[ Colossus V ]

It was just after the creation of the Sevtolhal that large numbers of the Exiled Colossals, angry with the Seud Pnaoneth for banishing them and unwilling to submit to their rule, joined together in a weak confederation to destroy the Seud Pnaoneth. At first it looked bleak for the Seud Pnaoneth but Aeyrom was strong and ruthless in his protection of it. What was most responsible for th victory of the Seud Pnaoneth was infighting of the various coalition factions. This weak confederation eventually began to fight amongst itself diminishing its efforts to destroy the Seud Pnaoneth. Aeyrom knew he had escaped ruin by a thin margin and that had the factions not weakened and split the Seud Pnaoneth would have been destroyed. Because of this Aeyrom feared all the Colossals combined power and thus became more paranoid of their possible reconcilement.

Vethria, during the bleakest part of this rebellion, had argued that arming the Sevtolhal so as to create warriors of them would ensure the victory of the Seud Pnaoneth. Aeyrom however continually rejected the idea, even when it seemed the Seud Pnaoneths days may have been near an end. Aeyrom began to suspect Vethrias intentions at this time but decided to ignore for the present what seemed inconclusive awaiting evidence that could not be denied in the future whether it be what he suspected or not.

One thing though was certain, the hope that Aeyrom had that many of the Exiled Colossals would come over to his side proved to be unrealistic and that the Exiles combined force was still to be feared. So Aeyrom sewed discord among them as his best means of ruling over them. As for the Sevtolhal, Aeyrom began to despise them and realized just how big a threat they could be. Aeyroms’ fears were partially assuaged though knowing that he had illegally designed them to be docile and disciplined. That Vethria and some of the other Colossals felt they could be turned into a warrior class troubled him and made him wonder just what attributes the Sevtolhal had that may eventually overcome what he had designed into them. Not to mention that their purpose as a slave race to serve the Colossals of the Seud Pnaoneth and the harmony this provided for seemed directly related to them not being warlike.

After the war the Seud Pnaoneth consolidated its power and reorganized the Continuum as had never been done, always attempting to bring to the Seud Pnaoneth some of the various factions an in turn increase their power.

Aeyroms many fears multiplied and his aggression was taken out against the Sevtolhal. He was now even more suspicious of them and the possibility that they might be co-opted by the exiles and turned against the Seud Pnaoneth. He watched them closely and saw their capabilities increasing as they had been designed to learn and implement that knowledge. Aeyrom saw Vethria continually advocating for them and demanding better treatment of them all the while himself dictating that the Seud Pnaoneth demand more and more from them, with worse and worse treatment. He employed them to build massive structures and infrastructure to keep them busy and so the Continuum was rebuilt torn down and rebuilt over and over.

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