[ Eptian LXI ]

January 14, 2009

Some time later Eptih linked up with the Hetharcyp and he found that Fayareg had managed to renew them after their heavy losses battling with the Sonimian overlord. Eptih took command and set about to immediately reinitiate their insurgent campaign. Although they had been weakened numerically they had learned many lessons and therefore had become more hardened and capable. 

The time came for the meeting Eptih had agreed to attend with the leaders of some mortal cities and so once again Eptih put Fayareg in charge of the Hetharcyp with instructions to continue their work but to avoid major confrontations at all costs. Eptih took a small cohort with him and proceeded to the agreed upon meeting place. 

Upon arriving at the meeting Eptih was at fist greeted by Nolopan and subsequently introduced to nine other town leaders. Eptih was baffled by the cast before him and accused Nolopan of wasting his time but Nolopan assured Eptih that all in attendance were serious and capable of providing adequate amounts of manpower. Some of the leaders took acceptation to Eptih’s comments and arguments broke out among the attendees some of which defended Eptih wile others attacked him. Nolopan soon gained control of the floor and managed to redirect the agenda to what the original purpose of the meeting had been. From this point on the discussion revolved around the formation of a pan-Mortal army. Each of the leaders agreeing to supply a continuous supply of men to be trained by Hetharcyp. Much debate raged between Eptih and the leaders all of which began to bore Eptih greatly but eventually it was agreed that Eptih would commit to sending one hundred Hetharcyp to train waves of Mortals for the formation of an army, all of which would be done in complete secrecy. 

In addition to training this new army the Hetharcyp would provide protection to the developing army so that it could grow and strengthen in safety furthermore the Hetharcyp would continually send their portion of their numbers to join the army but only if the various leaders delivered their required recruits. Eptih having agreed to this believing an army was a good idea felt it was unlikely that the leaders could supply the necessary recruits but his was willing to try. The meeting ended and an agreement had been ratified to create a pan-Mortal army aimed at destroying the Velidians and freeing the Mortals from servitude. 

Eptih left the meeting with much to think about. If the leaders did provide the recruits needed he would have to do the same and thus weaken his forces that were currently in the field, fighting and hunted by every element of Velidian civilization. How could he weaken his force and not allow the Velidians to recognize this. Eptih realized that to buy time and appear larger then he was he would have to split his force into two thus appearing to be growing so rapidly that two separate divisions could be fielded, but in reality each of the two divisions would be very weak. It would be a dangerous gamble but if there were any hope of creating a pan Mortal army risk would need to be taken.  

While Eptih was away from the Hetharcyp meeting with the several Mortal leaders Fayareg had continued the campaign against Velidian Elements. Fayareg had gained Eptih’s confidence and this was the first time he was commanding the Hetharcyp with orders to continue regular operations. In the past when Eptih had left the Hetharcyp in Fayareg control they would recede from their regular strategy avoiding all conflict. Fayareg at first was doing well and had attacked many Velidian installations and managed to kill many Narcirogen. 

The word soon came that the Velidians had come back to Eptih’s hometown and had taken it establishing a capital for the New Sonimian overlord. Fayareg wondered if Eptih had been in command of the Hetarcyp at the time would have worked to prevent it. And with that Fayareg lost some of his confidence and was now looking to do something glorious to shore up his honor.

[ Eptian LX ]

January 2, 2009

On the night of his marriage to Reyam, Torquis appeared before Eptih when he was alone and she seemed determined to seduce Eptih asking him to go away with her but Eptih was confounded. He wanted to know where she had gone, he wanted to know if she was a part of his imprisonment on the island of the Three Beauties but Torquis deflected his questions with gestures of profound seduction and although he was tempted he knew she was wicked. He asked her to leave but she refused and then she mentioned his marriage to Reyam and he knew she had come to ruin his new marriage that had yet to be consummated, and again he asked her to leave which provoked her to laugh. This incensed Eptih and he struck her across the face causing her to whirl about from the force. As her back was to him he pushed her down to the ground and considered ending her life but relented when he heard the sound of Reyams wife. (Flee! Wicked creature).

Just as Reyam entered Eptih turned to look at her and when he turned back Torquis was gone. Reyam noticed was sweaty, uneasy and red in the face but when she asked why Eptih was silent. 

Later that night Eptih consummated his marriage to Reyam.

While Eptih was in bed with Reyam, Torquis reappeared awaking Eptih but not Reyam. Eptih was furious that Torquis would violate the sanctity of his marriage bedroom but could do little as he did not want to wake Reyam. Torquis noticed Eptih’s discomfort and made it clear that she did not wish to disturb him on such a night, she did however make it clear that Eptih, by striking her, was now her enemy. For his part, if he was not confined he would have murdered her right then and there. Torquis put her hand on Eptih’s forehead and with her other hand slowly scratched her nails deep into his chest from his clavicle to his belly button. Eptih took the pain in order to not awaken Reyam. After that Torquis left, leaving Eptih in pain and with the task of hiding his wounds from Reyam.

The next morning when they awoke Reyam was amorous but Eptih, needing to hide his wounds, told her he must return to the Hetharcyp at once and began preparing to leave. This saddened Reyam as she had expected him to stay with her for a few days at least. 

As Eptih was preparing to leave a messenger boy came with a message that Nolopan a local leader wanted to meet with him. Eptih told the boy he accepted the invitation and was then led to Nolopan’s house. Upon arrival Eptih was met with the great enthusiasm due a hero. Nolopan showed Eptih great respect for his Hetharcyp and their activities. Eventually Nolopan spoke of building an army to which Eptih laughed, knowing that there was no army other then his Hetharcyp. Nolopan further explained himself relating to Eptih that many local leaders where in agreement that the time was right to create an army and that it could be based off of the work the Hetharcyp had done. This pleased Eptih and he was enamored with the concept. Nolopan Asked Eptih if he would attend another meeting at a secret location where many of the other leaders would attend and Eptih agreed. Eptih also added that with so much that was important to him in Nolopan town he would hold him personally responsible for their safety. Nolopan assured Eptih he would do everything possible to guarantee their safety.  The two parted a short time later planning on meeting again soon.

Eptih was ecstatic at his current great fortune. A beautiful new wife, his Hetharcyp active in the field having just repulsed a Soniman advance and the proposition of creating a great army to challenge the Velidians, possibly freeing the Mortal populace from the Velidan yoke once and for all. Not only all that but those who were most important to him were safe. 

Eptih returned home to Reyam and said his good-byes then collected his men and began his journey to return to the Hetharcyp. As he rode away Reyam watched until she could see him no more.