[ Eptian VI ]

Now secure to thrive the Mortals built up their settlement and took over many of the nearby Sreoth settlements that were now abandoned. They worked hard as the prospect of annihilation can spur on mortal beings to achieve things thought impossible all so that the primal fear felt when facing death might be avoided later as a result of today’s labors. The Mortals had seen how the Sevtolhal, however powerful, were unwilling to risk themselves for the safety of the Mortals and that their existence could only be secured by their own efforts. The Mortals knew they had been given a chance by the Sevtolhal and were keen on taking it and establishing themselves as a power that could not so easily be wiped away like they had in their past.

The Sevtolhal having sacrificed a number of themselves to the Mortal cause decided that they could not afford to lose any more of their numbers and so dedicated themselves to governing the build-up of the Mortals. For the Sevtolhal, a disciplined and capable Mortal race could act as the ultimate buffer from any future conflicts that might arise, especially since the Sreoth were still out there, most likely angry and if given a chance would destroy the Mortals but especially the Sevtolhal. The Sevtolhal decided to further the progress of the Mortals by governing them themselves.

It was at this time, when the Sevtolhal were establishing their rule, that they decided to rid themselves of the name the Colossals had given them “Sevtolhal” and call themselves “Vethrians” as a tribute to the one Colossal who had been their advocate “Vethria”. The Sevtolhal, now called the Vethrians no longer saw themselves as a slave race but a creative race capable of building a new Continuum in Existence that they would rule over with their proxy the Mortals. Although the Vethrians had faced many setbacks in their time, they felt they were on a course destined for success. At minimum they felt their successes would gain them favor with the Colossals of the Seud Pnaoneth who had banished them and possibly a return to the Continuum. But now the Vethrians considered another path, one that would make Existence their own, recast the laws of Existence that now limited them, and directly challenge the Continuum in the future for control of all the realms. But for now they had a seemingly blank canvas that needed to be worked out and so they set about to achieve perfection.


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