[ Colossus III ]

July 31, 2006

Although the Strata lasted for a long period of time, from its inception it was hated by all but the Elurivids. Even the second strata who compared to the other strata maintained the the highest position could not live being ruled over by the Elurivids and continually plotted their downfall. In the end it would turn out that a insurrection led by the second strata joined with elements of many of the other strata and all of the last strata would overthrow the Elurivids.

Immediately after the Elurivid yoke was thrown the Colossals began to battle each other for dominion at first adhering to the strata that they had become somewhat accustomed to but even those links disintegrating eventually. And chaos returned to the Continuum. As before many alliances were made and many factions vied for power. There were many prominent groups but among them only relatively few looked to be able to truly challenge for dominion.

It was at this time when the factions were being condensed, in one of the various wars taking place between two of the rising factions that Aeyrom defeated his most relevant competition, “DruTyenim” and took his wife as a prize of victory. And thus Aeyrom cleared a major hurdle to absolute power and shamed what would become his greatest enemy.

The name of the woman whom Aeyrom took as his prize from DruTyenim was “Vethria” and she did not go to him happily as she had always favored DruTyenim. Aeyrom for his part had no time to win her over as his future, although seeming favored with the defeat of DruTyenim, was far from secured. He had many more factions still to subjugate. Vethria sulked in her misfortune and planned a return to DruTyenim but as time went on Aeyroms’ power grew and it became evident to her that she was stuck. She realized she could either go to Aeyrom as his wife or reject him and suffer his wrath, and so she choose to be Aeyroms’ wife and to whisper in his ear council that might affect a new day for her while pleasing to Aeyrom at the same time.

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