[ Eptian LV ]

Thmascuid, after Eptih’s disappearance, had taken to secretly training the youth of the local area in the war arts similar to the way he had been training Eptih. At first he had a few students but eventually the project grew into an entire school with students of varying ages from all the surrounding areas. Thmascuid had turned these students into a force of highly trained warriors all without the Velidians becoming aware. His goal was to reestablish the heroes who had been nearly annihilated in the past conflicts.

These warriors being without a leader decided that they would follow Eptih away from the caves and ask him to lead them, they did this because they were committed to Thmascuid and Eptih had been his first student and a blood relative and thereby the second Hetharcyp, Thmascuid being number one. The warriors took their offer to Eptih and he accepted and thus became the head of an established order of didicated warriors trained to kill. In all at this point the Hetharcy numbered under one hunder warriors however their training made them as fierce as five hundred. Eptih accepted because he did not want what Thmascuid had been building to wither on the vine, he wanted Thmascuid’s legacy to be remembered.

This is where the major split between Thiaraceph and Eptih occured, Thiaraceph leading the people of the town and Eptih leading the Hetharcy. Although Reyam wanted to go with Eptih she could not leave what remained of her family and therefore stayed at the caves. Eptih had convinced her to do so knowing the path he was on was a danerous one and not proper for women.

Eptih left with his Hetharcyp and immediately they began using their skills to harm the Velidians as much as possible. This plan took many forms but initially the Hetharcyp terrorized the Narcirogen killing them whenever possible, killing Siradyt, attacking and dismembering Queid soldiers and evading capture as they roamed the countryside. The Hetharcyp took great pride in attacking the Narciogen at their old town and when they did no quarter was shown and as a result the cruelty of the Hetharcyp became known to all the Narciogen.

Although at first the work of the Hetharcyp went mostly unnoticed by the Velidian ruling class eventually and Velid himself, when enough had been killed and large swathes of land were left in ruin they started to take notice and with each new act of rebellion their discomfort and anger grew. With this notoriety came fame among the Mortals and thus a flock of men wishing to join in arose wherever they went. At this point the Hetharcyp were the only Mortals fighting against their Velidian overlords, the rest had long since been subjugated.

As the Hetharcyp grew so to did Eptih’s power and it became his focus to clear the town of his youth that had been lost. Therefore the Hetharcyp managed to retake the town and slaughter all the Narcirogen inhabitants, upon hearing of this news Thiaraceph decided to leave the caves and return with the people so as to reestablish the town.

One night when the Hetharcyp were camped out in the town they had retaken Thiaraceph and all the townspeople returned. Eptih could not believe the stupidity of Thiaraceph, bringing the people back to the town when the Velidians were sure to try and recapture it. Eptih let his feelings be known to Thiaraceph and the two nearly came to blows. Eptih was however happy to see his mother and Reyam and that night he spent talking with them as the Hetharcyp planned to take the people back to the caves in the morning. When morning came Thiaraceph refused to move the people again and demanded they stay in their town. This put an extreme burden on Eptih in that now his forces would be required to protect the town from the coming onslaught. Eptih tried to convince Thiaraceph to take the people back to the caves but to no avail and it became obvious to Eptih that Thiaraceph was trying to establish his authority over him.

Among the various other sects of mortals elsewhere in Existence the Hetharcyp were either loved or hated. Some felt the Hetharcyp were causing unnecessary trouble, a trouble that would only be turned around and used to cause them further harm. Others however praised the Hetharcy and wished them Success, sending supplies and men and making offers to the Hetharcyp to come and cause havoc against the Velidians in their area, some even offering additional goods for these services.

The support or lack of it for the Hetharcyp divided the Mortals and factions developed that were either pro or anti-Hetharcyp. Some groups that despised the Hetharcyp set up parties to hunt them down and so as the Hetharcyp grew so did their enemies. All of this did not deter Eptih, he was building a military force and could see that just maybe he would be able to throw the Velidian yoke from the necks of the Mortals. There were still many hurdles to cross though and at the moment the biggest one was Thiaraceph and the fate of the townspeople.


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