[ Colossus VII ]

After the war the Colossals of the Seud Pnaoneth granted the Sevtohal what they had promised them, their freedom.

Many of the Colossals of the Seud Pnaoneth however were angry that they had been saved by lower beings that were now expecting equality. The Colossals however did not believe in equality between them and the Sevtolhal and because and also to prove this point the severe treatment continued. And so the Colossals did not make it easy for the Sevtohal. Their true status had not changed and even though they were said to be free, it seemed worse for the Sevtohal.

The Sevtohal thereby felt betrayed and because of this feeling decided they needed to display their power in order to show the Colossals that they should be respected and considered as equals. So the Sevtolhal decided to create a race of their own, like the Seud Pnaoneth had created them, and place them in existence. The Sevtolhal felt that as creators of life the Colossals would realize how great their capabilities truly were and thereby how similar they were. And so the Sevtolhal created a race of Mortal beings and placed them in Existence, a separate dimension from that of the Continuum.

Upon presenting this flawed creation to the Seud Pnaoneth the Colossals were enraged at their insolence. Angriest of all was Aeyrom who in fact was happy to finally have an excuse to deal with the Sevtohal once and for all most especially now that they had proved themselves to be a race of creators with the possible outcome of that fact being limitless. Additionally the Sevtolhal were dangerous to the order of the Continuum in general. In his eyes the Sevtohal needed to be killed off and recreated in a more appropriate form, one less capable of competing with the Colossals and one directly under control of Aeyrom, all of that which had happened before being proof of the failure of the Seud Pnaoneth to create the slave race.

Vethria seeing that all her previous efforts might all be for naught advocated for a less harsh outcome preferring the Sevtolhal remain in the Continuum or made to be immortal within Existence.

When the Seud Pnaoneth met it was decided to banish the Sevtohal to Existence to live with the inferior race they had created. Most of the Colossals who voted this way new that the Sevtohal would be changed to Physical beings upon setting foot in existence and figured they would not be able to control Existence and would thereby be doomed. Aeyrom was the least satisfied of all the Colossals with this outcome but he excepted it nonetheless knowing that the Sevtolhal once in Existence could be killed and that if killed their spirits would be trapped in Existence with no chance to return to the Continuum.

And so the Sevtohal were cast down to Existence, became physically mortal, Spiritually damned and would rule over the inferior race they themselves had created. Needless to say the Sevtohal were not pleased and held a grudge against the Colossals of the Seud Pnaoneth with Aeyrom being the personification of the Seud Pnaoneth as their main target for scorn. Putting that aside for the time being they focused on the situation at hand knowing their survival was in a precarious situation but continued to hope for their eventual return to the Continuum.

> Eptian I


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