Eptian LXXVI [76]

June 17, 2012

While Eptih was establishing his territory, the remnants of the pan Mortal Army had gone off to inflict retribution on all the various groups of traitor mortals, the most criminal of which was the Siradyt. Initially their actions were successful, as the element of surprise had caught many of these peoples off their guard, but quickly they adapted to the aggression and, banding together in varying alliances, battled well against the Pan Mortal Army. What was intended to be a short campaign of retribution quickly turned into a quagmire and it soon became obvious that the much-reduced Pan Mortal army was too small to be effective, even under the command of an experienced general like Atpref. And thus, what was meant to be a quick operation that would usher in an era of peace throughout Existence became the catalyst for a new conflict the mortals had no stomach to bear. Through all the years of struggle for freedom no one had ever planned for how Existence would survive after the Velidians, the emphasis was on securing freedom, all other concerns did not matter but, once freedom had been secured, moved quickly to the fore.

As soon as the confederate rebel Mortals realized that the Pan Mortal Army was too weak to control their territory they took full advantage and used some of their forces to hold the PanMotal Army in place while other parts of their forces attacked nearby Mortal towns, taking land and killing many inhabitants. This angered many and blame fell squarely on the shoulders of Atpref. As such he requested more soldiers but there was no longer a clear centralized power capable of meeting his requests. It became clear to Atpref that the army and its organizing authorities of united towns had disbanded and that they had sent him out with a task and had rid their minds of any further concern or involvement. He realized quickly that he was on his own, sent out with insufficient material for a task that was beyond their means.

At some point, after realizing the reality of the situation, Atpref called directly on individual Mortal towns to send [conscripts] men to bolster the army in hopes of overwhelming the traitor Mortals unexpectedly then routing the main force and cleaning up the smaller parts, but all who were called upon made excuses as to why they could spare no one; the most common being that they were busy fighting the remaining Narcirogen in their towns but in reality they just wanted peace and to use their men in increasing their own prosperity. Many towns were claiming land at an inexorable pace and as a result some conflicts had begun to inflame, many towns readied themselves to fight should it become necessary. There is no doubt that driving the Narcirogen out of their cities was a real concern but not at the expense of allowing the remnant Pan Mortal Army to be destroyed, but now few cared about the fate of that army.

It was the hope for prosperity that led to each city to establish for itself a charter and laws for governance. Out of this came many treaties, various cities joining together to establish order from which prosperity usually flows, at least that was initially the hope. There was however great confusion in who was supporting whom and for what purpose. In their captivity the Mortals had become inept in such concerns, they did however throw themselves into bad decision headlong and with great regularity. Some towns would sign treaties with a far away counterpart forsaking neighboring towns and as such the landscape became overly complicated. It quickly became obvious that freedom would spawn great conflict, and that no one was willing to compromise the moment, not even with the idea of future benefit in mind.

Along with the hopes for prosperity, however, came the necessity of division and establishment of towns based on purely political philosophies, one such was the Arcadyt, an order established by Fayareg, the one time Hetharcypian general abused than elevated by Eptih. Fayareg established his Arcadyt as a direct opposition to the Hetharcyp and what they stood for even though what remained of the Hetharcyp was very limited, most having left Eptih to find their own fortunes and many others spread throughout various towns and villages.

Within the context of a world quickly disintegrating, perceived sanctuaries become the object of desire and so as word spread of the hamlet Eptih had founded seemingly far from the troubles and its great prosperity more people came to live within Eptih’s lands. This is how the few farms grew to a town and in a short time it became necessary for Eptih to reorganize his holdings and found a city. He recently had learned that Reyam was pregnant with their first child and therefore in celebration of her and the gift she would soon bare him he named the city “Reyam”.

[ Eptian LXVI ]

April 5, 2009

Eptih, having returned recently, wasted no time organizing the army into five major divisions choosing five of his best men to command each of them. The commanders were Maelimh commanding Frist Division, Atpref commanding Second Division, Eonan commanding Third Division, Zimahnil commanding Fourth Division and Fayareg commanding Fifth Division. As for Eptih himself he would be the overall commander and therefore would dictate orders for the entire army. Each of these groups consisted of approximately five thousand men. Eptih tasked his commanders with choosing their own lieutenants and aides.  

After Eptih’s organization of the army the training continued. Although the Pan Mortal was ready to enter the field Eptih was somewhat hesitant, its success or failure rested on his shoulder alone. If he moved too quickly and directed the army into a slaughter all his efforts would be for nothing along with the hopes of ever lifting the Velidian yoke off the Mortals shoulders. 

Eptih was planning a major attack against the Velidians, an opening move that might render them incapable of mounting a defense and thus defeating them from the onset. Eptih knew this was not likely but at the very least he wanted to make the attempt and he knew he had surprise on his side. Eptih’s problem then became what to do first. If Eptih took the army into the field to see them fight smaller fights their exestince would become known and the element of surprise would be lost, however if Eptih went to battle with an untested force he could lead them into a trial by fire they might not survive. 

Eptih considered what to do, not consulting with his generals and as he remained stagnant with the army constantly training the Mortal leaders became worried, wondering if they had made the right decision. What Eptih most wanted was to take the army and exact retribution on the various traitor mortals, like the Siradyt. Eptih by now had come to the conclusion that this idea although personally appealing would remove surprise which was the one factor that seemed to be in their favor. So by now Eptih had decided to attack the Velidians, hopefully destroying their power center near the Great Chasm. It was bold but Eptih felt it was necessary.

At almost the same moment Eptih resolved himself to attack the Velidians in a massive attack it was discovered through their network of informers that the Velidians had recently discovered the existence of the pan Mortal Army. Somehow they had spy’s that had discovered the army. Eptih was glad in one sense that the Velidians had discover the army so late in its formation but also disappointed that he had lost the surprise factor.

Now Eptih had to completely alter his plans. One thing was certain however, he had to move the army as soon as possible. Their location was compromised and Eptih did not want his army to be under siege and to be slowly destroyed before it ever had a chance to face the enemy and fight. Therefore Eptih ordered the army to set fire their training grounds and move out. The army proceeded to do as ordered and as they marched away the umbilical cord was cut, they where no longer in training but in the field of battle, they would now either be victorious or perish, there was no other possible outcome.