[ Eptian LXVI ]

April 5, 2009

Eptih, having returned recently, wasted no time organizing the army into five major divisions choosing five of his best men to command each of them. The commanders were Maelimh commanding Frist Division, Atpref commanding Second Division, Eonan commanding Third Division, Zimahnil commanding Fourth Division and Fayareg commanding Fifth Division. As for Eptih himself he would be the overall commander and therefore would dictate orders for the entire army. Each of these groups consisted of approximately five thousand men. Eptih tasked his commanders with choosing their own lieutenants and aides.  

After Eptih’s organization of the army the training continued. Although the Pan Mortal was ready to enter the field Eptih was somewhat hesitant, its success or failure rested on his shoulder alone. If he moved too quickly and directed the army into a slaughter all his efforts would be for nothing along with the hopes of ever lifting the Velidian yoke off the Mortals shoulders. 

Eptih was planning a major attack against the Velidians, an opening move that might render them incapable of mounting a defense and thus defeating them from the onset. Eptih knew this was not likely but at the very least he wanted to make the attempt and he knew he had surprise on his side. Eptih’s problem then became what to do first. If Eptih took the army into the field to see them fight smaller fights their exestince would become known and the element of surprise would be lost, however if Eptih went to battle with an untested force he could lead them into a trial by fire they might not survive. 

Eptih considered what to do, not consulting with his generals and as he remained stagnant with the army constantly training the Mortal leaders became worried, wondering if they had made the right decision. What Eptih most wanted was to take the army and exact retribution on the various traitor mortals, like the Siradyt. Eptih by now had come to the conclusion that this idea although personally appealing would remove surprise which was the one factor that seemed to be in their favor. So by now Eptih had decided to attack the Velidians, hopefully destroying their power center near the Great Chasm. It was bold but Eptih felt it was necessary.

At almost the same moment Eptih resolved himself to attack the Velidians in a massive attack it was discovered through their network of informers that the Velidians had recently discovered the existence of the pan Mortal Army. Somehow they had spy’s that had discovered the army. Eptih was glad in one sense that the Velidians had discover the army so late in its formation but also disappointed that he had lost the surprise factor.

Now Eptih had to completely alter his plans. One thing was certain however, he had to move the army as soon as possible. Their location was compromised and Eptih did not want his army to be under siege and to be slowly destroyed before it ever had a chance to face the enemy and fight. Therefore Eptih ordered the army to set fire their training grounds and move out. The army proceeded to do as ordered and as they marched away the umbilical cord was cut, they where no longer in training but in the field of battle, they would now either be victorious or perish, there was no other possible outcome.

[ Eptian LXIII ]

February 5, 2009

Fayareg and his few remaining men eventually made their way back to the main Hetharcypian force, he had managed to beat Eptih back. When the other Hetharcyp saw how few were returning they were utterly shocked and many knew that heads would soon roll. Fayareg had little time to compose himself and was still dirt and blood spattered from the recent travails when Eptih returned. 

Fayareg made decision to confront Eptih with the situation first before anyone had the chance to use the information against him and when Eptih arrived Fayareg was the first to meet him, requesting they speak in private. Eptih agreed and the two stepped off into the surrounding forest. Fayareg told Eptih the story and Eptih quickly became enraged smiting Fayareg on the head causing him to fall to the ground and then yelled loudly at him, continually berating him for not following the very specific orders he had given. Fayareg knew that all the Hetharcyp were hearing the commotion and felt profound indignity. Eptih in his anger began to manhandle Fayareg in a more aggressive manner ready to land more blows but Eonan and Zimahnil convinced Eptih to let him be. With that Eptih stormed off to his tent. 

Feeling dishonored and ashamed, Fayareg fled into the night. 

Eptih was now in a rough position. He would soon need to start sending men away from his force to strengthen the Pan Mortal Army but at the same time he knew that, being exhilarated by their victory, the Velidians would be looking to strike the deathblow. The onslaught would now be relentless until the Hetharcyp ceased to exist. Eptih knew he needed to do something audacious but he did not know how much his reduced forces could withstand. A short time later Eptih called together a (council) of some of his best men and learned from them the true condition of the Hetharcyp. Morale, they conveyed, was not only damaged by the mistakes of Fayareg but also by Eptih’s treatment of him. Eptih complained to the men that he should have killed Fayareg however they responded that that would have been completely demoralizing for the men.  

