[ Colossus I ]

There is a dimension from which all else flows forth, a plain that is pre-creation and pre-reality. A place composed of pure energy and who’s only governing law is chaos. This place is populated by beings of incomprehensible power called the Colossals and these Colossals call this world the Continuum.

Throughout endless millennia the Colossals have engaged in never ending warfare with each other for the purpose of establishing order from the utter chaos that has reigned in eternity. Initially the Colossals were incapable of living in peace and would seek dominion over one another. Their individual power maintained the chaos and though many attempts had been made to establish order these attempts were for naught.

Originally the Colossals individually vied for ascendancy as they were unlikely to work together. The fate of the Continuum was in the hands of the winner of a single combat versus battle and the victor would reign until challenged and deposed. Then the cycle would repeat.

At one point a particularly powerful Colossal named “Cintieef” fought a single combat against the then current holder of power and won giving him command of the Continuum. Cintieef’s rule was long as he could not be supplanted having survived numerous challenges. Not only did Cintieef’s rule last long but it was also harsh as he saw the maintenance of his power best guaranteed by bending the will of all the other Colossals to his way. Cintieef’s form of rule was unpopular and the challengers lined up and all were defeated. Cintieef was seen as a tyrant by the Colossals he ruled over. Eventually the Colossals decided that Cintieef was too powerful, his rule too extreme and that he threatened the Continuum by his actions and so they decided to work together to defeat Cintieef. And so they fell upon him unawares and he was vanquished. This however had set a new precedent were a Colossal could be removed from power by the combined efforts of a group of Colossals and so an Alliance was born. Cintieef’s rule and the actions that took place to remove him from power would mark a new change in the governing of the Continuum and begin a system of alliances in order to achieve domination.

> Colossus II


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