Eptian LXXXI [81]

The majority of the people of the border towns now began to flee into the interior and although the various towns of the interior did not want them they had little choice but to take them in, it was either that or send them back which none were willing to do. There were consequences however of this migration as these new arrivals upset the delicate balance of power that was being established before the attack of the Traitor Mortals and was still in limbo before things had been halted by the actions of the Siradyt and the fear they brought.

Deep within Mortal lands it had not taken long after the main forces of the Siradyt had withdrawn for the Mortals to begin to fight amongst themselves. All the new shifts of power due to population changes provoked land grabs and a myriad of disputes which quickly led to fights. Some towns that had been weaker before actually courted the refugees in the hopes of increasing their populations and changing the balance of power in their respective regions. Additionally, many towns that were growing and near each other coalesced into a single town which now, being much larger, became cities and many of those became powerful city-states.

Many had predicted that when the Siradyt withdrew there would be a general upheaval and that the situation would be too imbalanced to facilitate harmony but few predicted the withdrawal and then an occupation of the frontier that would disallow a return to normalcy. All of which led to even greater chaos and then excuses to grab at whatever might seem capable of making a city or town safer. What people had not expected was how fast all of this would happen. It had been less than a year from the time the Siradyt had withdrawn and the Druceans had taken over a large portion of the ruined border and completely upset the balance of power in Mortal Existence.

At this most inopportune moment Reyam gave birth to a son [——– SP?]. He was a large baby, exceedingly strong and had caused his mother a great amount of grief in gestation. She had determined the baby would be either a great warrior or having done all his battles in the womb would be a man of peace. Eptih was initially very happy to have a son but it soon struck him what chaos the boy had been born into and a darkness fell on his spirit that was a fear he had not known before. If there was one thing Eptih knew it was that he had no clear idea of what the future would bring but he promised himself that whatever may come he would keep his wife and son safe. That would be his one true cause and everything he would do in the future would be to achieve that end and no other. The birth of his son focused his views to a singular point and for the first time in his life, the confusion of his birth and upbringing, all of it now meant nothing to him.
(Birth is probably too late, should have happened earlier)

Although Eptih’s city was far away from the ruined border it was getting to a point where the pressure began effecting Reyam (city), maybe not directly but very much in an indirect way as a growing sense of chaos and worry amongst Reyams’ closest neighbors grew louder. After the birth of his son Eptih worried more about the state of Existence, he wondered if he should never have turned over the PAMOAR. He now believed that with the army he could have kept things in order and held the peace, although, he really didn’t have a choice as he was forced to disband it. Maybe he felt he should have refused to disband it, making the case how necessary it would be in the future. And if they wouldn’t have agreed he could have convinced the army to follow him. Speculation of how things might have been is a waste of time when the future requires so much work.

The other larger Mortal cities were not happy, they did not want outsiders controlling land so close to their own property and they knew that eventually they would face the Druceans face to face. Some of the closer towns and cities began to crack under the pressure of the fleeing refugees unable to bring in so many new citizens. Regardless of their anger they wanted to come to a political solution with the Druceans more than they wanted a military situation. Most of these towns and cities were still exhausted from all that had happened before and many were still battling their internal Narcirogen problem, some more successfully than others. They did not so much fear the Druceans but assumed if they were to attack the Druceans the Siradyt may very well return with a vengeance and all the Mortals knew the Siradyt could have destroyed them during the war but did not. Many of the Mortals saw the Druceans themselves as a cancer, if they meant that they were only a nuisance that could be quickly cut out they were wrong, if they meant something growing rapidly out of control and continually gaining power, they were right.


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