[ Eptian XXXIII ]


When Eptih was banned from taking part in the fighting competitions Thmascuid decided to train the boy himself. Eptih would normally have been considered to young to enter this type of training but Thmascuid felt the boy needed to be able to control his growing power.

Existence had now been transformed into a tyranny managed through a caste system whereby the majority of the Mortals were reduced to slaves. These slaves were continually forced to labor in order to increase the strength of the tyrant by building up an infrastructure that allowed him to better govern his vast holdings. Each new building the Mortals built, each new road and fortification allowed Velid to further tighten his grip on the collective Mortal neck and they new this was the case. Something had to be done in order to stop the madness and if something were to be done it would be a hero that would need to take the initiative and give the people something to follow. As Thmascuid was the best know hero many of the Mortals looked to him to lead a rebellion. Thmascuid however, knew that the time was not right, he believed that the Velidians would need to become complacent before a rebellion would have any real chance of success. At the current moment the Velidians were still actively consolidating their power and would thereby move quickly to quell even the slightest hint of resistance.

The Mortals wanted to move against the Velidians sooner than Thmascuid was willing and hoped to find them back on their heels. During this time a few resistance movements were formed but quickly and brutally put down and therefore it became obvious the Thmascuid had been correct in his thinking. Because of this many of the Mortals watched Thmascuid closely and as a result a following began to develop the eventually turned into a hero worship cult.

As Thmascuid waited for the Velidians to relax their grip the years passed and Existence was rebuilt into a new world through the labor of the Mortals, with large cities and government centers and a system of roads connecting the whole system. All signs of the Vethrians were wiped clean from Existence and it was against the law to speak of them. As time went on the treatment of the Mortals did not ease and most of what they had owned had been redistributed among the various Velidian elements, the Orabrey receiving their property angering the Mortals most of all. Times were tough for the mortals as they labored many hours with little rest and many Mortals died under the Queid fist and by doing dangerous work.

The situation with Othamar (Derram) and Thiaraceph had become much worse in the years that passed since she had arrived back from The Great Chasm fortress. Thiaraceph was finding it harder and harder to play his role in what he saw as a façade, especially since he had married Derram in what was meant to be an act of family unity but had actually been forced upon him, or at least that is how he saw it. Thiaraceph contemplated leaving every day but knew if he dishonored Derram he would make an enemy of Thmascuid and that was something he did not wish to do especially as Eptih was firmly on Thmascuids side. As a result, Thiaraceph’s attitude became worse, feeling as if Eptih, Thmascuid and Derram were plotting against him in order to ruin the value of his life. He felt they were trying to drive him to suicide for what purpose he was not sure. His dislike for Eptih now became hatred and Eptih was fully aware of it. Eptih only feared what Thiaraceph might do to his mother and dreamed of killing him. Derram sensed his rage and saw the deteriorating relationship between the two and asked him not to harm Thiaraceph and he made a promise to her that he would not as long as he did not harm her. He made it clear to her however, that should Thiaraceph do her harm he would show him no quarter. Thmascuid was not aware of how truly bad things had become as Eptih did not speak of Thiaraceph.


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