrive and that he would be able to join them in the fight against Velid.

Since Eptih first concealed himself in the forest near the great Chasm Fortress it had become a more and more active place. Large batallions of Queid soldiers began returning to the Fortress and as more and more arrived Eptih surmised that the war was over, and knowing the Heroes had not made good on their plans to attack the Great Chasm Fortress he was fairly certain that the Mortals had lost.

As night approached and Eptih came forth from his hiding place he was spotted and swarmed by Spiritforms and immediately Queid soldiers were alerted to the presence of a stranger. With that Eptih fled but upon reaching the head of the road that led back from where he came, found it blocked by Queid. He quickly turned and headed into the forests, running as fast as his legs could carry him and his endurance would hold out. When Eptih would feel tired and begin to slow he would hear the sounds of his pursuers and even though his muscles burned and neared total exhaustion he ran on and on, farther from the lands he knew deeper and deeper into the periphery where the forests grew thicker and the eyes of Mortal man had never witnessed.

Eptih ran further into the unknown, navigating his way through the trees and over the rocks and when his muscles could no longer carry him and the though of instant death seemed a pleasant escape he collapsed, alive but dead to the world.

Thmascuid, Thiaraceph and a small band went searching for Eptih following the path they expected he would have taken. Along the way they did find a few signs that Eptih had been there but eventually, as that got closer to the Great Chasm Fortress, they came into contact with the amassing Queid battalions returning from the war. Seeing this they knew there was no possible way for Eptih to have escaped. Either he was captured or he was dead, there were no other possibilities in their minds. And so with this sad knowledge they returned home and passed the information on to Othamar (Derram), she however was not so sure that Eptih was dead and remained hopeful.

[ Eptian XXXVII ]

June 18, 2007


As Rhosrc grew he, like his brother, set himself apart from the other children on account of his larger size and his vastly superior abilities in all aspects. And just as Thmascuid had recognized Eptih’s exceptional abilities so to did Velid recognized them in Rhosrc.

Rhosrc had been trained from birth to make war and to bring death and so at the time of the Heroes Rebellion he assisted in the effort to destroy said rebellion, seeing war up close and applying his learned knowledge in order to gain practical experience. And Rhosrc found in war and destruction his purpose.  Although he began as a mere aide to the Sonimi, near the end of the conflict he had taken command of a small mixed unit of Queid and Siradyt which he managed to use well beyond its possibilities to achieve more success then could be expected from his meager troop. These actions and his sucesses garnered him more favor with Velid and as such his responsibility grew rapidly.

Rhosrc, from the time he could remember, had always had a desire to go down into the Great Chasm and bring up the body of his mother and so as a youth he would have this fantasy often. His plan was to bring her up from this horrible pit and give her a place of honor where she could rest in peace. This was a nagging thought of his and through time became less and less of a fantasy and a requirement that he placed on himself. He would have nightmares fearing his mother’s spirit was tormented by the Great Chasm so, when still young and compelled by his a deep passion to fulfill his fantasy, Rhosrc descended down into the Great Chasm to find the body of his mother.

It was a horrible experience and he was nearly killed, he never found his mother’s body and made it back to the surface with his life but his life alone. Rhosrc saw this instance as one of his great failures especially knowing he had barely escaped and could never go back to that place. Many of the people who heard of this however saw this instance as a great feat, the fact that he had gone into the Great chasm and survived was in their eyes amazing and therefore this moment was seen by others as one of his great accomplishments and increased his fame greatly. For his part Rhosrc thought himself a failure in this instance, the mention of it would cause he to become angry and the praise he received left him feeling cold.

Rhosrc had taken one of the Siradyt youths who was a few years older then himself and who was known for his ingenuity as an aide, something the Sonimi would never do because of their contempt for the Mortals.This Siradyt was named “____” and assisted Rhosrc in accomplishing all many of his military achievements. “____” was integral but in no way was he Rhosrc’s equal and in fact he was more slave then counterpart.

During the Heroes Rebellion the name of Rhosrc became synonymous with brutality throughout Existence. Everywhere tales were spread illustrating Rhosrc’s harshness and as a result the name Rhosrc instilled fear in the people whenever it was uttered.

It wasn’t long before the name Rhosrc made its way to Othamars (Derrams) ears and when she heard it she knew it was her son and that he had been completely corrupted by Velid. This secret knowledge or fear realized made her feel guilty for having left the baby with so horrible a father as Velid. No one else was aware that this information and it was only rumor that Rhosrc was the son of Velid among the Mortals.

