[ Eptian LXIX ]


Meanwhile as the battle was being waged, Velid’s plan of unleashing the embedded Narcirogen against the Mortal population had reaped great success. The Narciogen where by this point numerous and within nearly every strategically important town. As the Mortal populations dealt with the Narcirogen threat that grew daily they had little time to consider the fate of Pan Mortal Army, they just wanted to be free from the Narcirogen menace and as a result support for the Pan Mortal dwindled. Many of the Mortal sects throughout existence had never supported the Hetharcyp in the first place and where equally unsupportive of the Pan Mortal Army now believing that only because of the Pan Mortal Army were they suffering the Narcirogen.

On the battlefield the attack from the front continued even though the Queid General was dead, Eptih however could sense the attack was not coordinated and considered taking advantage of this seeming weakness. He did however fear it was a trap, the Velidians hoping to draw his forces into the center then using the opportunity to envelop and cut his forces down. As the battle continued the opportunity seemed too perfect to ignore and Eptih prepared a plan of attack but giving himself more of an opportunity to asses the situation.

By this time Rhosrc had managed to withdrawal his surviving forces and proceeded to make his way back to the Great Chasm Fortress. He initially planned to return and subdue Velid, taking power of the Velidian Empire himself but as he approached the city he realized what a flawed and unrealistic plan he had concocted. When he arrived he told Velid that the Fortress must be prepared to survive a siege and that he could take what Queid remained into the field and meet the coming Pan Mortal Army. Velid was outraged and demanded to know what had happened to his army and Rhosrc told him that his own forces had been led into a death trap by the Queid General and that he had only recognized this situation at the last possible minute. Upon seeing this act as an attempt to destroy the army he told Velid that he had destroyed the Queid General. Velid admonished Rhosrc for destroying his Queid General and leaving the army leaderless. Velid next called Ebrel to prepare himself to proceed to the front in order to take control of the Army if it had not yet been annihilated. Velid ordered Rhosrc to smash all the Sarcoph remaining that he could find and thereby release more spiritforms in order to create reserve forces. 

Ebrel made his way to join the army and take command while Rhosrc and his troops went throughout existence smashing sarcoph and releasing every spiritform they possibly could, and although the Mortals where outraged by these acts they could do nothing.

Ebrel made it to the army in time to take command just as Eptih was beginning his attack on the center of the Velidian lines. The battle was between a diminished Velidian force and a reorganized Pan Mortal Army force and as such the Velidian force was in danger of being completely destroyed. Ebrel’s brilliant command however managed to hold the center. Eptih kept his men advancing in hopes of breaking the Velidian lines as it seemed at every moment as if he was about to break through but he was never able to do so.

Eventually Rhosrc arrived with the newly completed divisions of Queid, a new kind of Queid, that where a hybrid between organic material and machinery. These hybrid Queid had come about due to lack of corpses and what Rhosrc brought with him was only a small part because as more Queid where being created at the Great Chasm Fortress they where being sent up to the front to fight.


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