After some time and cajoling the men convinced Eptih to bring Fayareg back and show his magnanimity and thereby restore confidence and brotherhood within the Hetharcyp. Eptih, although not being one for anything insincere, eventually agreed and so a small party was sent to find Fayareg led by Zimahnil.

The next day, Eptih sent off the first installment of Hetharcyp as trainers for the Pan Mortal Army. Now he needed to devise a plan to show his strength to the Velidians in order to check their enthusiasm. What he decided was indeed a bold plan. He decided to split the Hetharcyp into two separate forces each operating independent. This would give the impression to the Velidians that the Hetharcyp had grown so large that it was able to field two separate and fully active forces. This would be very tricky however because Eptih would need a commander he could trust completely to lead the other half of the Hetharcyp and all this would have to be done as more waves of Hetharcyp would be called to join the Pan Mortal Army (PAMOAR). Eptih watched over the men he had placed as leaders of the Hetharcyp and none seemed worthy of the position. 

It was at this time that the detachment sent out to recover Fayareg brought him back. When Eptih heard Fayareg was back he called him to a meeting at which he planned to further lay scorn on him. However in the midst of the meeting a feeling came over Eptih that Fayareg was the man to lead the other Hetharcypian force. Here before him was a man virtually ruined who would do anything to redeem himself. Fayareg would now be ruthless in his actions if given the opportunity, a man who would know if he failed he would die, a man for whom total victory was his only salvation. Eptih told Fayareg his plan and Fayareg was grateful for the opportunity. Eptih made the situation painfully clear though with no illusions, he told Fayareg what he expected and let him know what the consequence of failure would be. In Fayareg, Eptih was somewhat skeptical but yet hopeful. Eptih needed Fayareg to redeem himself otherwise they would all surely die at the hands of the Velidians. Eptih’s decision would either be insightful or ruinous and he knew it.

[ Eptian LXII ]

January 19, 2009

It was not long after the loss of Eptih’s home town that some Hetharcypian scouts found a contingent of Velidian soldiers lead by someone who was not familiar to them. Consisting of approximately one thousand Queid and fifty Siradyt Fayareg was informed and decided it was the perfect opportunity for his redemption. Fayareg Detached two thousand Hetharcyp, leaving the remainder in control of Eonan. With this detachment Fayareg went off to destroy the Velidian contingent. Fayareg felt he had sufficient resources to destroy the force he was going up against. 

Fayareg’s scouts led him directly to the Velidian force and while reconnoitering Fayareg was pleased to see his opponents, figuring them no match. They were also able to witness the commander of this force and although he was massive in size he was soaking in a tub of water and as such Fayareg and his scouts felt this man was effeminate. They were however unable to see the man from the front. After watching them for a short time Fayareg and his force began their attack. 

It so happened that this force was under the command of Rhosrc and when the attack began he calmly arose from his bath and suited his armor. 

Fayaregs attack managed to catch the Velidians off guard but quickly they were able to adjust and provide a stiff resistance, so stiff in fact that Fayareg was surprised when Hetharcyp began to die around him. Quickly Fayareg realized that he had attacked no regular band of Velidians but he was intent on achieving victory and therefore pressed his men hard. 

By this time Rhosrc had joined the battle and began to slay Hetharcyp with ease all the while directing his forces movements, movements that were achieved with a deadly precision. Fayareg now realized he was in over his head and had walked his force straight into a death trap, he was now resolved to save as many of his men as possible. As Fayareg began pulling his men back the Velidian force proceeded to encircle them, Fayareg’s command began to break down and discipline was lost as the noose tightened. With only seconds to spare Fayareg and fifteen of his man slipped through the reaming gap. As they ran they could hear the screams of the other men being cut to pieces.

Rhosrc told his force to give no quarter and as such all the trapped Hetharcyp were killed. Once all the Hetharcyp were dead Rhosrc sent a small detachment to chase those who had managed to escape. This chase lasted late into the night and Fayareg and his men were not able to rest nor, in their flight, were they aware of where they were headed. Scatterbrained they ran chased closely but eventually the pursuers turned and Fayareg and his men were able to reacquaint themselves with their surroundings. The whole event had been a disaster, nearly two thousand men killed and Fayareg’s reputation damaged beyond repair. Fayareg had taken the fall of Eptihs home village, a thing that Eptih himself had expected, and by overreacting created a horrendous disaster. Fayareg wondered what Eptih might do to him and he considered running away but alas he deemed that particular fate no more advantageous then that which Eptih would bring down on him. Fayareg and his men proceeded to find their way back to the Hetharcyp.