[ Eptian I ]

The Sevtolhal fell to existence having been cast down by Aeyrom and the Seud Pnaoneth. Their new world, a lowly place, was to them the worst punishment they could have received and they fostered many deigns of an eventual return to the Continuum. However the Sevtolhal were now mortal in this new world and as such could have their physical body killed releasing their spirit which would be dammed to roam Existence forever, as had been the decree of the Seud Pnaoneth and ultimately the design of Aeyrom.

With the fear of being dammed to remain in Existence forever the majority of them were quite cautious and so the Sevtolhal debated amongst themselves, endlessly discussing their options. Some felt they should hide in order to cheat death and damnation but others felt they should use their power to control their new surroundings and thereby avoid death, more so at least than by cowering and hoping not to be killed.

One unknown that thwarted any quick decision was that they did not know what power they had in this new place and if they did have power how would it or could it be put to use to affect the inhabitants. As creators of the Mortals they expected to be able to rule over them but as for the aboriginals they were not as sure. Any action against these aboriginals could be a disaster if their strength proved too weak to force them to submit to their rule and if they overpowered the Sevtolhal.

In the end however it was decided that the only real option was to confront their new surroundings head on, to establish their power as the supreme power of existence and to build Existence into a great world, one that could nearly rival the Continuum. The Colossals would marvel at their work and then allow them to ascend to the Continuum once more and in positions of honor for what they had accomplished.

They decided to split their numbers into three parts and to leave two thirds behind so that if their strength was to weak to establish dominance all would not be killed. The one third that was the vanguard would risk everything for the sake of the others, and if success seemed likely they could call upon another third of their numbers and still have the remaining third in the rear capable of moving forward or back as the situation demanded. Their plans rested on the success of the first third and if they were victorious they would be honored however if they were defeated they would be damned to roam Existence forever in spiritform.


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