Eptian LXXX [80]

Not long after the assassination attempt, Vispereyl and his men took possession of some land near the ruined border and stripped what little remained. They even stripped it of building materials to the point that now the ruined border was nothing more than ruble, and as this area was now worthless it became necessary for Vispereyl and his men to travel deeper into Mortal territory to find plunder. Eventually they rode beyond the ruined border to small nearby towns and began to raid and plunder these areas as well. It was at this point that Vispereyl and his men saw the real profits from their decision to stay behind and were able to build themselves a defensive outpost partly with the materials they had stripped from the ruined border. This lightly fortified defensive outpost was built within Mortal territory very near the ruined border from which they could launch their raids.

Vispereyl’s raids took their toll on the nearby Mortals who still remained close to the ruined border, and those feeling the effects directly, wanted it to stop. They erred however by sending messengers to Vispereyl seeking an audience which in turn legitimized him within the local area, instantly he was given authority. They should have gone to some of their neighbors who were more powerful than themselves and created some sort of coalition for the protection of Mortal border communities. Nonetheless, they were allowed to meet with Visperyel and begged him to stop the raids. Vispereyl told them that if they would pay him he would raid elsewhere and so this is how it went. Every new town he raided learned quickly that it was better to pay than to suffer the raids and so in a short amount of time Vispereyl and his men were becoming very wealthy with numerous payments coming in on a regular basis from many different small towns. These towns however had little money to give over as they were still recovering from the Traitor Mortal attack. They quickly began to run out of money and they feared what might come next.

Vispereyl and his cohorts choose a name for their defensive position seeing it as a basis for a future kingdom. They took the name of the regional name for the area where they were now encamped near the ruined border. The region had been called Drulansa-Siicea, Vispereyl and his men became the new Druceans. The name “Druceans” was not typically used for the original inhabitants because most people called themselves citizens of their town/city in which they lived not their region their town/city was in. Vispereyl chose the regional name as opposed to the town where he actually was located to give his developing kingdom an association to a much larger area. The Actual town was called were his encampment was located was called “Raimeranth”.

A lot of this idea of a future kingdom was merely the youth of Vispereyl and his men and their grandiose designs, they saw themselves as being more fated to be rulers, only time would prove them right or wrong, dreamers or doers.

At some point, and when their passion for plunder had been at least somewhat satiated, the necessity for women became predominant concern and the Druceans, as they were now called, focused on this more than on the getting of all other plunder. The nearby towns now had little money and so Vispereyl and his men would take only the best women as recompense. The Mortals did not think it right to trade away their women but they had no option and even if they had the Druceans wanted the women and not some meager substitute. They did not take individual or multiple wives personally but the women were the wives of the group, The “Drucean Wives” as they were called by others and meant as a derogative. These women did most of the work so that the men could focus on fighting and enjoying their plunder and women and would not be a threat the way male slaves might be, there was almost no necessity in creating an environment of intimidation the way it would be for male slaves. Any women who was injured, aged poorly or became overworked was quickly ejected, they wanted nothing but beauty surrounding them and it bothered them little at the lack of progress the women could make performing male tasks, they would just be required to stay at it longer and in greater numbers. Any women who rebelled would be executed immediately, a few examples and the Drucean wives knew the reality of their situation. Any male children created would be kept and reared to be like their fathers by their mothers but all female children were traded away to whoever would buy them or was forced to buy them.

The nearby towns were quickly financially drained and when they could no longer pay or had beautiful women to hand over they would be destroyed, the people fleeing toward the larger Mortal towns and cities in the East. This migration put extreme pressure on theses larger eastern towns and cities.

The Druceans could not satiate their desire for plunder, beautiful women and land. These desires made them absolutely ruthless. To the Mortals they seemed so different from themselves and people soon began thinking of all Siradyt in the same way even though the Siradyt were more like themselves than they were like the Druceans. On all matters they seemed different even down to their lack of families, their treatment of women and the abandonment of all their daughters. The Druceans for all their faults had one crime that they despised above all else, incest. This is why all daughters were sold away or banished and all sons, being raised by them, knew who their mothers were.


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