Velid was pleased with what his son had been able to accomplish via his military exploits, so much so that he was assured with his plan to bring him in to participate in the governing of Existence and as such Rhosrc’s responsibilities increased and Rhosrc was still quite young. There was some tension between Ebrel and Rhosrc during this time, both of them however where of the Norstilam race and so very evenly matched and therefore avoided direct confrontation. After some time this tension settled but mostly due to the Fact that Veild gave the two separate duties which kept them apart.

With Rhosrc and Ebrel under Velids control Velid was unstoppable and his control over them strengthened his control over the Sonimi. For whatever troubles Velid had lived through in the past, for all the missteps and seeming quirks of fate that denied him power along his climb, all was now aligned in his favor. There were however still many problems to face, most pressing being the punishment of the Mortals for their insolence but Velid was in no rush and wished to savor his recent victory.

[ Eptian XXXV ]

June 1, 2007

Eptian XXXV

After some time had passed the Velidians pulled back from the larger cities in order to regroup. Once they had done this they then attacked with an even greater force destroying the Mortal army nearly completely. However the heroes led by Thmascuid broke away from the main force to go off and attack the Great Chasm fortress directly hoping to kill Velid. This was more an act of desperation then anything else as the Heroes knew what would be in store for them, having been responsible for the rebellion. Thiaraceph was left behind to help what was left of the destroyed army dissipate back into the population so that not all would be killed.

The carnage was horrible and the Velidians gave absolutely no quarter to the rebels, even those who surrendered. Many Mortal soldiers were splayed and nailed to large wooden structures in order to prematurely quell any future attempts with pure unadulterated fear. Existence ran red with the blood of the rebels and the Velidian yoke tightened.

It was at this time, when Thiaraceph returned and told of what had happened, that Eptih went to join Thmascuid against the wishes of his mother and the demands of Thiaraceph. The hope of success for Thmascuid’s heroes was bleak and Eptih felt he could help. He was still young, roughly thirteen years. Eptih set out in darkness in the hopes of not having to face his mother, and made his way toward the Great Chasm Fortress. Eptih however never reached the Heroes before they were defeated in battle by the Sonimi within sight of the Great Chasm Fortress. Many of the Heroes died their on that spot but Thmascuid and five others did not. This small group proceeded back home in secret fearing being caught by the Velidians. Eptih traveling the path the Heroes would surely have taken to get to the Great Chasm Fortress never came upon the group coming back and was now alone deep within enemy territory. Eptih did not know that he was taking himself deeper and deeper into enemy territory and closer to danger.

As he approached closer to the Great Chasm Fortress he began to sense that something was not quite right. He figured that by now he would have come upon the Heroes or heard sounds of battle or noticed the tracks of a group of men moving together but yet he saw or heard none of these things. As a result of this feeling he went on but in a much more guarded and elusive manner. Eventually he made it to the Great Chasm Fortress and camped there in the mountains that overlooked it. He waited in this spot for a few days wondering if Thmascuids’ Heroes had purposely gone off course to take some target of opportunity or had they changed their minds altogether and headed back or even worse had they been stopped before they ever made it to the Fortress by the Velidians. In the time he spent hiding in the mountains near the Great Chasm Fortress his mind wondered debating about a myriad of reasons why he now found himself isolated deep within enemy territory, he also wondered if he had walked into a trap and why he had seen no spiritforms or Queid.

Meanwhile Thmascuid and his remaining heroes made their way back to their various cities and towns making a pact with each other not inform upon any of the others in the group, hoping that they could meld back into society without being noticed. When Thmascuid returned home he went to Thiaracephs house to see if had been able to save any of the defeated army. Upon seeing Thmascuid Othamar (Derram) broke down fearing that Eptih had been killed and that Thamascuid was coming to inform her, give her condolences and grieve with her. It was at this point that Thmascuid learned that Eptih had ran away in the night to join him. Thmascuid and Othamar (Derram) feared for what would become of Eptih. Thiaraceph suggested the he and Thmascuid go out and find him and it was agreed that a small party would be gathered to go out and bring Eptih back even though the possibility of Eptihs capture was great. Othamar (Derram) feared Velid would recognize Eptih as his own son and finish him off as had tried to originally.